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I.C.S Chapter 119: The Unseen Threat

The Land of Fire and the Land of Water are separated by a sea, so the Land of Water is a rather closed country, something like having a natural barrier, so in the past three Shinobi wars, there were very few cases where the waves reached their homeland.

Although for ninjas, walking on the water is no different from being on the ground, but would anyone really choose to fight the ninja of the Mist on the sea?

So the case is that the inhabitants of the Land of Water actually live quite a beautiful life.

Of course, because they are in an island country, they are short of resources, and even without the repercussions of war, it is difficult to develop the economy. But for ordinary people, without war, they don’t have to worry about life safety, it is already the happiest life.

Jojo and Jiraiya leaned against the railing of the cruise ship together, chatting about the past together.

Jiraiya talked about how he studied with Orochimaru and Tsunade under the Third Hokage, and Jojo talked about the days when he grew up competing with Dio. There was no hatred in his tone when he spoke, as if that piece of history had been dissipated like the wind with Dio’s death.

Or perhaps after all the hardships, friends, family, and companions who left one by one, and finally been alone on the road of life.

Or in other words, after experiencing all kinds of hardships and losing relatives, friends, and companions one by one, and finally only him was left alone on the road of life.

Growing as a warrior comes with pain.

“Speaking of which, as Konoha’s Sannin, is it normal for you to go to the Land of Water like this, won’t this cause trouble for you?”

The status of the Three Legendary Sannin is considered the most high level of the Land of Fire, traveling to another country without notice is quite a dangerous act.

“It’s okay, we’re not going to be a spy, we’re just going to pick up someone, it won’t take long.” Jiraiya waved his hand, he did not look very worried.

“makes sense……”

Jojo didn’t say much, after all, even if they were discovered, it wouldn’t be hard to just run away.

In the dimness, Jojo looked at the undulating sea, sighing “When I look at the endless sea, I always have a sense of unreality.”

“Ah? A sense of unreality?” Jiraiya was taken aback for a moment, and then he turned around, just in time to see a seagull passing over the sea, causing ripples.

“Yeah, everything in this world is like this sea, and a person’s life is like this ship, and under the sea, where we can’t see, the dormant beasts may be watching us under the water, and we on the ship are leaning on the railing and looking into the distance, we can only see the calm sea.”

“Sounds weird…” Jiraiya touched his nose and engraved what Jojo said in his mind.

“Haha, there’s nothing to worry about!” Jojo suddenly stood straight and said, “I’ll go inside and get some food and drink.”

“Well! Don’t forget to bring wine!” Jiraiya smiled “the wine here is quite good!”

“You got it!”

Because it was dark and foggy, there were not many people on the ship, and they watched the stars with just a few people, after Jojo left, the others also went back one by one.

For a while, Jiraiya was the only one who was enjoying the cool breeze on the ship.

“It’s so quiet…”

Suddenly, a cold drop of water hit Jiraiya’s head. He raised his head and looked at the dark sky. After a few seconds, countless raindrops began to fall, and soon he heard raindrops falling on the ship and the sea, non-stop dripping.

“Why is it raining?” Jiraiya frowned.

The Land of Water is indeed rainy, but this rain made Jirai feel a little strange.

First of all, since boarding the ship today, until now, there has been a mist in the sky, which makes the sunlight a little bit blocked.

Although this ship is sailing to the Land of water, they still have not yet entered the Land of water’s border, and even if they are already in the Land of Water, the only place to have such an unusual mist is the Mist Village.

“This rain …… does not seem normal ……”

He looked up at the sky, having studied Senjutsu gives him a certain sensitivity to natural energy, and at the moment these raindrops were not created by water release jutsu and there was no chakra mixed in with it, but Jiraiya just felt that this rain was in the wrong place!

“Why hasn’t Jojo come out yet?!”

Jiraiya couldn’t sit still, he was about to get up when he heard a violent explosion in front of him, followed by a hot wind blowing towards him…

Looking in from the guardrail, thick black smoke billows from the residential area at the core, which contrasts with the white fog that connects the water and the sky.

The people inside desperately tried to run outside, and the panicked crowd fled from the inside, shouting, crying, and screaming incessantly.

He grabbed one of the men who were running out, a relatively fit man in his twenties, and asked, “What’s going on inside? “

The man was frantically rushing out, but he was a bit bewildered by the fact that he was grabbed from his hand.

“There are monsters in there! They can use ninjutsu that only ninjas can release! This ship is about to explode, If you don’t want to die, then go away! “

“Where’s the ninja who guarding the ship?!”

It is naturally impossible for an ordinary ship to be guarded by an elite ninja, but Jiraiya and the others are on a ship officially launched by the Fire Nation. Not only is the speed fast, but there are also two Chunin escorts to guarantee safety.

After all, ordinary pirates can be solved with the help of Genin.

After all, JOJO’s strength is also around Chunin-level, but the ripple technique he used to restrain dark creatures was very magical, which made him so bright in the previous battles with vampires and corpses.

“I don’t know!” The man shouted with a cry, “We paid for them! These damn ninjas didn’t come to protect us, but ran away on their own like cowards!”

“Damn it!”

Jiraiya left the man behind and was about to rush in, when he noticed that the same man had opened his mouth and was about to bite him!

He was startled, thoughts flashed through his mind, and he suddenly understood what happened in front of him.

Jiraiya turned into a block of wood after using Body Replacement Technique and then he appear in a direction where the least people were. Wiping his lips, Jiraiya spat, “I’m so flattered …… they sent commoners to deal with me. “

The people who were fleeing in panic suddenly stopped moving, their eyes glowing with blood, their sharp teeth bared, their mouths drooling like the fiercest beasts, and they all looked at Jiraiya …… in unison.