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I.C.S Chapter 126: The Different Jiraiya

Although Konoha called as a village, it is actually a large area. After decades of expansion, its area became the size of a city-state.

Judging from the fact that one of its training fields’ was ten kilometers in diameter, it can be seen that Konoha is by no means a village in the conventional sense.

“Kakashi! I have a challenge for you!”

Kakashi was walking on the street when a familiar voice came from behind. He tilted his head casually, and then Might Guy, who was wearing a green jumpsuit, gave him a luminous smile with a shone at his teeth.

“I am busy now, and aren’t you going to take the Chunin exam?”

Gay’s strength has already surpassed that of Genin for a long time, but in the third ninja war, he has been on the front line with his father, until Might Duy opened the Eight Gates formation, and repelled the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

And then, because the Hokage send out Konoha’s elite ninjas to collect the Demonic Energy, he deliberately postponed Gay’s promotion ceremony, just in time for the upcoming exam.

“It is precisely because I have to take the Chūnin exam that I am more eager to wage a youthful duel against my arch-rival, you, Kakashi!” Gay suddenly stood up at once and said with enthusiasm.

“That’s really hard work for you…” Kakashi posed with a relaxed and lazy expression, passed over Gay, who was immersed in his own world and slowly walked forward.

“The Mizukage of the Mist Village will be arriving soon as well, I have to be there early to greet him.”

“Ah? Another Kage is coming so soon, it seems that the Five Kage Summit will be held soon!”

Gay looked surprised, but at the same time, he was full of enthusiasm, because, after holding the Five Kage Summit, it would be the Chunin Exam. At that time, he was going to represent Konoha’s facade to participate in this exam!


“The ninjas in your village are really surprising.”

The Fourth Kazekage Rasa looked at the pictures in the crystal ball by the Telescope Technique and said with emotion, “Compared to Konoha, we have less spirit of hard work and struggle.”

“Wherever, Sand Ninjas can conquer the boundless deserts, which we Konoha also admire very much.”

After a while of business chatting, the third Hokage turned off the Telescope Technique. As allies after the war, the relationship between the Sand and Konoha is not comparable to other Ninja villages, but it is not as good as it looks.

The so-called allies in the ninja world are originally enemies with backstabs.

The Sand ninjas arrived at Konoha this morning, but the two Kages met not long ago.

“I heard that The Fourth Raikage disappeared?”

When the pleasantries were almost done, the Kazekage coughed twice and opened the door.

It is normal for the Five Great Shinobi Countries to send spies to each other, and it is something that everyone tacitly understands.

So, although the Raikage hasn’t been missing for a long time, through Kumogakure’s series of reactions, it’s not difficult for the fourth Kazekage to guess the fact that the Raikage is missing.

“Yes.” Third Hokage affirmed, and then said, “According to the information we have received, it is the demons who started the operation, and they are very strong demon warriors.”

This is what he heard from Shisui, and according to the once-controlled Inabi, those two are considered big warriors among the demons.

“I see.” The fourth Kazekage was not surprised, at the same time he fell into his thoughts. Not long ago the third Kazekage disappeared, they are still confused and don’t know where he is or if he died, but now it seems likely that he also was captured by the demons.

In fact, who in the Shinobi world today can make one of the Five Kage disappear without leaving any trace?

Only the Demons could do that!

His obscure look did not escape from the eyes of the third Hokage, he probably understood what he was thinking, so he replied

“We, Konoha, have no clue about the disappearance of the third Kazekage.” He sighed, “The threat of the demons is already on the doorstep of our countries.”

“It is for this reason that we are holding the Five Kage Summit.” The Fourth Kazekage nodded then continued “We in the Sand village have no problem with the Shichibukai participating in this summit. After all, they are not a small force to be reckoned with.”

“We, Konoha, have no objection, but if one of the five great ninja villages expresses objection, then the Five Kage Summit cannot be held. Since the sand village has no objection, so far, the only ones who have expressed opposition are the Cloud Hidden Village of the Land of Lightning.

“Hmph, they even lost their Kage, what’s the point of talking about opposition or not.” The Kazekage snorted coldly, and here when Hiruzen Sarutobi changed the subject

“Oh, I heard there are new moves in the Mist village, what do you think about it?”

Not long ago, he received information that Kirigakura had sent someone to an island in the sea, and after investigation, it was very likely that the island was the temporary station of the Shichibukai.

Among the five great ninja villages, they were the first to have private contact with Shichibukai, which had to make the third Hokage think about it.

Private contact with Shichibukai is what they all want to do. Konoha also cooperated with Shichibukai once. in the small town.

In addition, at the border of Lieduo town, Fugaku also teamed up with a member of the Shichibukai, to fight against the Vamdemon Myotismon. It can be said that among the five great countries, Konoha is the ninja village that has the most contact with Shichibukai.

But these few contacts were too short, either the other party left in a hurry or his side left in a hurry, resulting in little communication between the two sides.

The fourth Kazekage narrowed his eyes, and did not take a position, but said back “the Mizukage will arrive soon, why don’t we ask then?”

“There is no hurry, it can be put in the Five Kage Summit or afterward.” The Third Hokage laughed and said, “The Mizukage will be here soon and will not want to talk about it.”

The Fourth Kazekage was about to reply when he heard a knock at the door.

The two of them raised their eyebrows, especially the Third Hokage, who had been strictly forbidden to disturb him while he was talking with the Kazekage.

“Come in.”

But with the Kazekage right beside him, Sarutobi could not afford to get angry, so he let the man outside the door in.

However, after the door was pushed open, the person who appeared shocked them both……

The two Kages were not surprised by the fact that Jiraiya was standing behind the door, disoriented, with a strange mask in his hand.

What surprised them was that Jiraiya’s appearance at the moment was back to an unknown number of years ago! At the moment he looked as if he was only in his twenties!!!!!!