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I.C.S Chapter 136: The Long History of Kars: The Truth Behind the Mask

Seeing that he succeeded in bluffing everyone present, Kars said indifferently:

“As I said, our purpose is not your five great countries. Don’t be ridiculous, and watch this wonderful battle with peace of mind.”

“Who your Excellency really is, and why do you know our Konoha’s secret Techniques, but you know what we can leave those questions aside for now and talk about the most importing thing.” The one who replied was the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, who was now seeing the situation clearly.

But there was one thing he had to ask, so he said concentrating, “Are you related to the Demons, and why have you come to fight the head of the Shichibukai?”

The look on Kars’ face beneath the mask showed some hesitation, but if he didn’t tell them, he was afraid they wouldn’t stop there.

So after thinking about it, Kars replied, “We are not enemies with the demons ……, and certainly not friends.” “As for why we are here for this battle,……, it is just that I want to see how good the Shichibukai, who are now in the limelight.”

The Hokage touched his chin, then nodded. As for how much he believed in these two sentences… he at least believed it on the surface.

Just as everyone was quiet for a moment, Dodai the compensated of the Raikage coughed twice when spoke, “Now that the demons are back, with their brutality, I am afraid it will bring a bloody storm to the ninja world. Since you are human, why not join hands with us to fight the demons together?”

They had seen the strength of these two people, and if they could successfully join forces with the Shinobi Alliance, it would undoubtedly be a great help. “Well ……” Kars turned his head and returned his eyes to the side of the battlefield and said indifferently “In our long history we have not tended to interfere in the world problems.”

It was a clear refuse.

But the ninjas were not surprised. After all, he said that they and the demons are neither enemies nor friends. Since they are not involved, there is no need to force them.

However, they are still thinking about the ‘long history’ sentence…

“”Well, the battle should be close to over by now….” Suddenly hearing Kars’ voice, they hurriedly looked away.


At this moment, the mountains are filled with dust and fire, and the terrifying energy impact destroys the terrain over and over. Every movement of the two is as fast as lightning, and the collision is like the explosion of a truck full of TNT. destructive power.

Both sides had reached their limits by this point in the battle. Madara’s old chakra is not yet enough to support him in a full battle as he did with Hashirama when he was younger, and Shin also uses his special ability to deposit himself in the body of Hatake Kakashi. It can be said that neither of them has the ability to fight for a long time.

(That guy Kars, it’s time to find out his truth.)

Madara took a deep breath and said, “In my decades of fighting, you are the second best of all I’ve ever seen.”

“Only second? Looks like I’m being underestimated.” [Kakashi] looked at the sword heading toward him, then twisted his body to dodge it, then said “If it weren’t for …… I’d really like to use all my strength to fight you.”

“Well…” Madara sighed, “If I can, I want to have a fight with you that has nothing to do with other messes, just a glorious battle.”

“Ha…” [Kakashi] shook his head, “I hope that day will never come.”

The two of them stopped at the same time and stood on both sides like boxers who obeyed the rules. Madara’s Susanoo quickly dissipated, and the demonic form that covered the sky and the sun finally returned to nothing, and [Kakashi]’s massive energy returned to his body little by little

The shattered mountain and the forest can prove what kind of battle …… this place has just been through.

Madara looked at Kars who was with the Five Kage, snorted coldly, then used a teleportation technique and disappeared.

Silently watching Madara leave, [Kakashi] floated into the air again, and then rushed towards the Five Kage.

In contrast to [Kakashi], Kars was a little helpless, it was a good thing for him that Madara and he had managed to bluff the Five Kage earlier, otherwise, he was a bit worried that the group of shinobi around him would not be able to resist making a move.

“Well, looks like I’m leaving too…” Kars touched his head and said helplessly.

Although he had managed to fool Madara, it looked like Madara was still a bit wary of him

Looking at the [Kakashi] who was flying in, Kars spread his hands and then used his instantaneous technique to leave ……

Soon, he came to the place where he had been with Madara before. Looking at Madara who was standing on the mountain with his arms around his chest looking down, he slowly walked to his side and asked, “How do you feel? You must have enjoyed the battle with the leader of Shichibukai, how is the opponent’s strength?”

Madara glanced at Kars before returning his gaze “Before we get into that, maybe you should tell me about the fact that you can use the Wood Release.”

He spoke in a tone that was neither questioning nor investigation but seemed to give the impression that he had to answer, but Kars was as relieved as if nothing was wrong “As I said, I have gone through years that you can hardly imagine, and I did not just get the solitude throughout all those years.”

“The Wood Release is just one of my collections, and yes, I have the Sharingan, would you like to see it?”

In the ninja world, Chakra is the source of everything.

The reason why Kars was able to open the Sharingan was that he was still influenced by the chakra of Naoto the original body.

“I’m not interested in your inferior power.”

Madara responded indifferently, “Have you enjoyed talking with the current Five Kage?”

Hearing a hint of irony in Madara’s words, Kars’ expression remained unchanged, “I’m a lot more disappointed than I thought.”

“Ha, disappointment… indeed, they are not even close to Hashirama.”

Madara suddenly raised his head, looked up at the sky, and said solemnly, “The leader of the Shichibukai is very strong.”

“During the fight, perhaps due to physical reasons, he mostly used Taijutsu techniques, but just using pure brute power, he was strong enough to deal with a perfect Susanoo, among all the physical ninjas I have fought, he is considered the strongest one.”

… Kars touched his hair, thinking about the one Madara encountered in the original work who was the strongest in taijutsu and almost kicked him to death. Now that he’s doing it again, it always feels the same…

“From now on, let’s watch this battle between humans and demons with peace of mind before they fall apart ……”