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I.C.S Chapter 132: The Possessed Kakashi

“You’re finally here ……”

The direction Madara was looking was a dark, dense forest, dense with trees and shadows, and suddenly the shade moved as if something was running in it!

Who could have caused this man, who could use the perfect Susanoo, to care so much?

All the ninjas stared in that direction as if there was some kind of beast there.


A figure crossed the forest in an instant, traversing hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye, and landed a booming punch on top of the perfect Susanoo!

This blow caused an effect far beyond the combined power of the five Kage, the huge Sunanoo was directly knocked back frantically and the ground seemed to be plowed.

What a terrifying power!

But what surprised everyone was far more than this god-like power. When the shadow appeared, it was the face that shocked them the most!

“Kakashi!!!!!!???” Namikaze Minato exclaimed loudly.

No wonder he was so shocked. The figure who sent the Susanoo flying with one punch was actually his disciple Hatake Kakashi!


The people present were all high-level ninjas from different villages, and information about Konoha was naturally collected, and a rare genius like Kakashi was naturally included in the information.

But…the information never mentioned that Kakashi was such a super ninja?

Is it possible to beat Susanoo back with one punch?

Just when they didn’t know how, Madara’s words solved the mystery for them.

“This chakra… So that’s the case, using a part of the body to possess his chakra.”

“This chakra… So that’s how, he possessed by a spiritual body.”

Spiritual body?

Is it a Ninjutsu similar to spirit transformation techniques?

Dan Katō of Konoha had mastered a jutsu called the Spirit Transformation Technique, through which he was able to not only manipulate his opponent’s body through spirit possession, but also replenish his opponent’s chakra.

In the Fourth Shinobi War, with the Impure World Reincarnation released, as he began to deconstruct, Dan left and reached Tsunade in time to take over her body and save her from one of Madara’s attacks. As his final act, he imparted the remainder of his chakra to Tsunade, restoring her Strength of a Hundred Seal, and then his soul returned to the afterlife.

Just when they were trying to understand the situation, they heard the sound of laughter piercing out of the Susanoo again –


Madara laughed wildly:

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……!!!”

Covering his face with one hand, laughing so hard he could barely contain himself, Madara then looked over at [Kakashi] with that icy gaze and spat out the words softly

“I really…”

A second sword appeared in Susanoo’s hand, and the violent chakra was surging, as if it was proclaiming the wrath of its owner.

“Got underestimated!”

Susanoo – Twin Blade Dance

As the two swords waved, very powerful sword energy took shape, a sword energy that could easily cut through even a mountain peak.

Looking at the sword energy coming at him, a huge amount of energy poured out from Kakashi’s fists, with a loud bang, Kakashi threw countless punches in an instant, and each punch carried a force of ten thousand kilos and destroyed the huge and unparalleled Susanoo sword energy.

“Rather than underestimating me……,” said Kakashi, who was flying in the sky, looking down at Madara with a bemused expression.

“Instead, why don’t you show your true strength.”

Even Madara was a little surprised, not to mention the five Kage who were listening.

But Kakashi didn’t care about it and continued, “I can feel that you have a huge power inside you, but now you seem to be acting as a vessel and can’t use it, is it because you don’t want to use it? Or because you can’t use it?”

Uchiha and Senju, when the power of the two completely opposite clans are merged, it will produce the power of all things.

When Madara faked his death in the battle with Hashirama and fused Hashirama’s flesh and blood while hiding in the Shinobi realm, it was to gain the power of everything.

So Madara has the power to use the Wood Release. It’s just that once the Wood Release is used, it will 100% cause Black Zetsu’s suspicion.

If one individual possesses both powers, then even if the color of the Susanoo is different, Black Zetsu will suspect that the person is Madara.

Although Uchiha Madara wanted to kill Black Zetsu now, using the Yin–Yang Release would consume a great deal of his power. He had finally slowed down the aging process through the Ripple Chakra technique, but he did not want to age again because of this.

So, if something unexpected happens, it may be enough to ruin the plan he had planned for decades.

“Dealing with someone who only dares to use a clone to face others is not enough to make me use my full power.” Madara raised a smile.

“Come on! Just show me your arrogance!”

Hearing Madara’s declaration of war, Kakashi just frowned, then shook his head and said, “Before the real battle begins…”

He quickly landed from the sky beside the five Kage and said “I think you should know my identity, you can call me Shin, the leader of Shichibukai.”

“Hmph, coming here when possessing the body of a famous ninja from Konoha, the Shichibukai leader is really arrogant.” The Raikage replacement, who had had problems with the Shichibukai, raised an eyebrow and sarcastically said.

Recently, first, their Raikage was captured by the demons, and then when they came to the Five Kage Summit they suffered an attack, a direct slap on the face to the five great ninja villages, adding fuel to the fire of the already irritated Dodai, which is why he said so bluntly.

As for the others, although they were also disgruntled, they could see the situation clearly and knew that at the moment only Shin, the leader of Shichibukai, was able to stand up to the mysterious man who could use the perfect Susanoo, so naturally, they would not express their discontent at this time.

“Well, Shin’s body must have its own difficulties for not being able to come..” The third Hokage was the first to step forward and round up the situation, but then he instructed:

“The body that your Excellency uses is of Konoha ninja, Hatake Kakashi, and I hope that you will be able to leave him after this incident is over.”

Kakashi nodded and said, “Don’t worry, if I didn’t have to, you wouldn’t see me with this face.”

“The battle that will happen is likely to spread for thousands of meters, so please move to a safe place.”

“What?! You mean you want us the five Kage to be hiding in the rear when you are facing the enemy?!” The Third Mizukage immediately shouted, “Don’t underestimate us!”

“The enemy is capable of using a perfect Susanoo, and is not an opponent that can be dealt with by one person.” The Third Hokage coughed twice and then said “The best solution for all of us is to fight together and defeat the opponent as soon as possible, otherwise the damage that happened to the Shinobi world will only get bigger and bigger.”

“The Hokage is right, there is no need to be a hero at this time.”The Third Tsuchikage also said, “Especially when you fight with someone else’s host body, you won’t have the same abilities of your original body.”