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I.C.S Chapter 127: Ripple Warrior! Jiraiya!

“Looks like the Hokage has his own business now, so I’ll leave him alone.”

The Kazekage could naturally see what was going on with Jiraiya. Although he was curious, he knew that Hiruzen Sarutobi would not allow him to hear Konoha’s secrets, so he had to take a step back.

“Eh, if there is anything else, we can talk about it later.”

Rasa’s voluntary retreat was just what Sarutobi wanted, so he stood up and escorted the Kazekage out of the Hokage building before he back to the place where he had talked before.

Seeing Jiraiya, who seemed to have lost his soul, the third Hokage felt nervous, and quickly asked, “What happened to you recently? You didn’t get in touch with me, and you’ve become like this?”

Without waiting for an answer, he looked at the mask in Jiraiya’s hand again and tentatively asked, “Could it be… Have you become a vampire too?”

“Alas… I became young not because of the ability of vampires… but…”

Jiraiya raised his hand, and suddenly a golden chakra appeared in the air, it was a power completely different from the normal chakra.

“This…this is…?”

The third Hokage was startled. In front of this energy, he didn’t feel much danger. instead, there was a softness that was as contained half of nature.

“At that time…”

Jiraiya immersed his consciousness in his memories…

In the depths of the sea, Jiraiya’s body continued to descend, the pressure from the sea was increasing, but Jiraiya didn’t care.

He only knows that now he needs to vent and calm down, and this cold sea was the best place to cool himself.

But just when he was about to suffocate, he suddenly felt as if the back of his head was touching something, and then he turned his head and looked over.


He could hardly believe his eyes, JOJO with only one head was still alive! And his hair is like kelp, wrapping the stone mask.

Seeing this scene, Jiraiya instantly understood how JOJO survived.

At the moment when Dio ripped off his head, JOJO’s head that fell into the sea was wearing the stone mask. Under the powerful vitality of vampires, JOJO successfully survived in this posture.

Although it sounds a bit ridiculous, this is the only way to explain it.

So Jiraiya took JOJO’s head and swam upwards, and then walked on the sea for several hours before returning to the Land of Fire.

“Mr. Jiraiya, our Joestar family has guarded the Stone Mask for generations and inherited the ripple power, but now I have been transformed into a vampire by the stone mask…”

“I don’t want to live with this attitude, but I don’t want the power of Ripple to be lost… and there is an island three hundred miles east of the Land of Water. There is a tall tree on the island, you know it at a glance. “

“I made an appointment with Erina to wait for me on the island, if I didn’t make it, I hope you can pick her up to Konoha, she is pregnant with our child, I hope he can be there in Konoha and grew up happily, and be proud with the surname Joestar…”

JOJO coughed up blood and seemed to be in a hurry when said, “Even when I become a vampire, I still can’t survive for too long in this state… Next, I will tell you how to use ripples, I hope You can use it in the future decisive battle with the demons.”

“No! You will be fine JOJO, I have a partner, she is the strongest medical ninja in the world, and she will definitely cure you.”

“It’s useless… Besides, I don’t want to live in this attitude as a vampire.”


“After that, JOJO told me the training method of Ripple Techniques. This is a breathing method that makes full use of blood to generate power. It can not only simulate the effect of sunlight to kill vampires, but also has the effect of inhibiting aging.”

“Alas…I never imagined that such a thing would happen…” The third Hokage sighed, “The demons’ minions are really pervasive.”

When Jiraiya and JOJO set off for the Land of Water, which was obviously a temporary decision, but under such circumstances, Dio was still ready to ambush, which shows that their every move is under the watch of the other party.

This also means that the power of the demons is more terrifying than imagined. In these thousands of years, the demons may not be just nesting in the shadowy invisible empire of the ninja world. Maybe even in the ninja world, they all have masters and quite a large intelligence network.

But he was Konoha’s Hokage after all, so naturally, he couldn’t show too much fear from the demons in front of Jiraiya at this time, he just asked, “What’s next?”

Jiraiya pointed to himself, “JOJO passed all his last ripples to me, and let me experience the energy of ripples, and the huge power of ripples acts on my body, making me feel more than ten years younger.”


“Mr. Jiraiya, I regret that perhaps I won’t have the chance to meet my son, but I still wish I could name him ……” JOJO’s voice began to grow weak.

He looked sad, but knew that JOJO had already made up his mind, so he didn’t stop him, he just said, “Go ahead, I’ll pass it on to your wife.”

“Let’s call him…… Joseph Joestar, and hope that he will inherit the Josta family’s destiny and become a man who can shoulder the responsibility later.”

“Don’t worry! It will definitely happen! If you say why… that’s because he’s Jonathan’s son!”

JOJO looked at Jiraiya contentedly. There was a golden light on his forehead, the dazzling light was still visible even in the daytime. “Mr. Jiraiya, don’t resist… This is my last ripple!”


JOJO shouted as if he had exhausted his last strength, and the golden light suddenly became a ray, pouring into Jiraiya’s body from JOJO’s forehead, the latter only felt a warm air flow into him, there is a feeling of comfort all over the body.

JOJO, who could transmit ripples, his entire face shattered like ceramics, and golden light shot out from every crevice.

The ripple is the natural enemy of vampires, and JOJO, who was transformed into a vampire, is undoubtedly committing suicide by using ripples!

Seeing this last scene, Jiraiya stood up speechlessly, then bowed, watching the last trace of JOJO’s body dies, then his gaze changed to determination so he took a step forward, heading straight for the island that JOJO had mentioned before!


“I waited on the island for a long time, but in the end, I was waiting for another bad news.”

Jiraiya said with grief, “When I saw Erina, she was almost Unrecognizable, covered in blood, even her face was covered, and the injuries on her body were enough to make an adult die several times, but she survived strong, just to send the baby in her arms to safety…”

“The moment I took the baby, Erina finally fell to the ground as if she had completed her final mission… She… has long since lost her bodily functions, and was supported purely by her belief in being a mother!”

“It’s Dio, he not only wants to kill JOJO, but he also wants to make the Joestar Family extinct!”

“Alas ……I hope they rest in peace ……” The Third Hokage let out a long sigh and then said, “What about the child? Are you going to keep him?”

“Yes! I am going to take him as my disciple, and if I am unable to kill Dio, then I believe that this baby, who has inherited the bloodline of the Joestar family, will be able to put an end to Dio’s life once and for all!”