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I.C.S Chapter 133: A Battle Beyond Kage

“No… I’m sure you’ve seen it all, this guy is coming for me.” Kakashi took a deep breath, “If I don’t fight him, I’m afraid this guy won’t be satisfied. “

A cold light flashed in Orochimaru’s eyes, “Just wipe him out here, and see if he can run out of the afterlife again…”

“Don’t forget, he has a companion.” The Third Hokage vaguely looked at Kars, who was standing on the other side of the hill with his arms around his chest, as if he was watching the fun.

No one believed that Kars, who could be a companion with such a powerful ninja, would be weak, even if he was inferior to Madara, he was still very strong.

And if such a strong man makes a sneak attack, even the Five Kage will be in danger. “No matter what, he can’t be left unattended.” Rasa, the Fourth Kazekage, touched his chin and said, “Well, let’s be optimistic about him, so that Shin can fight that guy without fear.”

From the bottom of his heart, Rasa did not want to fight a perfect Susanoo, they were not like Konoha. They had a big family but a few experts in the Land of Wind. He didn’t want to lose anyone.

And how to fight a perfect Susanoo and not die?

He could smile if someone from another Shinobi village died, but if he was one of his own ……, all those present were the elite of each country, and anyone who died would be a big loss to the country, and they didn’t dare gamble!

“The Kazekage words have a point.” Kakashi nodded in agreement “The identity of the enemy is unknown, we cannot be careless.”

After he finished speaking, he ignored the Five Kage’s reaction and flew straight to the sky, confronting Madara again.

Looking at Madara, who had his eyes closed and his arms around his chest, Kakashi said:

“It’s been a long wait, let’s get started.”

“If you’re ready…” Madara opened his eyes, not a trace of impatience, but revealed a trace of anticipation

It’s been a long time since he’s been so excited to fight someone.

Since Hashirama died, there is no one in this world worthy of his full strength!

Although he was now missing his original strong eye, the power of Hashirama’s genes in his body had made his chakra even more powerful, and although he was still not as strong as he had been in his prime, he was undoubtedly far more powerful than any other Kage-class fighter.

This man in front of him might actually be able to give him a good time!

“Yasaka Magatama!”

The energy that had surpassed that of the previous strike had coalesced, causing the six Yasaka Magatama to join together in a circle, before being shot out by Madara like a flying disc.

These six Yasaka Magatamas rubbed together in the air, eventually emitting an endless amount of light and heat, which from the outside looked like a meteor being flung out.

But in the face of the incoming Yasaka Magatama, Kakashi did not dodge or evade, but merely stretched out one hand, as if to receive the terrifying attack with that one palm.


In a flash, the light was distorted, and the atmosphere was colored with various colors, but the most terrifying thing was where the contact was made…

Something spread out from there ……

“What the hell is this ……”

The Five Kage, who were moving away, suddenly stopped and then turned back, stunned with surprise ……

The wind in that area suddenly converged, twisted, and then turned into a spiral storm that pounded around with Kakashi at the center, seemed to tear the sky apart, and that power still growing ……

boom! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Suddenly the center exploded!

The strong wind was torn open by the explosion, and the power is still spreading and growing!

The dazzling light emanating from it obscured their vision, but the powerful energy was enough to make each and every one of them tremble with fear. Feeling the fierce chakra approaching, all of them turned around in unison and moved away as fast as they could, not daring to say anything about staying there.

Because they finally realized the level of the battle that the two people in front of them were about to engage in ……

It was undoubtedly …… a battle that transcended the Five Kage!

“Reputation Point From The Third Hokage +899 .”

“Reputation Point From Ōnoki +812 .”

“Reputation Point From Rasa +629 .”

“Reputation Point From Orochimaru +617.”

“Reputation Point From Namikaze Minato +621.”



Hearing the sweet sound of the system, Naoto was overjoyed, but soon calmed down again.

He was actually surprised in his heart, he didn’t expect the elderly Madara to have such strength, and it was fortunate that the one he had sent to test was a B-rank card, the Daimaou King Piccolo, otherwise, it could have turned against his plan.

After collecting reputations for so long, he has figured out some rules.

The character cards in the system can basically only be strengthened through the ninja world and according to the rules there.

This was obvious in the case of Hiei, who was definitely one of the best geniuses in the YuYu Hakusho world, and if he was given time to train properly, it would not be impossible for him to reach the highest levels of the ninja world, and it would not take long to do so!

But Hiei, who had been extracted from a D-class character card, could not use his original demon power system to upgrade, which greatly limited his natural talent.

But there was a way to make him stronger quickly, Naoto had once gained access to the Demon Energy through Reputation when he had drawn the Demon Little Dragon Drago, and this was done to allow the drawn character to reach his peak stage.

So Naoto had been speculating whether it was possible to strengthen characters in his hands that had not reached their peak simply by using reputation.

However, he didn’t have the time to deal with these questions right now. The most important thing now …… was to turn his attention to that side ……

where the battle was taking place, beyond the Kage level!