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I.C.S Chapter 130: Five Kage Summit

The Five Shadows Conference was still held as scheduled, and there was a lot of competition in ِCloud Village for the position of Raikage, but in the entire Cloud Village, except for the fourth Raikage, no one could master the Lightning Release Chakra Mode.

But now is a special period after all, the Five Kage Summit is just around the corner, and no matter what, the Cloud Hidden Village can’t miss the summit.

So the Lightning Daimyō had to temporarily appoint Dodai, who had already arrived in Konoha, as the official attendant of the Raikage.

The location of the Five Kage Summit is on a mountain in Konoha. From a distance, it looks like the mountain is open. like a huge mouth.

The five Kage and their guards gathered together like never before in this huge mouth. In addition to the third Hokage, there were two pre-selected members of the Third Hokage, Minato, and Orochimaru, who were standing behind the Third Hokage as guards.

“Hokage, why haven’t the Shichibukai arrived yet?”

The five Kage gathered together to discuss for some time, mainly Konoha shared the information about the demons in their hands, including Dio, the temple of Lieduo, and the small border town.

Regarding the disappearance of the Raikage, both Konoha and Cloud village had a tacit agreement not to mention it, after all, it was a matter of a Shinobi village’s reputation.

After talking about some matters, the third Mizukage raised a question that everyone is concerned about.

In their minds, the Shichibukai were no less mysterious than the demons, if not more so. The purpose of the demons they knew, was to resurrect the Holy Lord.

But what was the purpose of the Shichibukai? And why did they once carry the eight demonic energies? And why were they fighting against the demons?

They didn’t know ……

Therefore, they are extremely suspicious of this organization.

Perhaps now is a good time to solve this doubt, and the Five Ninja Villages are already very interested in this.

“We in Konoha also do not have a way to contact with the Shichibukai, we can only publish the invitation and attach the location.” The Third Hokage frowned, knowing that this was an invitation from the Five Great Shinobi Villages, it was a bit unbelievable to think that the Five Kage Summit had invited an organization other than the Five Great Shinobi Villages.

But the truth is so bizarre, not only did this thing happen, the one invited didn’t even arrive on time, it was simply …… Outrageous!

“With the location attached, aren’t you afraid that the one who comes will be an evil guest?” The Third Tsuchikage Ōnoki raised an eyebrow.

Their Iwagakure village had been beaten up by Konoha village in the Third Shinobi World War, especially after the battle of Kannabi Bridge, they suffered heavy losses, a lot of Jonin ninjas were killed by Minato and his team, this was equivalent to taking a knife and stabbing in the Land of Earth, how could he, as the Tsuchikage of Iwagakure, not to hate Konoha?

“An evil guest? And what kind of evil guest would dare to come at this time?” The Third Hokage smiled, knowing that this was now the safest place in the Shinobi world, with the peak fighting power of the entire Shinobi world gathered here, the Third Hokage could not think of a safer place than here, nor could he think of anyone who would make trouble here.

But his smile soon froze on his face as someone who was not afraid of death came!

“Hmph, is this the Five Kage of today? Really, what a ……”

The two men who came were both wearing golden masks, only one was wearing a black trench coat while the other was wearing a white one.

Two figures suddenly appeared in front of them, making the five Kage a little unbelievable.

They were the Five Kage! The peak fighting force of the Shinobi world! Who could underestimate them?!

“Shame…” The man in the black trench coat tilted his head, and then made a disdainful voice.

“Hmph, no matter who you are, you can’t break into the Five Kage Summit without fatal consequences!” The Third Hokage’s face went black, he knew that the Five Kage Summit was being held in Konoha, and now he was just being barged in.

Hearing Hokage’s order, Orochimaru and Minato attacked at the same time, the quick Minato suddenly appeared behind the man in the black trench coat, and the blue chakra shone to form a Rasengan.

Seeing that the man didn’t dodge or evade, Minato was slightly surprised. He didn’t think that the other party didn’t know the power of Rasengan, but he didn’t even move. Is this self-confidence? Or was he just stupid?

The result was soon known. Minato’s Rasengan burst with a bang, but it didn’t feel like hitting the real body. A huge chakra erupted from the man in black and spread out.

A golden chakra giant of unknown height instantly smashed through the mountain above his head, countless debris falling from the top of his head.

The only person in the Shinobi world who could use such a level of Susanoo was Madara.

It’s just that his Susanoo was originally blue, but he was considered as a dead person in the ninja world, so naturally, he will not release Susanoo to let the world, especially Black Zetsu, know that he was still alive.

The color is nothing more than the reflection of light on an object, and having mastered the power of ripple chakra, Madara possesses a power similar to that of sunlight, and it is not difficult to change the color of Susanoo’s reflection in the eyes of others.

The tall Susanoo showed its mighty power, causing the Five Kage to be in a state of embarrassment for a while, avoiding the falling gravel one after another.

But all present at the moment were experts, and no casualties were caused.

(Full-bodied Susanoo!)

The third Hokage, who knew this power, opened his mouth wide, and almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

He did not think that at his own age he could still see this level of Susanoo, which is far beyond the power of those two Mangekyō Sharingan owners in the present Uchiha clan!

In front of this kind of power, all the Kage and tailed beasts are worthless…

“No…this is impossible!”

Ōnoki could hardly believe his eyes, this kind of power that seemed to be able to destroy everything should have completely disappeared with the death of that one in the Valley of the End a long time ago!

Almost everyone present was intimidated by this enormous power, but after all, the third Hokage was the apprentice of the second Hokage, and he had seen the battle of the first Hokage with his own eyes, so he quickly sensed something was wrong with this power.

“Everyone, calm down!” After crossing the gravel, Hiruzen Sarutobi stood on the still intact ground at the top of the mountain, looking at the huge golden Susanoo and analyzing, “This thing looks scary, but the chakra that supports him does not It’s not as terrifying as imagined, it’s not going to be easy for the enemy to use this move!”

“Not easy?”

“Fire Release: Majestic Destroyer Flame “


The fire spewed out in an instant, the blazing glow of fire instantly evaporated the water vapor in the air, and the flames poured out in an unstoppable manner as if the world had been turned into Hell ……