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I.C.S Chapter 131: The Battle of Madara

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

Although they are facing such a terrifying flame, the people present were the strongest ninjas in the village, so they made a fast decision.

The Third Hokage and the three ninjas from the Mist Hidden Village used the Water Formation Wall Technique to defend themselves, and in an instant the water and fire mingled, sending up a cloud of mist.

Madara Uchiha is naturally very powerful, and the Majestic Destroyer Flame used in the original story made it impossible to know how many people worked together to stop it.

But at this moment, his opponents are very strong too. The Hokage and the Mizukage, and the two guards from the Mist Hidden Village, who were good at using the Water Release, combined their efforts to use the Water Release and stubbornly deflected the burning fire!

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The one who was in charge of the main attack was the Third Tsuchikage who had mastered the Kekkei Tōta.

A translucent light appeared in his hand, which was transformed into a cube under the control of Ōnoki, and was launched toward the huge Susanoo.

“Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change!”

There were only a handful of times in the original story where Madara used illusions, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t proficient in them.

As the head of the Uchiha clan, he was proficient in all of the Uchiha clan’s techniques, and his attainments in illusions were unmatched by anyone else.

Ōnoki, who was unaware that he had been hit by an illusion, deviates from his original position the moment he released the technique of Dust Release, and suddenly the translucent cube of the boundary struck the mountain, ending rocks tumbling and smoke filling the air.

“Don’t mess with me, Tsuchikage !”

Sarutobi gritted his teeth, immediately walked to Ōnoki’s side, and patted him on his shoulder to help him release the illusion.

“Boring battle”… The tall Susanoo looked down in contempt at the tiny crickets-like below, then came the despised voice of Madara’s “Let’s end this ……”

The Perfect Susanoo pulled out a golden long sword.


The massive air compressed and then transformed into a sword energy enough to cut the world apart. Just split the mountain in half with one simple movement.

The huge chakra entwined the sword energy, setting off an oven-like vortex storm between the sky and the earth. The surrounding peaks exploded one after another, shattered, and finally burst…



Some people called out the names of their friends, and their guards, who were too late to dodge and instantly reduced to shreds by the power of the destroying force.

But it wasn’t the right time to give in to feelings!

In front of this massive Susanoo, the combined strike of the five Kage was just like a joke…

“Who the hell is this guy?”

(The ability to use Susanoo is undoubtedly the power of the Uchiha clan’s Sharingan, but is there really a ninja of such strength among the Uchiha clan today?)

(It can’t be!)

“Everyone, maybe we have to fight with our lives today in order to preserve our future!”

The Third Hokage witnessed this devastating force in Konoha before, he was thankful that the location of the Five Kage Summit was in the mountains at the edge of Konoha, there were a few people and ninjas around to watch over the area so that it would not be too many casualties.

If this power exploded in the center of Konoha, Sarutobi could hardly imagine how many innocent lives would be buried under this sword!

“Summoning Technique: Monkey King: Enma!”

Angered, he immediately summoned his beast. After a puff of smoke, the Monkey King stood in front of Sarutobi with his arms crossed, looking at the tall and perfect Susanoo, and said in surprise, “This time the enemy looks unusual?”

“Such a powerful Susanoo, I am afraid that even in the history of the ninja world, it is rarely seen.” Hiruzen Sarutobi responded, “Transformation: Adamantine Staff!”

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

“Water Release: Wild Water Wave!”

“Lava Release: Ash Stone Seal Technique!”

“Gold Dust Cloud Spear: Thrust Away!”

“Big Ball Rasengan!”



Seeing that the five Kage and the guards have prepared their own techniques, Madara Uchiha shook his head

“Do you want to dance?”

With a sudden roar, Madara stretched out a hand, and then there was a huge Yasaka Magatama in Susanoh’s hand, and it increased to four in an instant, each of which contained unimaginable energy…

“If they don’t take action, they will be dead easily.”

Madara said to himself in a low tone of indifference. This time, he was really tempted to kill. If they don’t take action, the power generated by these four Yasaka Magatama combinations will be enough to make the people in front of him suffer a big loss.

In the original story, Gaara and Ōnoki were able to resist the attacks of the four Yasaka Magatama together, and the big reason was that Madara didn’t use the Perfect Susanoo at that time, and the state of clones was far inferior to the current.


A shockwave spread out like ripples on the surface of the water, lifting the sand and soil with a terrifying impact and penetrating the air ……

A shockwave spread out like ripples on the surface of the water, lifting the sand and soil, and penetrating the air with a terrifying impact.

Madara Uchiha took more than ten steps back, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth!

After wiping it, Madara looked up, and when the rolling yellow sand passed, the ninja’s bodies retreated ten meters away. These ninjas are almost half of the strongest men in the ninja world, but…

With one blow, the Ninja world retreats!

Madara Uchiha confirmed the word ‘powerful’…

“You …… have finally arrived.”

One man against an army, but this one man did not indulge in his power, he just turned his head to look at the other side, where there was no Kage, no jinchūriki, but there was a presence that was enough to attract Madara’s eyes…