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I.C.S Chapter 116: End (End)

In the smoke and dust, the body of the fourth Raikage fell from the air. After he hit the ground, he barely stood up, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“I didn’t expect you to make such a big move…” Looking at Yugito, who had returned to her normal state, the fourth Raikage slowly shook his head.

The combination of the two of them, in the ninja world, only Namikaze Minato and his wife can surpass them with the Nine-Tails if they can hold him without dying. It can be said to be the peak combat power of the ninja world.

But under the battle situation, she was forced to do a such dangerous thing… so even the fourth, who has always been irritable, had to be cautious and dignified. “Anyway, it’s a good thing to be able to solve it.”

Although they experienced a hard battle, they did not suffer any loss of personnel on their side, while the other side suffered heavy losses, even the strongest monsters…

boooom! The sudden explosion made her stunned…

In the area filled with smoke and dust, a powerful fire suddenly rose, and then powerful energy burst out, dispelling the haze, and while the fire was raging, the huge body of Carnage Kabuto was lifted by a figure with one hand.

“He’s really useless.” He threw Carnage Kabuto to the ground with one hand, and a loud noise occurred when that huge body touch the ground.

Tambourine glanced contemptuously at Carnage Kabuto, whose most of his body had been scorched, and put his hands around his chest, “But after all, he’s just an S-rank who was created by the Doctor, and it’s normal to have a gap between the strength of a real demon warrior and just a lab sample”. Afterward, he turned his head to the nervous fourth Raikage and Yugito, and said indifferently, “The two of you can defeat Carnage Kabuto, which proves that you are a little strong. But no matter how strong you are, you absolutely can’t defeat me, a High-Level Demon Warrior!”

“High-Level Demon Warrior? Is your strength rating also S?”

“According to the classification of the doctor, yeah I should be.” Tambourine shrugged indifferently, and continued, “Although we are both S-rank, there is a big gap in strength. It’s like the gap between heaven and earth, a distance between two parallel lines that never intersect!”

“Is that so… It seems that you are very proud of your own strength.” The fourth Raikage raised his eyes, and then snorted coldly, “It just happens that I am also very confident with my own strength!”

After he finished speaking, he preempted the attack, his body turned into a blue lightning bolt, and he quickly broke the sound barrier.

It’s a pity that his opponents are Dragon Ball warriors who are better at hand-to-hand combat!

“I actually want to compete with this uncle.”

Tambourine laughed heartily.

In the face of the menacing Fourth Raikage, he did not dodge or evade, but when the Fourth Raikage was about to launch his offensive, he punched the fourth Raikage in his belly at a super speed that made the Fourth Raikage barely can see him, and then ha back to his place in an instant.

The fourth Raikage who was running suddenly stopped, and then knelt on the ground while clutching his stomach.


Yugito was so shocked, she couldn’t even believe her eyes!

She knows very well who is the fourth Raikage, who defeated tens of thousands of ninjas in the Cloud Village and was called the strongest man, a strong man who could even beat a tailed beast, but he was defeated like this…?

Although after two battles, he lost a considerable part of his Chakra, almost his current strength is less than 50%, but that was enough to crush most ninjas in the ninja world!

But such a strong man… with just a simple punch…Did this.

She was stunned by the result…

She even cannot accept that!

She was raised with the belief that the five Kages are the strongest people in the ninja world and no one can match them.

So in her heart, it is difficult to accept that the Raikage was defeated …… Especially since it was so simple and violent defeat ……

Even with objective factors that can explain the defeat…

“Humph… You are the jinchūriki of the Two-Tails, aren’t you?”

Tambourine looked at the terrified Yugito with interest.

Then he walked to the fourth Raikage, who was speechless because of the severe pain, and held his head in one hand and lifted it up, “You should thank the doctor, if it wasn’t for his recent interest in the tailed beasts, you wouldn’t have any chance of life.”


The fourth Raikage grabbed Tambourine’s right arm with one hand and held it tightly, just as he was about to condense the Lightning Chakra, but he felt that the hand holding his head increased a little bit harder, making him suffer again. He kept screaming.

“Come on, you are one of the Five Kages, you should be able to judge the strength of your opponent. I advise you not to resist.”

“You can’t understand!” The fourth Raikage roared in pain, “Even if he had a seriously injured body, he can turn into a thunderbolt that illuminates the whole village. “This is not a matter of winning or losing, but I have to stand in your way and stop you!”

“In front of our enemy…if the Raikage gave up…then who else can stand up against you, bastard?!”

“Yugito! Run! Take your companions to Konoha and go fast! I’ll buy you some time!”

He roared hoarsely, and then a huge chakra erupted from his body, which made Tambourine’s body paralyzed for a moment, so he took the opportunity to break free.

In an instant, the memories of the past appeared in his mind as a cinematic tape, and the lightning on his body changed at this moment. The blue current slowly turned into black when he attacked…

“Black Lightning!”

These are the two great stunts of the Third Raikage. Before his death, he handed over the training method of the Lightning Release Chakra mode to the fourth Raikage and left the training method of the Black Lightning to Darui. But at this moment, the fourth Raikage has finally entered the domain of the third Raikage!

(Father…more than that…I will surpass you!)

‘A’ swears in his heart that he will never experience the powerlessness today…


The heavy punch collided, the black lightning spread irregularly like a spider web, and the sound of the punch collision shook the horizon.

Tambourine’s body was pushed back dozens of meters, leaving a trail due to the friction between his feet and the ground along the way

Tambourine became angry, he used all his strength this time.

With a bang, the body of the fourth Raikage was sent flying like a cannonball, but instead of enjoying the victory, Tambourine opened his mouth, and a huge amount of energy quickly condensed in his mouth, and then it was like a Tailed Beast Ball. “I warned you!”

Just when the terrifying energy bomb was directed towards the Raikage, a dark green Susanoo rose from the ground, and Shisui’s figure emerged from the ground. He was controlling the huge Susanoo, and he was going to use this absolute defense against it.