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I.C.S Chapter 115: End (4)

The body was paralyzed by the powerful lightning release Elbow for a moment, and Carnage Kabuto had no time to fight back, it was a continuous hit like a storm…

The punches were successive one after the other, enough to turn any ordinary person into a paste.

However, Carnage Kabuto forcibly took these countless heavy punches with his body, and then fought back with all his might. Although his body was huge, he showed agility that was completely inconsistent with his body. His two fists turned into a black storm and fought back frantically.

On the body of the fourth Raikage, a blue chakra flashing with lightning floated out, this violent power was in a continuous back and forth between the two, making the battle situation even more dangerous. boom!

The body pierced the air faster than the shells. The fierce impact was like a raging dragon, making Carnage Kabuto’s body involuntarily take two steps back. The punches strike at a speed that is difficult to catch with the naked eye.

“You bastard!” The huge monster roared. Although he was not mortally wounded during this brief confrontation, his situation was much worse than that of the fourth Raikage who took the initiative to attack.

“Even at your level you can’t match the speed of the Kage of the Cloud village, don’t underestimate the Raikage you !” The fourth Raikage scolded angrily.

In one leap he rose hundreds of meters into the air, strong chakra gathered in his hands, and the terrifying power of lightning erupted in the sky as if to punish everyone who gets in his way.

“I will ……”

Carnage Kabuto was hit on the ground by the top-to-bottom blow, and then the force introduced him to the ground along his knees. A big hole was blasted in the ground. “I’m very angry now!”

This mutant monster was out of anger. He didn’t expect that he would be completely suppressed in such a short period of time by one ninja.

“Although using this trick will make me lose my sanity for a while, I have chosen to kill you whatever what!”

He realized that the enemy in front of him is not simple, and he is a strong man who deserves to use the Carnage mode against him!

“Huh?” The fourth Raikage heard the words, and suddenly become more alert and prepared.

In the confrontation just now, he probably knew the strength level of the opponent. The difference in strength between them is not too big. If they insist on winning or losing, it is estimated that there is no way to take him down in less than twenty or thirty minutes.

But if he can get stronger, then the outcome is unknown…

And as the Kage of the Cloud Village, he just wants to show his strength in front of such a powerful and arrogant monster!

He straightened his back, and the lightning attribute chakra coat wrapped his majestic body as if the most brilliant lightning streaks across the sky!


The two of them attacked at the same time. It was an impact that broke through the sound barrier. At the moment of the collision, they moved to other positions. Then there was a sound like a rumble of thunder.

On the other side, the battle between Yugito and Mosquito Girl has heated up. Compared with the fourth Raikage and Carnage Kabuto, the battle between them is even more powerful.

It’s just that because of the existence of Banner, Yugito can’t use the maximum power of the tailed beast, so although she can kill a lot of mosquitoes every time she waves, she can’t hurt the Mosquito Girl at all.

Mosquito Girl only needs to hide, after all, her task was to hold back Yugito, so that she can’t interfere with the other side of the battle.

It wasn’t until Banner estimated that it was the time, he jumped up, forcibly broke free from the encirclement of mosquitoes, and shouted.

“Now! Destroy the main body!”

The Tailed Beast has once again gathered a large amount of chakra, making the surrounding temperature seem to have risen…

In front of this terrifying power, Mosquito Girl is almost suffocated, and she was unable to escape and will melt into this huge chakra if she didn’t break through.

(I can’t escape!)

This is her first reaction, in front of this huge power, she can barely resist.

“Protect me!” she ordered the mosquito sea within a radius of tens of kilometers.

The endless black ocean gathered together, forming a huge black shield, blocking the front of Mosquito Girl.

“Unnecessary resistance.” Yugito laughed lightly.

She couldn’t know the level of her own blow.

Not to mention Mosquito Girl, even the five Kages may not be able to take over this tailed beast blow.

“Turn into dust!”


The blazing chakra swept the wind, easily killing all the mosquitoes along the way, and the shield that was being formed in mid-air began to melt faster than ice!

The Mosquito Girl was terrified and desperately wanted to make the last trace of resistance, but she was ultimately defeated by this power that melts everything, she barely resisted for a few seconds before being swallowed up by this huge chakra torrent!

“Lord Raikage! Be careful!”

Yugito decided to come for assistance, but as soon as she saw the battlefield, she noticed that Carnage Kabuto who was in Carnage Mode was getting bigger, his body turning from brown to purple and green, and his teeth sharpened.