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I.C.S Chapter 110: Test

“Shisui has fought with Inabi and Tekka already?…”

Naoto touched his chin. Although he can’t see the specific battle through the eyes of Inabi or Tekka, but Mercer, who was his clone, could feel that the entire mountain began to vibrate under this powerful chakra. This is definitely something that can only be caused by a certain level of power.

Tekka and Inabi are ninjas that Naoto deliberately made special enhancements in them, in order to harvest reputation from Shisui, and the result did not disappoint him. Just for now, he received at least 700 to 800 reputation points.

“The next is the other side.”

It is true that Naoto never thought of encountering the fourth Raikage, but he is not completely unprepared. After all, he should not leave any room for chance. This is the basic rules as a mastermind behind the scenes.

“Armored Gorilla, Beast King, Kamakyuri, Ground Dragon, and Mosquito Girl, should be enough for them.”

Originally, with the ability of Dr. Genus, it was impossible to make so many powerful creatures in such a short period of time. After all, the ninja world is still very different from the normal earth, but that is a normal Dr. Genus.

And the C-level card [Dr. Genus] owned by Naoto is from the time period after he was defeated by Saitama in the plot, which means that this Genus has the memory of creating countless beasts. With memory, and if he retrieved it again, it is just going to be as simple as copying homework.

Especially, Naoto also has the card of the perfect creature Kars. With Kars’s ability, he can easily conjure up the genetic fragments that Dr. Genus needs. With these, he can recreate these monsters. so simple.

The reason why he spent several days is mainly because of two reasons. First, Kars’s energy is not unlimited. And he needs a lot of energy to supply the consumption of each clone and the regeneration of its own body. Second, it is subject to the science and technology of the ninja world. The ninja world is a rather strange world. Although it is similar to the feudal world, some of its technologies are similar to those in the 21st century, especially after 20 or 30 years. The technology has been updated explosively.

So it can be seen that the Ninja world is not a field beyond the reach of science. Therefore, most of Dr. Genus’ time is spent on rebuilding a perfect laboratory.

And one more important point, in the original plot of One Punch Man, Carnage Kabuto created by Dr. Genus was out of the doctor’s control, because the doctor’s power could not control him.

But in the ninja world, it’s different. Naoto used the B-rank character card Piccolo to frighten him. He can fully feel the strength of this dragon-rank monster and has become as good as a rabbit.

………………………… ……

The fourth Raikage was about to enter the cave with Yugito, but suddenly felt the mountain in front of him shake, and then the earth began to shake, and the huge chakra turned into a strong and powerful waves-like.

However, no matter how strong whoever is in front of them, they will never back down. That is the will of lightning that not afraid even if the front is a sea of ​​swords and flames!

The fourth Raikage let out a roar, and then the Lightning Release Chakra Mode was turned on. The armor of lightning turned into the toughest armor to protect his body and then he rushed in quickly.

He kicked right to the sudden appearance of a humanoid monster protected by armor, although he could not see his face.

But judging from the large armor, this thing must be quite burly.

But it’s useless…

In front of this strong man of the ninja world, no matter how tough the armor is, it will be as weak as cotton. The fourth Raikage hit him strongly and directly tore the armor. The armor was penetrated from the waist, revealing the true nature of the creature inside the armors.

A Gorilla!

Although it was unbelievable, under this steel armor, there was indeed a black gorilla in it, and he let out an angry roar, and also responded with a heavy punch!

Although there is a magical species such as psychic beasts in the ninja world, it really shocked the fourth Raikage to see such a legendary monster in the ninja world, but after all, he is a Raikage, who has been through a lot of battles, so he reacted almost instantly and made a decisive counterattack.

bang bang bang…

The two engaged in a fierce exchange of punches.

But in the end, the fourth Raikage is superior. He held the right arm of the Armored Gorilla with both hands, then swayed wildly, and finally threw it out fiercely, crashing into the mountain behind him.

The Armored Gorilla’s expression changed, he felt that this man, with no sign of mercy in his eyes, was about to end his life

“Do you want to beg for mercy?” The Fourth Raikage lifted him with one hand, and asked, “say, who are you! How many guards are there inside?!”

Faced with the questioning, the Armored Gorilla quickly replied, “I am a Class A combatant of the Black Watch, and I was sent here recently by the Doctor to guard.”

“You’d better let me go quickly. You must know that I can only be regarded as a medium among the A-level combatants, and when the Beast King guy finds out about you, then you will all be dead!”

Silently taking the words of the Armored Gorilla in his heart, the fourth Raikage was about to press him again, but was interrupted by a roar from behind, followed by a dense buzzing sound, and finally a violent shaking. The distorted light returned to its original position, and the area regained its original brightness again.

But before they could breathe a sigh of relief, they found that the sky was dark again.

When they looked up, they found countless black-spotted mosquitoes gathered together. They made a dangerous buzzing sound and kept hovering above them.

“Hahahahaha… The blood of ninjas is really not comparable to those of ordinary villagers!”

They saw a mosquito-like girl appearing and floating in the sky. Suddenly, the black mosquitoes, that were enough to block the sunlight, go crazy around her like a black hole.

“The Armored Gorilla guy was dealt with so quickly, what a shame for the Black Watch A-level combatants!”

A lion-shaped humanoid monster slowly walked out of the cave. He stretched his muscles and bones, and his explosive muscles showed without reservation as if he announcing his strength…