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I.C.S Chapter 112: End (2)

In the short time when they fought, the Fourth Raikage had already figured out the opponent’s strength. He was determined to win the battle quickly. It was a decisive blow that struck like a thunderbolt

“You got it.” In the midst of the mosquito swarm, Yugito’s chakra exploded, blue flames spread out from her body, and the materialized chakra crushed the ground hard!

The blue flame slowly wrapped her whole body and finally formed a huge blue fire cat. In its mouth,

a Tailed Beast Ball was formed, and then it shoot it out!!


The temperature fluctuations began to become obvious, and the dark blue flames enveloped the powerful energy straight into the sky, destroying everything along the way. Those mosquitoes were too small and insignificant in the face of this natural disaster-like power!

The terrifying chakra ball reached the top in the blink of an eye and then exploded. Like the most splendid fireworks, the terrifying energy fluctuations spread in a circle, and all the mosquitoes were swept away in an instant!

“Impossible!” The Mosquito Girl made a terrified voice. It was hard for her to imagine that with just such a blow, all the mosquitoes within a kilometer around her were turned into ashes under that terrifying force…

“You think what you wiped out is all I have? Don’t underestimate me! I am able to control all the mosquitoes within a radius of 50 kilometers from me!” The Mosquito Girl shrieked, and then there was an even more frightening scene, a buzzing sound became louder than the sound of a violent explosion, the whole world was filled with the buzzing sound of mosquitoes, those small black insects gathered and scattered, sometimes transforming into a dragon covered with spines, sometimes transforming into a monster with demonic wings, ever-changing. More and more gathering.

This countless mosquitoes cover the sky, constantly converging, so that even the Ground Dragon, Kamakyuri, and Armored Gorilla who were all defeated by the fourth Raikage felt a little bit of shock.

“…All these insects controlled by you?…” The face of the Fourth Raikage showed a grim expression.

“Oh ha ha ha ha!” The Mosquito Girl kept receiving the power passed by these mosquitoes, and her own body was changing.

Mosquito Girl is one of the Human Monsters made by Dr. Genus, which not only has the ability to suck blood, and manipulate mosquitoes but also through absorption the blood from mosquitoes she can gain power.

In the Shinobi world, because Naoto has a lot of ninjas under his hand, he can provide sufficient blood for the Mosquito Girl, and the blood of ninjas is different than ordinary people in the world of One Punch Man and much stronger, so in this case, it can be said that now the strength of the Mosquito Girl is much stronger than she ever was!

“What a wonderful feeling, as if the whole world is in my hands!” The Mosquito Girl said it in an ecstatic voice.

“She became stronger after absorbing the power of these mosquitoes…”

The fourth Raikage craned his neck, after killing the Beast King, the next was to kill the rest of the three monsters he left, but his main thing is to do research to see how the doctor actually created such a powerful monster.

If his village can mass-produce such monsters, then the Cloud Village will be the strongest Ninja Village, and the Land of Lightning will also become the strongest country!

And this Mosquito Girl’s ability is too dangerous, simply a monster with no upper limit!

When he was about to make a move, suddenly felt a change in the sky and earth, and then an endless tyrannical aura came from the depths of the cave, suddenly the Raikage’s expression changed, because the master of this powerful momentum already possessed the strength that can threaten him!!

“You two despicable! How dare you invade my territory?!”

A giant in the hole at the cave rushed out at a speed completely inconsistent with his body…


The effect of the Fire Qilin’s blood was enormous, increasing the strength of the Uchiha duo so dramatically that they almost reached the Kage level.

Even Shisui could not defeat them in a short period without using Kotoamatsukami, but at this moment he has successfully corrected Inabi’s mind and will, then only Tekka is left, and he can’t fight both of them.

After subduing Tekka, Inabi suddenly said as if he had remembered something, “Shisui, do you have a companion outside?!”

“You mean Banner? Did something happen?!” Shisui frowned, a worry in his heart.

“It’s Carnage Kabuto! Someone went to inform this monster, and at this moment he is rushing outside!”

“Oh no!”

Shisui was alarmed, then turned his body and ran outside.

Under the control of his illusion, he heavily push open the door of the laboratory, and then without mercy, killed all four guards, and ran wildly out!