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I.C.S Chapter 122: The Shadow Warriors: A Journey to the Dark Side!

Manipulating gravitation is indeed a very powerful ability. As long as it is carefully developed, it is almost a force sufficient to control the world.

But the ability is the ability, how much it can be used still depends on the strength of the manipulator.

With his current strength, he would suffer the repercussions as if an Uchiha had used the Mangekyō Sharingan.

But he was a vampire with a strong self-healing ability, so this backlash was nothing for him, as long as he had the energy to replenish it.

As he watched the immeasurable energy erupt from a short distance away, Dio could only keep

himself away from this area by causing a gust of wind to continuously drive the wreckage of the hull, because once he was affected by the terrifying energy, even he with his self-healing ability would probably not be able to withstand it.

And what about Jiraiya and JOJO, who were facing the impact head-on?

The answer will be revealed soon.

After the bright light had dissipated, half of the ship’s hull had disappeared from the raging sea, replaced by a red pillar, like a passage, dozens of meters long, but already in tatters under the terrible impact.

The red pillar that seemed to be a biological structure broke a large hole in the place, and the hole revealed Jiraiya who was soaked in blood. At this moment, Shima and Fukasaku on his shoulders had disappeared. The Sage Mode has also disappeared, and his whole body was in a weak state.

In the explosion just now, he and the two great toads used the strongest defensive ninjutsu to form a three-layer barrier and then channeled out the stomach of the giant toad from Mount Myōboku to defend. This is already his most powerful defense, but he was still hurt by the terrifying destructive power. The impact of the explosion made him lose his Sage Mode. The two great toads who were defending together with him had no choice but to return to Mount Myōboku. Then the terrifying explosion hit the stomach of the giant.

“I’m sorry giant toad…”

He coughed out a mouthful of blood once again, then touch the stomach of the giant toad and looked at the shocking wound.

The esophagus is an ordinarily inescapable technique, and its defensive power was amazing, he had encountered strong people who couldn’t break through this strong technique, but today, someone had not only defeated his Sage Mode, but also destroyed this absolute defense, which naturally shocked him.

But at the moment, he could only bury this guilt deep in his heart, because there were more important things he needed to do right now!

“JOJO, are you okay?”

He looked to JOJO who was slumped in the stomach on the other side and walked over to help him up.

“I am fine ……”

With the help of Jiraiya, JOJO stood up with big difficulty, it was as if he would collapse to the ground in the next moment.

Rather than saying that his body was standing, it was his unrivaled steadfast spirit that supported him to continue fighting.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ……!”

From afar Dio’s laughter came, and then he was seen standing and looking down at the two of them when letting out a wild laugh as if victory was already in his hands!

“Let’s do this once and for all!”

A bright red flame stretched upwards under his control, until it seemed to pierce the sky.

He put his hands over the top of his head, and then slammed the flaming sword of unknown length down!

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

“Water Release: Wild Water Wave!”

Jiraiya and JOJO endured the pain and forcibly used their Water Release, one attacking and one defending, yet the heavily injured pair were still easily broken through by the flaming longsword even with their combined strength…..

JOJO pushed Jiraiya away with force, and the sword of flame swept over the place where they were just now, cutting this dilapidated esophagus barrier in half…

Pang ……

With such damage, Jiraiya was unable to maintain the existence of the summoning technique, or rather the giant toad had reached his limit, and turned into a white mist to summon his esophagus back to Mount Myōboku.

Without the power of the esophagus, the two of them could only stand in the midst of the terrifying whirlpool, with the incomparably terrifying currents pounding against them, which made them feel great pressure.

If they were simply standing on the surface of the sea, it would be nothing to them, but at this moment they were forcing themselves to stand in the whirlpool, so how could this be compared?

“Let’s get out of here! JOJO do you still have the strength?”

“Don’t worry, no problem! Just inject the ripples into my clothes.” He took off his wide top and then flung it out with force while he leaped up and stepped on it.

The unimaginable happened; it was an ordinary garment, but under the ripples, it seemed to be harder than a plank of wood, and even though there was a grown man like JOJO standing on it, it still did not deform.

He just stepped on it, and then went against the turbulent sea and quickly shuttled through the waves that rose from time to time.

“It’s really a… miraculous ninjutsu…” Jiraiya stared at this scene and felt relieved.

“Don’t think about leaving so easily.”

Dio just hovered in the sky, commanding the celestial phenomena like a god. Under his control, a few currents flashed through the dark clouds in the sky, and then under the condensation, it turned into thick lightning.

“Hmph, don’t underestimate me!”

After Jiraiya took the initiative, looking at the thunderbolt that came, he formed a seal on his hands, and then spit out a gust of wind, which bombarded the lightning frontally.

“Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!”

He spits out a few fireballs into the sky, which exploded around Dio under the cover of the stormy area.

Hearing only the sound of rumbling explosions, Jiraiya withdrew to the calm sea in the distance without looking back…