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I.C.S Chapter 114: Hiruko (missing-nin)

Looking at that step-by-step approaching monster, the two villagers were terrified, and every cell in their bodies was sending out an alarm, warning them what kind of danger the monster was in front of them.

But as soon as they saw the monster’s eyes, it was as if there were images of mountains of blood, terror, rage, killing, and despair …… all the negative human emotions were revealed from his eyes, which pressed them almost out of breath …

As if they were going to be killed in the next second, the picture of the tragic future had already appeared in their minds, but this second has not passed, which was undoubtedly a torment…

“Forget about them, Tambourine…” Just when they thought they were about to be killed by the monster, they saw another monster with a similar shape descending from the sky, but compared to the one at the beginning, he was fat. “Just two ordinary people and killing them will not benefit us in anything, let them go and spread our news to cause panic and terror in this world.”

The fat monster put a hand on the shoulder of the monster called Tambourine and made a suggestion in that eerie voice.

Tambourine glanced at him indifferently, then turned around and said, “As you like, but with such a heart, you will suffer a big loss sooner or later.”Let them go, they are just humans!” A disdainful voice came from the fat monster’s mouth known as Cymbal.

He walked in front of the two villagers, whispered something in his mouth, and then looked into the eyes of the two…

Immediately, an indescribable mental pain spread to the villagers’ minds from his gaze. Indescribable energy frantically raised the most frightening feeling in the villagers’ hearts to the greatest extent.

“Feel the fear, and hate, and spread the greatness and fearfulness from our demon race to the world!”

The two of them are Demonic Namekian, made by Naoto’s clone, the Great Demon King Piccolo, by spitting two eggs, but their strength is far superior to those made by the aging Piccolo in the original work. After all, this B-rank card of Naoto is the young King Piccolo at his peak, and he also has Dr. Genus’ rejuvenation technology, so he doesn’t have to worry about aging at all.

Especially Tambourine, in the original work, his strength surpasses Krillin. Even Goku was easily abused by him when he didn’t have enough food. His strength surpassed Cymbal several times.

At this moment, under the reinforcement of Naoto, even Cymbal has a strength no less than the Kage level, and Tambourine is even stronger. At least Naoto can’t accurately judge what level their strength is right now.

Maybe it can only be judged by fighting…

“According to the information, the guy should be here…”

Tambourine walked to the door of the wooden hut, and then pushed the door. What caught his eyes was a white-haired man wearing an old coat, his eyes were blood-red, and his hair was quite long, enough to reach his hips.

“You… Who are you?!”

This person was obviously very surprised by the arrival of Tambourine, and at the moment showed a look of panic.

“Hiruko… your name is Hiruko, right?” Ignoring the other side’s question, Tambourine directly asked.
“…… Yes …… I am Hiruko.” Seeming to realize the other side’s coldness and bad, Hiruko Answered without resistance.

“Very well.” Tambourine clapped his hands in satisfaction, and then issued a cold declaration “The doctor is very fond of your research, and we came here to simply brought you to the doctor’s side as an assistant.”.”

“Doctor…?” Hiruko’s eyes were full of confusion. He was originally a Konoha ninja, but because He was researching about the forbidden technique [Chimera Technique], he was discovered by the third Hokage who sent the Sannin to assassinate him after that, so now he was hiding and can only do his research in the process of fleeing for his life.

The “Chimera Technique” is a Kinjutsu that allows a person to have multiple Kekkei Genkai abilities, and is a powerful jutsu that is no less powerful than the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation and the Flying Thunder God technique in terms of effectiveness.

It’s just that after so many years of research, the technique of Chimera didn’t have much progress.

Although he now has a clue, he lacks the strength to support the plan, and can only sigh in this
small wooden hut.

So he has been in a closed environment and lacks communication with the outside world, he does not know the recent furor in the Shinobi world, and actually, only the upper echelons of the five great countries know about the Black Watch and the doctor.

“Another ignorant human being.” then Tambourine said proudly “You just need to know that he is the person you will serve in the future. We the demons will soon be able to break the shackles and reappear in this world again, and then you, as an auxiliary to the Doctor, will live as one of the few humans in the future world.”

are you crazy!
Hiruko really wanted to say that, but he couldn’t say it under this powerful pressure. If the person in front of him is a lunatic, he is also a powerful lunatic.

The technique of Chimera has not been completed, and he is not strong enough, so he can only succumb and say, “I am willing to serve the doctor, but what can I get?”

The so-called living in the future in Tambourine’s mouth sounds like rubbish to him, and he just ignores it.

“Benefits?” Tambourine snorted coldly, then exhale out a cold breath, and said, “Your
Chimera Technique, the doctor can help you improve it.”

“Really?! How is that possible?!” Hiruko was shocked when he heard the words. It’s not like no one else knew about it, but he said he wanted to help him perfect the technique of Chimera. That is something even him didn’t see it coming!

“The doctor’s ability is far beyond your imagination, nothing is impossible to him.”

“Then what are you waiting for? When are we leaving?!”

Hiruko said anxiously, it’s not that he didn’t doubt Tambourine’s words, but at the moment his situation was weaker than the others, and he had to bow his head. In addition, from Tambourine’s tone, he could tell that he was a rather arrogant person, and this kind of person had a characteristic that he rarely made mistakes.

“Don’t be in a hurry.” Tambourine unexpectedly glanced at Hiruko, he seemed to be a little confused why his attitude changed so quickly. But he did not think about it so much, after all, the difference in strength was too significant.

“Hey! Cymbal, how far are we from the stronghold in the east?!”
Cymbal, who had just come in, swayed his plump body and made a careful estimate, “If you go at full speed…it’s estimated that it will take twenty minutes.”

“Twenty minutes …… forget it, I’ll go there myself to pick up the information, and you take him to the stronghold in the north. “Really boring, I thought I could be outside a little longer.”

Cymbal shrugged in boredom, then looked at Hiruko who was immersed in his own world, and said dissatisfiedly, “Boy, let’s go, the doctor has been waiting for you for a long time…”