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I.C.S Chapter 134: A Battle Beyond Kage (2)

In less than a fraction of a second, [Kakashi] broke out from the center of the energy burst, then reached Madara’s side and suddenly threw a punch.


Although it was a mere punch, it staggered the majestic Susanoo, and was followed by a barrage of blows!

Each punch was faster than the next, and each punch was stronger than the next! “Haaaa!!!”

Although Bam in the middle of the Susanoo was not hurt, he was the only one who could see by himself that his chakra was shaking under the punches of [Kakashi] like a storm.

An oppressive feeling that seemed to be suffocating made Madara almost breathless. But he is Uchiha Madara! How could he just be defeated like that?!

In the countless punches that hit Susanoo, he forcibly twisted his body. The sword, which was enough to cut mountains, slashed through the bottom to the top. The air around him was squeezed out with a loud sonic boom as if the world was wailing …

That golden blade was mixed with strong killing intent, and Madara’s earnest eyes were filled with devastating tyranny!

The enemy was not some weakling to be played with, but an opponent who is serious enough to make Madara vigilant!

Dangerously dodging the edge of the sharp blade, Kakashi didn’t have time to fight back, but found that the sword that was halfway through forcibly stopped its action, and drew towards him with an extremely unexpected move.

“Flash Burst!”

Faced with the oncoming sword, [Kakashi] stopped dodging and instead gathered the energy of his entire body, and the substantial energy was condensed to an appalling level!

He channeled the energy with both hands, the huge energy condensed and compressed, and finally was completely grasped by him, and then he used these hands to hold Susanoo’s slash in front of him!


There was another explosion, the golden chakra sword cracked in an instant, and then a golden air column shot straight into the sky, many clouds penetrated, and the surrounding sky for hundreds of meters was turned into a golden color. The clouds formed a circle with a diameter of several hundred meters, while in the middle it seemed to form a passage that pierced this realm with space…

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” Madara laughed exaggeratedly “I kind of respect you right now after being able to destroy a perfect Susanoo!”

“Oh really…” [Kakashi] stood beside the golden airflow column and said with conviction, “With that kind of power, you are by no means a nobody.”

“Ha ……” Madara shook his head “Don’t say things beyond the limits of your abilities or you will lose your life.”

“Intimidation without power just makes it seem like you’re bluffing.”

“So obviously you need to witness it with your blood!”

In a moment of exchanging words, the two set off a war again!


“Is everyone okay?”

Escaping the borders of that battlefield, only then did the Third Hokage let out a long breath, the attack that seemed to tear the earth apart just now had left them all in a state of shock, although it wasn’t so much that they couldn’t resist, but it always took some toll.

“Luckily, this handful of bones didn’t die there after all.” The third Tsuchikage knocked on his back “I said Hokage, you Konoha still have such masters?”

It was obvious that he was being sarcastic, after all, that one expert who used the Susanoo had shown no mercy to anyone in Konoha.

With a little thought, one could conclude that the man was not a Konoha ninja.

After all, if Konoha really has a ninja who can release the perfect Susanoo, then there was no need to have a third ninja war at all, and everyone would have surrendered to Konoha.

The Mizukage on the other side of the room said, “The Tsuchikage is joking again, if he were a member of the Konoha, will the Five Kage Summit be held this time?”

The Third Hokage’s face darkened and he could only pretend not to hear, but in his heart, he sighed, “I want the Five Great Shinobi Villages to unite and this what I got?”

The old hatred between them, even if the sea of ​​the ninja world is exhausted, can’t be washed away…

“Let’s not talk about this, since we made a decision at the beginning, do we now go to that mountain peak over there and meet that white-robed man?”

Fortunately, the Fourth Kazekage Rasa stopped this topic in time. He turned his head to look at Kars, who was standing upright on the mountain, despite the impact of the wind, and said, “mountains collapsed in front of him and he did not move. This guy has the guts.”

What he said is the truth. After all, although Kars is standing at a high place, it is closer to the battlefield than them. It is within the range of the shock wave. It takes more than courage.

This guy is very confident in his own strength!

“If we just stay here, the five Kage, we’ll be a laughingstock” The Raikage compensator Dodai set out, followed by the two guards beside him.

“Minato, if there was a change in the future, and things cannot be done, you can leave with Orochimaru using the technique of Flying Thunder God.” In a rush, Hiruzen Sarutobi approached Minato and whispered.

“Hokage-sama!” Minato Namikaze was stunned for a moment, then said, “What are you talking about? Even in the worst case, I will transfer you and Orochimaru together.”

Minato was very confident in his speed, the number one speed in the Shinobi world is by no means a false name.

“I am the Hokage…how can I escape in front of the enemy?” The Third Hokage straightened his back, “Especially in the land of Konoha, I will never run away!”

Since the division of the five great ninja villages, Konoha has never had a situation like this, where he was beaten in his home, Sarutobi thought he would never encounter this in his lifetime, or that it would be the end of his life when it happened to him.

But today, not long after the end of the Third Ninja World War, someone broke into Konoha, and it was when the Five Kage Summit was still held! This is undoubtedly a great shame!

How could he, The Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, escape in front of the enemy after all this?!