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I.C.S Chapter 128: The Experiment

“I will arrange for this kid to enter the ninja school. When he graduates, you can be his guide to Junin.”

The third Hokage returned to his place and said “Do you have any ideas about this mask you are holding?”

Jiraiya said, “I want to bury it in the ground a thousand meters deep, never to see the light of day.”

Having seen the power of this mask, he knew it was a power that could change the world, and if it falls into the wrong hands by an ambitious man, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“I’m afraid… some people won’t agree.” The third Hokage knows about Danzo’s ambition, and if he knows that the Stone Mask, a forbidden item with great power, was in Konoha, then he would not give it up.

“So I hope this is a secret that only the two of us know, and it’s best not to register it in Konoha’s documents.”

Jiraiya certainly understands who his teacher is talking about, Danzo and his environment don’t have a good reputation in Konoha.

“If you insist.” Hiruzen Sarutobi didn’t really disagree with his apprentice, or rather he didn’t salivate at the power of the stone mask.

The so-called immortality is not very attractive to him.

Because in the Ninja world, being able to die well is a rather rare thing.

What if he has an endless lifespan? The grievances in the ninja world are endless, and his eternal life will only fall into endless disputes.

“well, time to go.” Jiraiya walked to the door, turned his head again, looked at the third Hokage, and shook his head “Old man, it seems that you still have to be in this position of the Hokage for a while ……”

The current Shinobi world is about to be plunged into an unprecedented racial war, at this point in time it is naturally inappropriate to elect the fourth Hokage.

It is a great taboo for soldiers to change their command on the verge of a battle.

“Don’t worry, I won’t give Danzo a chance.”


In a very modern laboratory, Dr. Genus took a sip of coffee and said, “Come in.”

Tambourine came in through the door, looked at the laboratory, then said “Doctor, that guy Hiruko is almost done with the first stage.”

Although the man was only a human, the Demon Lord had ordered Tambourine to treat him with the highest courtesy, so he did not treat Genus with the same disdain as the other humans.

“Oh? It seems that the complete resurrection of the Demon Lord is just around the corner.”

“Although Chimera technique is indeed miraculous, I think you still overestimate Hiruko, Doctor.” As a demon who revered battle and strength, Tambourine believed in his own strength more than anything else.

He has already seen the highest combat power in the ninja world in the field, so he believes that with the strength of the demons themselves, he can completely snatch the eight Demonic Energy back.

“Hmph, I didn’t make my decision because of Hiruko.” Dr. Genus stood up, then walked to the side of the monitor, and said, “Let Hiruko go to Area A and put in the experimental body.”

After speaking, he pushed his glasses and left the room.

Tambourine followed Genus all the way, and at the door of a large laboratory, he saw Hiruko, who had been waiting for a long time.

“Come in.” Nodding to Hiruko, who was pointing at his luggage, the doctor entered the password at the door.

An armored door opened, revealing the true content inside. The area inside is very large, almost the size of a football field. Except for a long path in the middle, there are sealed transparent pot-shaped instruments on both sides. The instruments are filled with colorless liquid and strange creatures.

“This is……?”

Tambourine asked in disbelief, it was the first time he had come here in so long.

“Just look at it and you’ll find out.”

Dr. Genus smiled slightly, then ignored the two and walked straight forward.

“This thing is called Ghost-toothed Dragon Viper. It is a mass-produced monster that I created with the help of the blood of the Viper and the dragon bloodlines.”

He pointed to the instrument to his left, which was about the size of a double room and filled with strange creatures that glowed a ghostly blue, fish-like in appearance, less than a foot long, and a long, slender tentacle-like head.

The tail and pectoral fins of these strange creatures were small, their big head was twisted in a very incongruous way, and most frightening of all were their teeth, which were like daggers with a cold glow that sent shivers just by looking at them.

“Ghost-toothed Dragon Viper?” Hiruko frowned “I have never heard of such a creature in the Shinobi world.”

“That’s of course because they were almost extinct millions of years ago, and I am now reproducing them in today’s world by extracting genes.”

The Ghost-toothed Dragon Viper was originally a creature used by the dragons to punish rebellious nobles in the dragon world, and it can eat even bronze and iron.

This kind of creature naturally does not exist in the ninja world, but Naoto still has the character card Uesugi Koeru. Uesugi Koeru was originally a mixed-race with dragon blood, and he was also a mixed-race emperor, and naturally has the genes of a dragon in his body.

And Genus used the dragon gene fragment in the body of Uesugi Koeru and combined it with the gene of viper, and finally created the Ghost-toothed Dragon Viper in the ninja world.

“Millions of years!” it seemed that the backstage Hiruko had found was more terrifying than he imagined.

Watching the doctor move on, he hurriedly followed him. During the process, he passed several instruments, and there were all kinds of weird creatures in it, but the doctor didn’t speak, and he didn’t dare to ask questions.

“This is a half-demon warrior I made through the blood of the Fire Qilin and the demon’s gene. Let’s call it the Balrog for the time being.” This time the doctor pointed to a device that only had the upper body of a red monster covered in crimson armor.

As soon as he snapped his fingers, the instrument showed its shape, with flames all over its body, and its lower body was also made of lava condensed from the element of fire. Just looking at it gave a burning sensation.

“He was born with the ability to manipulate flames and possesses an extremely strong affinity for fire attribute chakra, which in ninja terms means he is able to mobilize the power of fire like a specific senjutsu.”


Dr. Genus picked out a few more to introduce, which opened the eyes of Hiruko and Tambourine. The three of them stood at the end of the laboratory when Dr. Genus say, “Of course, these monsters are only the part that can be mass-produced…”

“Mass production!” Hiruko’s eyes widened.

“Reputation point from Hiruko +164.”

“That’s right, your

The chimera technique just needs fusion materials. You can choose any of the experimental items here, I just want your most perfect work.”

The most perfect work he was talking about was naturally the one that would create a Fourth Raikage that fuse perfectly with these experiments through the Chimera Technique.

Hiruko couldn’t even imagine how strong this Raikage would be at that time…