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I.C.S Chapter 121: The Rise of the Sage: A Battle Against the Apocalypse

This is the place where the light does not shine, the other side of the sea, the source of the mist, suddenly a pillar of fire was erected several tens of meters high so that the raindrops evaporated in an instant.

The mist seemed to link up, writhing like a monster, and the flaming ship was enveloped by it, and the huge chakra spread from it. The sea and sky seemed to twist and undulate violently in the eyes of ordinary people.

This frightening and unsettling scene seemed insignificant to the three men’s confrontation, to them, this apocalyptic scene seemed small and insignificant.

In the center of the sky, a holy blue wind pillar appeared. It merged with the fire pillar from top to bottom, until it reached the surface of the ocean. “Clatter…”

A mountain collapsing resounded through the sky, creating a whirlpool with a diameter of more than three hundred meters!

And the broken hull of the ship was in the midst of the whirlpool moving rapidly down the sea, causing violent vibrations, and the corpse-lifers still on board were thrown out at once. But the three were as tough as a mountain and stand still…

In the face of this kind of natural disaster scene created by Dio, Jiraiya’s expression remained unchanged. He just made a seal with his hands, and then summoned Fukasaku and Shima from Mount Myōboku.

“What a time to call us, I think I know why Gamabunta doesn’t like you anymore.” Shima stood on Jiraiya’s shoulder and said to Fukasaku who was standing on the other side, “you should teach Jiraiya to enter the Sage mode without us!”

“Well …… it’s up to little Jiraiya to do that.” Fukasaku replied back

“Compared to you two toads, I’m still far behind.” Through the natural energy of the two toads, Jiraiya entered the Sage Mode, and in this state, it was as if the sky and earth were in his own hands, and powerful energy poured out of his body.

“Sage Technique – Water Release: Great Waterfall!”

Under the effect of Jiraiya’s Senjutsu Chakra, it caused the entire sea to stop flowing and the whirlpool to stop spinning, yet in the next instant a huge wave tumbled out, it was like a tsunami created by using tens of thousands of tons of seawater!

The Water Release used on this kind of sea, let alone humans, even a modern aircraft carrier fleet would tremble in front of this terrifying force.

Dio used the third demonic energy in his body, the power of the Demonic Energy of The Sky, which is enough to make people fly and change the weather.

In an instant, what was originally a fine rain turned into torrential rain, a flash of lightning and thunder, a violent wind and rain, with a dark and heavy sky, as if the world had become a giant beast that wanted to devour everything below.

“Dio has really gotten stronger!”

Jiraiya raised his guard, compared to the battle with the same Dio back then, the current Dio could simply be said to be incomparable to the previous him, he was a very different man, like the difference between heaven and earth.

If the previous Dio had only given him a hint of difficulty, then the current Dio was scary for him!

He was definitely on the same level as him!

“JOJO, I’ll hold him back, you do the final blow!”

Compared to ripples, many means were not as lethal to Dio, and although natural energy possessed a hint of the sunlight, it was ultimately not effective as ripples, and it was not known to have much effect on Dio who possessed a certain amount of sunlight resistance.

However, Jojo, who was like a vampire slayer, is undoubtedly the best choice for the job.

“Don’t you dare to hurt Lord Dio!”

Although trembling in this natural disaster-like scene, the two corpses transformed by Dio were still extremely loyal to Dio.

However, Dio, who was gathering the three powers of wind, lightning, and fire, only gave them a casual look and said, “Who told you to interfere in my battle?”

“This …… Lord Dio!”

The two of them were about to answer when they suddenly felt their bodies swell, and then with a bang, their bodies burst open. Even with the power of death resistance of the corpse, they would definitely die in such a scene.

“Reputation from Jiraiya +693.”

Although he knew that Dio had a brutal temperament, he simply killed his subordinates like this with his own eyes, and Jiraiya couldn’t help but feel a little frightened in his heart.

“Sage Mode – Wind Release: Air Bullets!”

In order to strengthen the destructive power of the tsunami, Fukasaku used his wind release to supplement it, making the tsunami even more terrifying.

At this moment, there is a terrifying tsunami on one side, and a huge wall of fire on the other side. The upper wind and lightning are mixed.


These two sides finally collided!

“I’m the strongest!” Dio desperately tried to maintain the fire pillar, he still underestimated the strength of Jiraiya in his Sage Mode, his own strength was very high plus the assistance of Two Great Sage Toads, surprisingly, he had some difficulty in resisting even after fusing four demonic energy.

“You may not know this, but now I have the ability to manipulate gravity!”

Dio grinned broadly “I can even manipulate mass and energy through the acceleration caused by gravity, and affect time and space! In other words, I am the strongest in the world when I am not affected by the time!”

He held out a hand and then as if ordering the whole world, and said:


In an instant, the sea rage stopped, and the raindrops falling from the sky also stopped, as if under this great power, even the world was in shock……

In the midst of this silent world, Dio jumped on top of the other half of the hull that had broken, then spat out a mouthful of blood, and then the world resumed action after the silence.

Boom… The gap between the fire pillar and the tsunami has finally reached the limit, only to hear a bang, most dazzling light was born from it, shot to all directions in the world, and then heard a loud bang, that area was under the effect of the four forces of wind, lightning, water, and fire ……

Total destruction!