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I.C.S Chapter 137: Back to The Five Kage

[Kakashi] arrived just in time to see Kars’ departure, frowned, and said to the five Kage who had come over “That man just now ……there’s something weird about him ……”

“Weird?” Sarutobi was taken aback for a moment. He thought in his mind that [Kakashi] will have various comments on that person, but the description of “weird” was never among them.

And he wasn’t the only one who felt a little stunned. Ōnoki touched his chin and said, “Weird? What do you mean?”


[Kakashi] rubbed his brow, as if he was organizing his words, and finally his eyes lit up “Yes, that’s the feeling! The feeling that person gave me before was very similar to the one I fought!”

“Similar? How is that possible?” Orochimaru’s pupils shrank slightly. “One Uchiha, one Senju, how could Sharingan and Wood Release be the same?”

Could it be that…

He unconsciously licked his lips

If that experiment was successful ……

then …… this power didn’t seem impossible to obtain!

He was originally working with Danzo to study the power of Senju and Uchiha, but due to the lack of materials, the cells of the first Hokage were too powerful, and so on, the experiment was still a long way off.

Not realizing what his apprentice was thinking, Sarutobi shook his head and said: “Orochimaru is right, the Senju and the Uchiha are, so to speak, two diametrically opposed powers.”

“Anyway, let’s bygones be bygones for now. If what they say is true, then they should not interfere in this war, so it is more important to deal with the demons first.”

“Oh, Hokage is right, but I still hope that the Hokage can discipline his village’s ninja properly.”

Sure enough, the old man, Ōnoki, was the first to speak sarcastically, and the third Mizukage followed suit, saying grimly:

“After all, the Uchiha and the Senju are big clans, how can the Hokage look after them alone? Not to mention that the Uchiha are not sheep, we all know that, and what you said was too much for the Hokage.”

Sarutobi raised his eyebrows, “I will not trouble you two Kage with the affairs of Konoha, but rather than worrying about other people’s affairs, we should be thinking about how much the Hidden Stone Village and the Hidden Mist Village, who suffered heavy losses in the Third Shinobi War, can do in the coming war.”

In the Third Shinobi War, Konoha had won all the battles, with the Cloud Hidden, the Rock Hidden, the Mist Hidden, and the Sand Hidden villages all suffering heavy losses, especially the Rock Hidden and the Mist Hidden villages.

The Hidden Stone Village first dispatched 10,000 ninjas to besiege the third Raikage in the battle with the Hidden Cloud Village. Although they succeeded in killing him, they also suffered heavy losses. Then, in the Battle of Kannabi Bridge, Namikaze Minato killed around fifty Iwagakure’s ninjas, which greatly contributed to the decline in the combat power of the Land of Earth.

And The Hidden Mist Village was not much better. First, they dispatched the Seven Swordsmen to attack and kill Konoha’s team. However, Might Duy, who suddenly popped up, gave justice and directly killed four of them after using the Eight Gates Released Formation. Although the remaining three were still alive, they received physical and mental damage, without mention of the other losses, and the list goes on.

And the culprit who caused them such heavy losses was Konoha!

At this moment, Sarutobi said this, naturally, to anger them.

As a matter of fact, both the Tsuchikage and the Mizukage instantly turned red, and seeing the sudden change in the atmosphere, the Raikage surrogate Dodai didn’t feel anything at all, but the Kazekage who is an ally with Konoha couldn’t let them bring out what was in their hearts, and immediately coughed twice, “We can talk about this later, don’t forget that Mr. Shin is still here, let’s get to the point.”

[Kakashi] also intervened and said, “Don’t let the Five Kage Summit, which has just begun, break up in anger because of verbal arguments. Don’t forget that when the first Kage of your villages got together, they held on to seeking common ground while reserving differences that they could discuss.”

With the Kazekage and [Kakashi’s] persuasion, the three of them calmed down. First, the third Hokage smiled and said, “Then the Five Kage Summit will start again, but the original venue is no longer available. I’ll go to the alternate venue.”

“Let’s stay here ……” At Hokage’s words, the other shinobi were about to move when they heard [Kakashi] say “I am coming as a spirit body now, and I spent a lot of chakra in the battle just now, so……”

“The time of possession is going to end soon…”

“So that’s the case ……” The Third Hokage pondered for a moment “Then if Shin has something to say, say it here.”

The Tsuchikage also echoed “That’s right, the Five Kage Summit is merely a formality, and it is essentially a communication between us, the place does not matter.”

The two of them reconciled at this time as if they weren’t about to fight before.

The change of faces so quickly really dazzled the people around.

The most important thing about this Five Kage Summit, apart from strengthening the connection between the five great powers and even forming a Shinobi alliance, was to find out information about the Shichibukai, so how could they give up their main purpose because of a momentary dispute?

For the Kage of a village, the interests of his own side always come first.

What’s more, this place is now full of greenery, The forest is thick, and the green leaves are fresh and beautiful, although it is a forest created by Kars’ secret technique of Wood Release, it seems to be naturally formed and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

There seemed nothing wrong with using it for a Five Kage Summit after all.

Seeing that there was no objection, [Kakashi] said, “I had a lot to say to you all, but now it looks like I’ll have to make it short.”

[Kakashi] put a finger in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “As far as I know, the demons did not put the hope of resurrecting the Holy Lord on the demonic energy.”


The news that Shichibukai spread at the beginning was that the gathering of the eight demonic energy would create a gateway between the two dimensions, summoning the Holy Lord’s spirit, which had been sealed in hell, back to the Shinobi World.

Knowing this had frustrated them, after all, they thought that every single demonic energy was indispensable, and without one of them, they would not be able to revive the Holy Lord.

Moreover, according to the news from Shisui and Jiraiya, four of the Demonic Energy were in the possession of the vampire Dio, and since he was not affiliated with the Demons, it was hard to say whether Dio would willingly hand over the Demon Energy to the Demons.

What’s more, the Demonic Energy of the Earth and the Demon Energy of the Mountain are not yet in the possession of the Demons

Add to this the demonic Energy of Water and the demonic Energy of Thunder, whose whereabouts is still unknown, and it would seem that the resurrection of the boss of demons, the Holy Lord, is a long way off according to the information they had.

But then they said that the resurrection of the Holy Lord did not necessarily require any Demonic Energy.

Although they were puzzled, they didn’t show it but waited for [Kakashi] to continue talking…