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I.C.S Chapter 111: End (1)

“Mangekyō illusion – Kotoamatsukami!”

In the middle of the laboratory, which was narrow for a war, was filled with smoke and flames.

Because of the fiery confrontation between the three of them, a chain explosion occurred in some equipment in the laboratory, and the loud rumbling sound was incessant.

However, these three are very different from ordinary ninjas. Needless to say, Shisui has Susanohu as a defense, and even Tekka and Inabi are greatly affected by the vampire transformation and the blood of the Fire Qilin, so an explosion of this magnitude cannot even damage them.

And in the firelight of the explosion, Inabi’s eyes inadvertently contact with Shisui’s eyes…

In an instant, some mysterious power acted on the will of Inabi, which made his distorted thoughts due to the Stone Mask return to the right way…

The strongest illusion technique: Kotoamatsukami! This is the ultimate illusion that only Shisui Mangekyō Sharingan possesses. It is a much more terrifying illusion than the Tsukuyomi. It can even permanently distort the human mind. It is Uchiha Shisui’s ultimate technique!

The Sharingan made the pupil see the truth, it is the most realistic reflection of the user.

The Uchiha has a large number of clansmen who are dissatisfied with the Hokage’s behavior, and as a lover of the village, Shisui, who is deeply influenced by the will of fire, has longed to change this situation since he was a child. He is eager to have the ability to change others and change their thoughts!

Shisui has been relying on the Sharingan to carefully observe their every move during the battle, and then he used Kotoamatsukami to control them when they were calmer after the intense frenzy caused by the blood of the Fire Qilin!

He was first able to regain control of Inabi and reduce the control of the Stone Mask

However, even for Shishui, the master of Kotoamatsukami, using Kotoamatsukami illusion technique will cause strain and damage to the eye, although it does not need more than ten years like other people to be used, he use it a second time in a very short time.

“Sir Inabi! Let’s take Tekka out of here fast!”

Shisui knew that after all, this was in the nest of the Demons, and there was that Carnage Kabuto whose strength was unknown but made Banner and Mercer both fearful, so he wanted to leave the place as soon as possible.


“Why does it feel like it’s never ending!” Yugito looked impatient, and then spit out a violent flame, burning tens of thousands of mosquitoes in front of her.

But even tens of thousands of mosquitoes are just a drop in this endless sea of ​​insects. The mosquitoes were increasing and not decreasing

“This is a monster developed by the doctor. It is useless to kill these little bugs! You must kill their main body!”

Because the Hulk transformation has been carried out before, Banner is now a little afraid that he will completely lose control if he enters that violent state again, so he can only use the power of the demonic energy of the mountain, and a single demonic energy does not guarantee that he will do much.

The war outside is divided into two parts, one is Yugito and Banner wrapped by a mosquito sea, and the other is the fourth Raikage who is fighting against the Beast King, Kamakyuri, Ground Dragon, and Armored Gorilla.

The battlefield was mainly based on containment. After all, if Mosquito Girl was a Kage-level monster, she would not be equal to the jinchūriki of the Two-Tails, so Mosquito Girl’s mission was just to entangle her.

On the other side, although it was four against one, he didn’t feel any fear, the situation was just like a tiger in the face of the wolves, he must not show his back but reveal his sharpest claws and teeth.

But the Beast King as a fierce lion, naturally cannot let people think they are just sick cats!

But in the midst of the fierce battle, the fourth Raikage still had the energy to ask, “Among the A-rank combatants, are you the strongest?”

Because he has heard the Armored Gorilla say that he is only medium, and the Beast King is above him, then if he is a middle-level A-Rank combat power, he can infer the power classification of the so-called Black Watch based on this.

“Hum…” The Beast King let out a long sigh. After escaping the punch of the Fourth Raikage, the muscles in his whole body bulged again.

“Sooner or later, I will surpass all of them! I will let the doctor know that I am the most perfect experiment he has developed!”

“Lion Slash: Meteor Shower!”

His sharp claws cut through the air, heading straight to the fourth Raikage who kept retreating. Several huge rocks along the way were easily torn apart in this succession of chopping attacks. …

“That’s it?…you won’t have this chance again!”

The fourth Raikage accelerated and retreated, expanding the distance between him and the Beast King in the blink of an eye. When he was retreating, A’s body suddenly jumped up, and the huge Hell Stab Chakra concentrated in his hand, and then he descended like a thunderbolt on the Beast King and slashed him in half from top to bottom