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I.C.S Chapter 113: End (3)

The fourth Raikage felt an extremely strong force coming at him, but instead of choosing to dodge, which he was one of the best ninjas at it, he decided to face the giant that rushed out head-on!

“Lightning Release: Lariat!”

He was in Lightning Release Chakra Mode, and he used his full strength at this moment, and the huge power of lightning overflowed in all directions, rushing towards the big shadow at super speed!

Boom! On the other side, Banner and Mosquito Girl heard a huge roar that shook the sky, and then the two figures that collided separated, each retreating dozens of meters.

“The fourth Raikage in our database is the big man among these ninjas, if I kill you, I will surely make that big Boss feel happy.”

The only one among the Doctor’s monsters who can be a match for the fourth Raikage is Carnage Kabuto, but of course, he’s not the strongest monster under Naoto’s control, he’s far from the level of Piccolo for example.

Carnage Kabuto is a rather proud eccentric. In the original Manga, he didn’t even care about Dr. Genus who created him. As the perfect creature created by Dr. Genus, he firmly believes that he is the strongest species that surpasses humans.

But this is not the case in this world. First of all, here Dr. Genus created him only for the purpose of making multiple fighters, and the original creation of the perfect species to replace humans is very different, plus Naoto has several clones that can match him, and even far beyond him.

Under this gap of strength, he will naturally not be as arrogant as before. Even in order to improve his status in the eyes of Dr. Genus and the Great Demon Piccolo, he even thought of taking credit for his achievements!

Although it was not long before he was created, he knew some information about the ninja world, so he naturally knew who was in front of him. The leader of the Cloud Village, whose comprehensive strength is the closest to Konoha, is also one of the strongest ninjas in the ninja world today! If he can successfully capture him, then it is definitely a great achievement!

These demons even though they don’t know exactly how they were created, but Carnage Kabuto knows that the doctor who created him is a high-ranking person in a powerful organization, and that there are strong people far beyond him in this organization, and after assigning him to this area, he also found that the guards here are not weak.

Under such circumstances, he has enough reasons to believe that there is an extremely large organization behind the doctor, and he is only one of the combat weapons developed by the doctor.

And if he can capture this Raikage, who has a very high status and great symbolic significance in the ninja world, it will undoubtedly be a great achievement!

“That big Boss? Are you talking about the Doctor of the Black Watch?!”

From the informations that Konoha received, the person with the highest status among the demons is a great scientist, the top leader of the Black Watch, who created many half-demons.

So when Carnage Kabuto said “That big Boss”, the fourth Raikage thought of him at once.

“The Doctor? No…you just don’t know anything…” Carnage Kabuto’s tone carried a trace of pity. In his eyes, the resistance of these ninjas was already doomed to failure.

“Just let me enlighten your mind…” He twisted an arm and looked at the human being shrouded in his own shadow “that…”

There was panic in his tone, and his eyes recalled what happened at the beginning, “Although this’s just a clone… but just looking at him, it makes me feel like my soul is frozen, can you understand that feeling?!”

“Here you are never allowed to set your foot in the forbidden area. And that man is absolutely invincible! “

The more Carnage Kabuto said, the more distorted his face was, and the more frantic his words became as if his spirit had reached its limit…

“Reputation point from the fourth Raikage +799.”

(To be able to make such a strong monster have such a strong fear, could it be that these demons are really so powerful?)

“Looks like…” His face was solemn, and the chakra in his whole body was throbbing with excitement, as if he was excited for the next battle.

“This Five Kage Summit has to wait for a little more time…”



A village in the Land of Fire, which was quite far from Konoha, and even if its villagers want to cross the border to the Land of Earth they can do it in one night.

Because it is located on the border, Therefore, during the Third Ninja World War, all the villagers here went to the rear to take refuge, and they came back one by one after the war ended.

The two villagers who are living there were returning from the forest after hunting. They have traveled this road many times, and it can be said that they are quite familiar with it, but when they were about to leave the forest, they found at the border a small wooden hut…

“Duff, has anyone from our village moved here?” The villager scratched his head and looked at the wooden hut with confusion.

“I don’t know.” The other villager called Dafu was also confused “We are not those ninjas who can fly to the sky from earth. Isn’t looking for death moving to such a place for normal people?”

Although the Shinobi world is a world of superpowers, most people are ordinary human beings, they do not have such powers as the ninjas.

Just when they were wondering, a humanoid creature with wings, a green body, and some black spots flew down from the sky.

“Ah! A monster!” These two villagers were just ordinary people, they didn’t see such a scene before, so they immediately jumped, hurriedly set up a bow and arrow, and pointed at the green monster with trembling all over.

The monster only looked at the two villagers with cold eyes and said, “Combat power only five ah, really trash …” the monster faintly uttered the words of contempt for the two. Their bodies trembled, and then that erected bow and arrow was shot out ……

But this tool is to kill tigers and wolves, not such a monster, so it didn’t even scratch the monster’s skin, they only heard the sound of what hit steel, and then the arrow was bounced to the ground ……