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I.C.S Chapter 123: The Eternal War: A Battle for Power and Dominion

The first thing he did was he used the three Demonic Energy of Wind, Fire, and Sky to create an absolute defense, and the Demonic Energy of the Moon to suspend time in order to avoid the explosion, which was all energy-consuming abilities.

After all, this was a world where the shinobi needs chakra at every turn, so it was clear that energy consumption was very rapid for both, ninjas and vampires.

It was this massive energy drain that prevented Dio from dodging the Phoenix Sage Fire Technique that Jiraiya unleashed, and just after he used that flaming longsword he felt his body weaken and his spirit wobble before he saw several fireballs fly by, but with his recovery ability he could carry it over, even if he didn’t dodge.

An explosion of this magnitude would not kill him at all.

Dio’s actions conveyed these informations to Jiraiya. He used the Sage Mode before, and most of the energy consumed was the natural energy brought by the two great toads Fukasaku and Shima, so the consumption was not large.

It’s just that the physical injury is more deadly than the lack of chakra. Especially since he doesn’t have the same recovery abilities as Dio.

“Summoning: Food Cart Destroyer Technique!”

Seizing this opportunity, Jiraiya made a split-second decision to summon out the big toad Gamahiro, and at once the large toad appeared further above Dio, under the force of the toad’s fall, Dio was pinned beneath the toad’s weight, preventing him from moving.

“That’s all you have?” Dio still did not show weakness, but he used all his strength to forcefully carry the toad

“Watch me …… taken him down!”

The huge size of Toad Gamahiro was about the same as a three- or four-storey building, with a mass of tens of tons, plus the acceleration of gravity, falling like this, not to mention a person, even a building would be crushed and scrapped.

But relying on the Demonic Energy of the moon, Dior actually endured this terrifying weight.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique! JOJO it is in your hands!”

Jiraiya formed a seal and instantly a water dragon rose up below JOJO, using the ripples to stand steady above the water dragon, he desperately incorporated all the few ripples he had left into the water bullet that the dragon was about to spew out.

“Got it!” He replied, and then he looked at the spewing water droplets and leaped above the water dragon, shooting the bullets mixed with ripples at Dio!

“Do you think I would just get hit by this?” Dio shouted, “You underestimate me JOJO!”


Under the threat of death, Dio used all of his energy to stop time.

In this suspended world, Dio easily got rid of Toad Gamahiro above him and dodged into the area where the water dragon bullets could not hit.

After a second had passed, Dio’s skin burst into a myriad of tiny wounds, which blood flowed from, but did not heal as quickly as before.

He was running low on energy!

But it didn’t matter!

The other side had run out of energy too, and without the ripples, they would no longer be able to hurt him!

“What are your final words……”

JOJO, who had swerved his body, suddenly spoke

Then Dio joined him with his next words

“The winner of this battle is me!”

In the midst of the consternation, the water bullets deflected back, with golden ripples shining on it, and JOJO spitting blood from his mouth, but he still rushed forward towards Dio, and when the latter had no time to defend himself, it hit Dio’s body with a boom ……

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!”

Both men shouted in unison and in a frenzy. This is not only a collision between forces but also a collision between spirits!

“Dio! Stay with me …… Let’s bury the stone mask together!”

“Only you will die, JOJO! I am the eternal emperor! I’m supposed to rule this world! JOJO, look at what you have done!”

Dio’s face was distorted, and the power of the ripples was constantly melting his flesh.

At that moment, the darkness in the sky grew darker and darker and then they thudded into the ocean with a bang…

Jiraiya ran like crazy to the place where the two fell, shouting JOJO’s name loudly, and even he dived into this unfathomable sea after them, the cold current came from all directions, and he moved towards the deep and cold bottom of the sea, but no matter what, the whereabouts of JOJO and Dio could not be found…

“Whew ……”

He had to emerge from the bottom of the sea when he was about to suffocate, and after a short re-breathing, he dived again, back and forth several times.

“Damn it!”

His heart was full of remorse. Although he didn’t have much contact with him, JOJO was a very kind person in his impression. Such a person should have a better future.

He knew full well that on the battlefield with the Demons, JOJO was just a dispensable fighting force, he only had the fighting power of a Chunin ninja, while the enemy was the Demons, who even at the level of the Five Great Kages, but he agreed to involve in without hesitation.

Just when Jiraiya was sad, a slight noise suddenly appeared on the water, and then JOJO’s head broke through the sea, looking at Jiraiya who was distraught, he smiled and said, “Mr. Jiraiya, I’m not dead yet. !”

His face was a little haggard, but he was really alive!

“Reputation points from Jiraiya +871.”

“JOJO!” exclaimed Jiraiya, swimming towards JOJO in a hurry

However, just as he was halfway swimming to JOJO, he suddenly saw a trace of blood floating in the sea around JOJO ……

He looked over again and found JOJO’s face stuttering, then spitting out blood, and with another sound as if scissors cutting through cloth, JOJO’s head left his neck and flew up into the sky ……


Jiraiya’s eyes were wide with disbelief when he looked at what was happening in front of him

With only his head left, Dio sent out countless threads below to cut JOJO’s neck, and then these threads turned into tentacles, connecting Dio’s head and JOJO’s body together…


“Reputation value from Jiraiya +1212.”