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I.C.S Chapter 120: The Curse of the Undead

“It’s just a bunch of transformed corpse-lifers …… Don’t underestimate Konoha’s Sannin, Lord Jiraiya the Village’s Madness!”

Jiraiya took a deep breath, and then spit out a huge mass of flames, and his body moved forward with the flames, trying to quickly break through the line of defense formed by the corpse

These corpse creatures, apart from being a bit more resilient and physically stronger than ordinary people, were all together at the level of an average Shinobi, and with Jiraiya’s strength, he wouldn’t even have to look at them.

He rushed wildly as if he was in a state of unparalleled power, but in just a few seconds, there was already a large number of corpses on the deck, and looking at the corpses still pouring in, Jiraiya’s brow furrowed.

Judging from the number, he thinks that not everyone on this ship has been infected, and the two ninjas …… used to guard the ship may be accomplices.

But there is no sign of them here …… so are they on JOJO’s side?

With JOJO’s strength against two Chunin, especially when the opponent is ready for his Ripple technique, it will be quite difficult for him.

Thinking about this, Jiraiya’s heart is even more anxious.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

He released his Wind Release into the sky, intending to use the wind to blow away the mist and draw in the sunlight. After having a long talk with JOJO and having fought vampires himself, he understood their big weakness, no matter how powerful they are, they could never beat the power of sunlight.

Even Dior, who has tried his best to gather two demonic energy, can only delay the spread of the ripples, not immune.

Once the ripples spread to the whole body, he will turn into ash like in the battle with Jiraiya and JOJO, and there will be no residue left.

With the power of the big breakthrough he released and with all his strength, let alone mist, even a forest can be blown down.

But the final result was beyond his imagination. The strong wind blew upwards, but there was nothing to do with the white mist. The barrier that blocked the sun was as indestructible as steel, and under the impetus of the big breakthrough, it did not move at all.

He understood in an instant that this was not a normal trip, but a trap that had been designed a long time ago. These mists must be inextricably linked with Dio!

That guy is still alive!

In fact, he guessed right, this mist released by the Vampire Dio, can not only block the sun but also increase his strength.

It’s just that Dio’s vampires are different types, so this strength increase can’t affect them, let alone the corpses he made.

In the original work, these mists are created by the vampire monsters using electronic information, and will only disperse after the vampire monsters are completely defeated.

But it is different in the ninja world. After all, there is no digital world in the ninja world, and the vampire monster is not computer data. He is a clone of Naoto, a creature composed of energy.

Therefore, this mist in the sky was created by using the pure dark energy of the vampire beasts, which not only blocked the sun but also blocked the chakra effect on it, similar to a large sealing technique.

It was a large seal, and unless he used the Wind Release Rasenshuriken, he would not be able to crack it.

Although he was not a Taijutsu ninja, it depends on who he is compared with.

Compared with the third or fourth Raikage or the third Hokage at that level, he is naturally far inferior, but compared with the regular ninjas, he is much stronger.

So like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves, his every move was enough to disable a large number of corpses, and in just a few breaths, he had knocked down all the corpses on the entire ship.


He kicked open the door and there was a surge of smoke and fire, but Jiraiya ignored it and rushed in through the searing flames.

“Cough cough…”

After passing through the chaotic hall, he kept searching in the rooms one by one and finally came to the place where the ship’s crew was driving.


He pushed open the door hard and found that JOJO was fighting against two ninjas, while Dio was sitting on a chair with Erlang’s legs, watching the performance in front of him leisurely.

“JOJO! Are you all right?”

JOJO’s clothes were in tatters, his face was blackened with smoke, and he had a large, hideous, bloody gash on his back that looked horrific.

“I’m fine.”

When he saw Jiraiya arrived, JOJO took a few steps back and then gasped for breath

“You’re finally here, Jiraiya.”

The two ninjas tried to pursue him, but Dio waved his hand to stand back, and he stood up, looking down at Jiraiya and the wounded JOJO as they rushed in.

He went a little crazy and exclaimed, “I’m afraid that I can’t hold back the pleasure that’s about to burst out. I am very excited to kill JOJO!”!”

Jiraiya frowned and scolded, “What a strange thing to say! But you’re not dead, here you are in front of us, are you ready to lose your life again?”

“Hahahahahahahaha! It doesn’t matter to me! In my long life, so what if I fail countless times? If I can exchange a hundred failures for one success that’s worth it, because this is the beauty of immortality!”

“For immortality……,” JOJO said, holding back his anger, “How many people you turn into your slaves? And how many have you sucked the blood of them in order to restore your vitality? Is this the life you are proud of?”

“Ha!” However, in the face of JOJO’s questioning, Dio seemed he did not care, but said casually, “Do you care how many slices of bread you eat?”

His words made JOJO and Jiraiya shocked…

What kind of arrogance is this?

And what kind of evil?

“Is that hard to understand?” Yet Dio simply continued “It’s like a pig eating grass, a man eating a pig, and me eating a man, it’s no big deal to me. Would you feel bad about eating meat? Do you think in terms of the food on your table?”

“In this world, humans think they are at the top of the food chain, but you are wrong! Only I, Dio Brando, who feeds on you, I am the true master of all things!”

“Unbelievable ……” JOJO shouted with anger in his words “I’ve had enough of your sophistry, Dio! Today, let this fate between us end once and for all!”

“I thought the stone mask what pot the evil in his heart ……” said Jiraiya, “but now it seems …… that the stone mask is only …… released the deep evil in his heart to be free, this guy …… was born evil!”

“Then… come on! JOJO… Jiraiya…”

Dio raised his head, and suddenly the wind and fire surged. His eyes seemed to contain light and darkness, and the huge chakra tossed, and then acted on the wind and fire like a river flowing into the sea, making them even more violent. The waves of wind and fire whipped up a gust, sweeping away the dust and smoke from the ground…

In the midst of the endless power, Dio opened his hands like a dominant ……