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I.C.S Chapter 124: The Upcoming

The wind suddenly blew a tragic melody, and the lightning in the sky continued to interweave and shine, illuminating the white misty world in all directions.

Jiraiya stared in awe at the raging currents before him.

The sky, manipulated by Dio, intensified, and what had been a violent wind and rain turned into an even more violent storm, with raindrops falling from the sky like a huge waterfall, with a deafening roar in the low clouds.

The rain sprinkled wildly on Jiraiya, but he, who was soaked to the skin, did not even think of moving. At this moment, in the vast sea, the waves were raging, everything seemed to be the prelude to the end of the world, and he was the only one who witnessed it, in the sky and on the ground.

Dio had taken JOJO’s body and was swept away into the boundless sea, and in a matter of moments he was nowhere to be found, but Jiraiya was sure that this vampire was still alive.

He had taken JOJO’s life, disconnected his head from his body when the ripples were about to kill him, and then stole JOJO’s body, and with his vitality, it is impossible that he died in this boundless place.

He would surely start his evil plan again after he recovered from his injuries, because this’s what he does, an absolute evil man!

Another wave rolled up, and the unresisted Jiraiya was swept into the seabed.

He fell slowly and silently into the black sea, at an extremely slow speed, without resistance, without sound, without light…


Kusagakure is a small village between the Land of Fire and the Land of Earth. As a buffer between the two big countries, it is naturally impossible for them to develop military strength. The so-called Village Hidden in the Grass is just a joke in the ninja world.

Under such circumstances, their domestic surveillance is simply terrible.

In the capital of Kusagakure, in a large newly built laboratory, Hiruko (missing-nin) was looking forward to the arrival of the doctor.

He was originally a ninja from Konoha, and he used to be the companion of the three Sannin. Still, he did not have the ninja talents like Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade. He could only watch these three former friends surpass him more and more.

In this case, he started the research on the Chimera Technique, which is a kind of kinjutsu that can integrate him with psychic beasts and even human beings. It can even be developed to the extreme and can even capture the bloodline limit of others. It can be said that It’s an extremely terrifying experiment.

But this experiment was discovered by the Third Hokage. This kind of evil ninjutsu is forbidden in Konoha, so unsurprisingly, he was expelled from Konoha.

But he never felt that he did anything wrong. Is it a sin to pursue power in the ninja world? ! He just wanted to be as powerful as the three Sannin and the others!

He was forced to leave the village, but without such a huge force as Konoha to support resources, it would be difficult for him to make further progress in the technique of


The invitation of the demons, who was worried about, gave him a new foothold, and also got help from the doctor…

Naoto made a lot of reputation by using Dio’s servants. In addition, both Dio and the vampire monsters have the ability to hypnotize others, so he is not short of points, not short of resources, but still short of talents that can be used.

In his mind, Hiruko, who was able to develop the technique of  Chimera, is a rare genius. Of course, his talent was not at ninjutsu, but at scientific research.

His  Chimera Technique may have a lot of inspiration for Dr. Genus’ research on monsters.

After all, Genus from the world of One Punch Man is a super scientist who studies biology and genetics.

The rooms here were naturally much better than the wooden huts, and caves, that Hiruko had lived in from time to time, but he didn’t think about enjoying them at the moment.

He has been here all day, and he had a long chat with the big man last night. Many of the ideas were very inspiring to his research, which also made him firmly believe that he could complete his  Chimera Technique here!

However, when the door opened, what appeared was not the figure he wanted to see.

Tambourine casually threw the fourth Raikage from his shoulder aside, and shouted to Hiruko, “Hey, you know him, right?”

Facing this powerful demon, Hiruko didn’t dare to complain, he could only follow his wishes and look at the unconscious ninja, but this sight shocked him.

“Four…Fourth Raikage!”

He may not really know many ninjas, but this is the fourth Raikage, one of the five strongest people in the ninja world, a man who stands at the top of tens of thousands of ninjas in the Land of Lightning!

Such a ninja, everyone has heard of his great name, but such a powerful ninja is lying in front of him like the most powerless ordinary person at this moment, like a lamb has been slaughtered…

Unbelievable, unbelievable…

How powerful is this mysterious demon?!

“Good to know, he’ll be your research material from now on.” Tambourine pointed to the fourth Raikage and said “your Chimera Technique is divided into three stages, fusion with the beast, fusion with the ninja, and seizure of the bloodline limit, your first stage is to complete the fusion of human and beast first, and your final result is this guy.”

“Ah …… but ……”

“Don’t worry, he’s been transformed into a vampire and has lost the power to resist.” Tambourine waved his hand “Remember, this is the subject the doctor has given you, someone will send you the material next, the time limit is one month, if you don’t succeed after one month, then you will lose the aid of demons!”

“…” Hiruko paused, then nodded heavily, “I understand…”


The Land of Fire, Konoha

The sun slowly passed through the clouds, emitting a dazzling warm glow, and through the window, waking Naoto up.

“Seems like we’re all almost ready……”

He stretched, then went to the window sill and plopped down on the balcony, looking out over the vast Shinobi village, the streets filled with bustle as people came and went.

“Now then …… how strong am I?” Naoto shook his hand and muttered.

He wasn’t referring to the clone, but the strength of himself as the main body.

Just because he wouldn’t be able to use his clons’ skills didn’t mean that the clones wouldn’t have any effect on him.

For example, Kars, with his learning power could easily learn the jutsu in this world, and with the large number of jutsu he had received from the Akatsuki Organisation, it could be said that he becomes a ninja who is proficient in the five elements of release techniques.

However, judging from the current situation, there was hardly anything that required him to personally fight.

But this time in the Five Kage Summit, the leader of the Shichibukai has to make preparations as soon as possible… the combat power must be worthy of the impression…

The reason for this hurry is simply because …… The Fourth Kazekage from the Sand Village has arrived at Konoha with two Jonin ninjas escorts as well as the Chunin ninja exam squad!

This also means that the Five Kage Summit is about to be held!