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I.C.S Chapter 118: Winter is coming

“I… I have to inform my companions about the Raikage first, and then I’ll make the next decision.”

When they reached a safe location, Mercer and Banner left, and Yugito decided to join her companions who came out with her at first.

After the loss of the Raikage, is the Cloud Village still want to participate in the Five Kage Summit or not? And who will go there? Should the fifth Raikage be elected?

These are the problems that are placed in front of the ninja of the Cloud Village, and Yugito as the jinchūriki of the Cloud Village and the Land of Lightning, one of the five great countries, she cannot be absent.

“Well, in this period, our five great ninja villages should work together to get through, if you have any difficulties, we can help.”

Yugito shook her head, said nothing, and left straight away. Although she is not very old, she knows the evil in the human’s heart, the five great countries apparently have a tendency to unite together, but the fact that the fundamental interests are different cannot be changed, if the Land of Lightning in a very huge change, then the other four countries will probably be happy to see it.

But no matter what, they still have two jinchūriki forces, their strength always belongs to the forefront, compared to the Land of Wind and the Land of Water they are still a lot stronger, even after the loss of the Raikage.

It can be said that the loss caused more psychological and moral damage than anything else.

They felt powerless although they felt the huge chakra in the distance, because the fourth Raikage strictly ordered them to hide and not step out, they didn’t move.

After all, if even the Raikage and Yugito couldn’t win, then they would only be a burden and cause more trouble.

At this moment, after hearing that the Raikage had been captured, a trace of panic appeared on their faces, except for another Jonin ninja who served as the Raikage’s guard, Dodai, who still had some ability to think, so he looked at the squad that had fallen into panic, and coldly shouted “Why all this panic? Lord Raikage risked himself not to see you just cry like babies!”

“Sir Dodai is right.” The Jonin Toroi who led the team, recovered from the shock. He turned his head to look at Dodai and asked, “Then do we continue to participate in the Five Kage Summit? “

“To participate, of course, we will participate. The Five Kage Summit is a once-in-a-decade event, how can the great Cloud Hidden Village not be included? It’s just with the fourth Raikage being hijacked, we have to stabilize ourselves first.”

“Then you mean…”

Dodai looked at Yugito, and then ordered, “The two of us will continue going to Konoha and ask the other Shinobi villages to postpone the holding of the Five Kage Summit, while Toroi returns to our village to inform the news, be sure to select the agent of the Raikage as soon as possible to preside over the overall situation during the absence of the fourth Raikage.”

“…… Yes!”

Toroi hesitated for a moment and finally nodded his head in agreement.

In fact, in his mind, he wanted Dodai to become the agent of the Raikage. After all, he neither lacks seniority nor strength, if he runs for election, it is estimated that there will not be many people opposed.


“Caught the fourth Raikage?”

Naoto raised his brows, in fact, he never thought that the Cloud Village would intervene.

But he still habitually did a good job and sent two demons to go there after bringing Hiruko. As a result, they happened to meet the fourth Raikage who was almost exhausted, and then Tambourine took the opportunity.

“This’s good. Genus needs an experimental material with strong physical fitness, so let’s hand him over to him.”

At present, Naoto’s demon army combat power mainly consists of three parts, the first part is Dio with the corpse of the dead ninjas and the vampires, the second part is Genus’s legion of monsters, the third part is King Piccolo by spitting eggs to create elite warriors.

The three-pronged approach allowed Naoto to have a powerful force in a short period of time.

Now, it was time for a showdown.

He put his consciousness into the other side


“Hey JOJO, it’s been a long time!”

After searching for a long time before finding JOJO in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Jiraiya smiled and said hello.

Not many pedestrians on the streets, after all, in this special period, the five powers issued martial law, and although not specifically announced why, everyone has entered the wartime preparations.

“Konoha’s Jiraiya ah.” JOJO looked a little surprised, then he returned the salute, and said “What’s up?”

“Well, the thing is ……” Jiraiya informed JOJO as concisely as he could about the recent actions in the Shinobi world, and then said, “Basically, this is the situation, because recently the evil creatures are rampant, so we hope you can come and help us.”

“Me?” JOJO pointed to himself, thought about it, and then said: “There is no problem, after all, if Dio unleashes the demons again, it will be the end of all humans.”

“That’s wonderful!” Jiraiya said with exclaimed, “Let’s go now!”

But JOJO just touched the tip of his nose, and then politely said, “Uh… Not so fast, my wife is still waiting for me in the land of water, I have to send her back to my hometown first, otherwise, I will be worried.”

Jiraiya suddenly realized, he smiled at JOJO and said “Is that so!”

He got close to JOJO and said, “I didn’t expect you to already have a wife, I really envy you!”

“My wife is pregnant, and I guess I will have a child next year. When the war is over, I will go back to my hometown to accompany her in seclusion.”

“It should be!” Jiraiya laughed “Don’t forget to invite me for the wedding feast then!”

“You will be welcome! And maybe we will settle down in Konoha! If you don’t mind of course!”

“Hahahaha, what are you talking about? consider it as your village already! The two of you should come to Konoha together,” said Jiraiya, as if he thought of something else. “At this time only our Five Great Shinobi Villages are safe, in the outside world if something happens, I’m worried you may not be able to take care of her then.” JOJO was thinking carefully, “makes sense, but I don’t want to cost any trouble to you……”

“What trouble?! I’ll go with you! Let’s go now!”