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I.C.S Chapter 125: Headache of the Third Hokage

The Shichibukai were positioned in Naoto’s mind as a counterpart to the Demons in terms of strength, and their leader would naturally have to be a B-rank character card, but Naoto had no more reputation points left to exchange it for the next B-rank character card after the exchanging for Dr. Genus and King Piccolo.

Of course, with his current reputation of over 60,000, if he did a few more big things, he would be able to earn 100,000 reputation points.

However, he put all his hopes on the next battle, and at least he has to harvest 100,000 reputation points to do so.

So, without the B-rank character card, he can only let King Piccolo act as the face of Shichibukai.

The actual fact is, it is definitely not possible to go with his original shape, so he needs some changes.

………………………… …………

“What?!” The third Hokage was shocked, he looked in front of him with a look of shock on his face “The Raikage was taken away!?”

“That guy…is really really strong, I’m not even at his level.”

Although it sounds frustrating, Tambourine was too powerful at the time. Although the fourth Raikage at that time was exhausted, the power that erupted at that moment from the Raikage was still too strong to be underestimated.

But even with that level of power, it only held back Tambourine for just a little time…

Shisui admits that although his speed is fast, he is definitely not as good as the fourth Raikage; the Susanoo’s defense is strong, but it is not much stronger than the Raikage’s tempered body and the Lightning Chakra Mode shield. But in terms of attack ability, he has the confidence to surpass him in illusion.

“How could such a thing happen…”

The third Hokage slowly sat down, and then let out a sigh

The third Raikage was known as the strongest spear and the strongest shield, and there were not many people in the entire ninja world who were at his level.

Although the fourth Raikage did not show the ability to surpass his father, he was able to stand out from the many ninjas of the Cloud Village.

“Lord Hokage, after this incident, the Cloud Village will definitely support the convening of the Five Kage Summit, so they may have to withdraw their previous proposal against Shichibukai’s participation.” Fugaku, who came with Shisui, said at this time.

Shisui and the others came back to Konoha last night. When they first came, Fugaku was surprised and happy. The surprise was that Inabi and Tekka were actually converted into vampires, and the joy was that the three of them were safe and sound, and they came back to their consciousness after the use of Sharingan to get them back.

Inabi and Tekka were originally the elites of the Uchiha clan, and their strength had reached the Jonin ninja level early. At the time, they were transformed into vampires, and although Naoto had withdrawn the energy of Suzuki that had resided in them, it still made them even stronger.

But Shisui ……

In such a short period of time, Shisui had used the Mangekyō Sharingan several times in a row, such a burden was too strong, Fugaku who had also opened the Mangekyō Sharingan naturally understood what power on the pupil of the eye represented to an Uchiha who had opened the Mangekyō Sharingan, so he strictly ordered Shisui not to open the Mangekyō again without his permission, not even allowing him to use Kotoamatsukami to help Uchiha Tekka to return to normal.

“Yes, but we still have to wait until the Cloud Hidden Village sends someone to inform us.” The third Hokage still has respect for the Cloud Hidden Village, after all, even with the loss of the Raikage, the Cloud Hidden Village was still a very powerful village.

“Okay, and if it’s alright, I need to take Shisui buck first.”

“Recuperate well, the battle between us and the demons is not far away, we will have to rely on you guys.”

“Don’t worry, lord Hokage, Uchiha clan will always be Konoha’s Uchiha.”

Fugaku understands that the third Hokage has been conveying goodwill to their Uchiha clan recently.

Under the current situation of the enemy, all internal conflicts can be slowed down.

This was something that both the clan of the Hokage and the Uchiha clan think about.

Not long after Fugaku left with Shisui, Orochimaru walked in from the door. Looking at the immersed in thought third Hokage, then closed the door.

“Did something happen?”


The third Hokage rubbed his forehead, then told Orochimaru the news he had received from Shisui earlier

After hearing the news, Orochimaru frowned, he came here to ask about Jiraiya, seeing the Third Hokage with a sad face he thought something had happened to Jiraiya, but he didn’t expect it to be about the Cloud Village.

“The strength of the fourth Raikage is very high, even after a battle he’ll not be powerless. The opponent’s ability to achieve this level is enough to prove that their strength is not below him.”

“One thing leads to another, and no news from Jiraiya so far ……” Hiruzen Sarutobi placed his Hokage hat on the table, this was what bothered him the most.

No matter how shocking the news from the Cloud Village was, it was ultimately a matter of another village, whereas Jiraiya was from Konoha, which was his disciple and Konoha’s Sannin!

Ever since Jiraiya left, he has been sending news to Konoha through the toads every day, but from yesterday until now, Jiraiya has not sent any news.

He sent someone to investigate the news, but only got the news that Jiraiya and the ninja named Jonathan Joestar went out to sea together, They got into trouble and the ship was wrecked and they disappeared…

Isn’t this… nonsense?!

After all, Jiraiya is one of the strongest ninjas in Konoha, and the ninja he sent actually said that he disappeared because of a shipwreck?

“This fool, he likes to throw himself into chaos!”

Orochimaru snorted coldly “If he was really killed by a shipwreck, there’s no point in saving him, let him drown in the sea!”