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I.C.S Chapter 117: The Avengers

Visibility became almost impossible with the smoke that was emitted because of the massive collision.

But Tambourine found that Uchiha Shisui, who used Susanoo, had protected the Raikage and Yugito from the fatal blow that was heading towards them. Then, under the impact of this blow, he quickly held Yugito and jumped!

“Bastard, don’t try to escape!” Tambourine was startled at first, then he was overwhelmed by anger.

The Two-Tails is his goal, the Raikage was just a marginal, if Yugito escapes, then All he did was for nothing! But just as he was about to chase them, he found that his ankle was grabbed by a heavy hand, and the fourth Raikage released the Black Lightning with his last strength.

The powerful ninjutsu that was developed by the third Raikage, bloomed in the hands of the fourth Raikage.

“Damn you ……” Tambourine’s face was tense, trying hard to break free from the fourth Raikage while using energy to try to block the Black Lightning attack at the same time. After the burst of lightning, Tambourine lifted up the unconscious fourth Raikage with one hand.

He came here quickly after he found Hiruko. He originally wanted to bring back some information here, but now the plan has changed…

“Carnage Kabuto wasn’t weak, and he was defeated in the end…”

Despite all that mockery and disdain, he still knows the strength of Carnage Kabuto.

Especially after entering the Carnage Mode, that strength is definitely stronger than that fat dragon Cymbal, plus now there are so many ninjas, he was afraid that even he may not be able to solve the situation in a short time. “He is one of the five Kages after all…”

He looked at the Fourth Raikage and did not speak, just silently held him on his shoulders, and then spread his wings and flew to the sky.

“You, take Carnage Kabuto and the information in the laboratory and head north.”

After saying that, he didn’t even look back and directly left


Mercer carried the exhausted Shisui on his back, Banner pulled Yugito, Inabi wrapped himself and Tekka’s bodies with cloth to cover the wounds, and the group of the six of them shuttled through the forest at high speed.

When the Raikage fought against Carnage Kabuto before, Shisui and Mercer joined together, using the power of the demonic energy of the earth, so they have been hiding under the ground.

They wanted to give a helping hand in the middle of the battle, but seeing that the fourth Raikage against Carnage Kabuto in the battle had the upper hand, made Shisui let down his guard and relaxed his vigilance.

Especially when he saw Yugito’s tailed beast hitting Carnage Kabuto, he thought the battle was almost over, so there was no need to show himself.

After all, he is Konoha’s ninja, and his relationship with the Cloud Village, the Land of Lightning, is hostile. Although it was a special period then, it is better not to meet when it’s not necessary, otherwise, it may cause some disputes.

In this case, he did not pay attention to the arrival of Tambourine at all, resulting in missing the opportunity to save the day, and could only watch the Fourth Raikage be defeated.

But fortunately, they rescued the jinchūriki of the Cloud Hidden Village, which can be regarded as saving a little loss for the Land of Lightning.

“Shisui, are you okay?”

Inabi looked at Shisui with worried.

“Nothing serious, Susanoo’s defense is very strong.”

The fact that the words he said he said with great difficulty confirmed that it was not as simple as he was trying to show.

Mangekyō Sharingan is a kind of ability that puts a lot of load on the body, especially after using Kotoamatsukami, it consumed a lot of the eye’s power. And under such circumstances, he was forced to use Susanoo.

His body has reached its limit.

“By the way, I’m going back to Konoha with Inabi and Tekka. How about you guys?”

Seemingly not wanting to talk about this topic, Shisui asked.

In addition to Shisui, Inabi, and Tekka, who are Konoha’s ninjas, there are also Banner and Mercer, who escaped from the Black Watch, and Yugito, who is the jinchūriki of the Cloud Hidden Village.

They knew that sooner or later, Yugito will go to Konoha, but Banner and Mercer’s destination was a concern.

Shisui hopes that they can go to Konoha with him so that they can not only get a lot of information about the demons but also have two more super combat powers.

It’s just that people in the village are likely will have concerns, but Shisui believes that the third Hokage will handle these conflicts well, as he always does.

“It is clear that the demons are about to make their move.” Mercer said “from the memories of the man I devoured, I can see that the demons are already planning to resurrect the Holy Lord, they have already obtained the Holy Lord’s body, the next is when the eight demonic energy are collected, the seal will be broken, and the Holy Lord’s soul can cross the yin and yang, from hell back to the human world to resurrect again. “

“So their next target will definitely be the Demonic Energy!”

“Then you guys who have two Demonic Energy need to be even safer!”

Banner has the Demonic Energy of the Mountain, and Mercer has the Demonic Energy of Earth, it can be said that the two of them are definitely the key target of the Demons next.

And with the power of the two of them, it is obviously not enough to fight against the demons.

“So I and Banner are going to form an alliance. Next, we will go to some Black Watch strongholds, and then see if we can save some people, those who will be saved from the Black Watch will be a big help in the future when the time comes, right?”

“Of course! It would be great if you guys could help!”

Shisui hurriedly said, then said again:

“You want to form an alliance? What’s the name?”

Banner turned his head to look at him, scratched his head, and said, “Just call it… Avengers…”

“We who escaped from the Black Watch were all caught by the doctor and forced to experiment in the research institute. Without him, we might be just ordinary people, but now we have extraordinary power, but at the same time breed a vengeful heart.”

“Banner is right, there are many experimental subjects who have hatred of the Black Watch, although most of them have been converted into half-demons and controlled by the doctor, there are still some who have an accident, like us, but they are still imprisoned in the Black Watch by the Doctor, and the next goal of the two of us is to rescue them!”

“We, the avengers, will turn into the sharpest spears and pierce the hearts of the demons, I promise!”

“Reputation point from Uchiha Shisui +629.”

“Reputation point from Yugito +617.”

“Reputation point from Uchiha Inabi +589.”