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I.C.S Chapter 138: Five Altars

“According to the information we have obtained, the demons built five altars in the five directions of the ninja world. If I guessed correctly, they want to interfere with the five elements to reverse the yin and yang, so that the soul of the Holy Lord in hell can return to the ninja world.”

“Five altars…” Sarutobi thought carefully, “Do you know the exact location of the altars? If so, I think we can destroy them in advance.”

“Unfortunately, no.” [Kakashi] shook his head regretfully. “But it’s not so easy to reverse the yin and yang. You have to adapt to the time and place, so we can investigate one by one.”

“Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth are built in places with the strongest chakras of these three attributes, which means that they are likely to be built within the three great countries of Water, Fire, and Earth. “

His words made the faces of the three aged Kage change slightly at the same time because if what Shin said is true, it means that they have weak control over the intelligence within their own country, and there may even be many demons that have penetrated them!

Building an altar was no small feat, and it would make a lot of noise!

The other’s faces were not any better, after all, no one knew if their countries were the same as these three ……

When he saw their expressions, [Kakashi] said comfortingly “The demons have the power to manipulate people’s minds. If they are not strong enough to a certain extent, it will be difficult to get rid of their control.”

What he said was not a fudge. At present, the clones of Naoto have several abilities to control others. Myotismon has the ability to hypnotize. The Stone Mask can also produce vampires, corpses, and even ripples. …

The Third Hokage nodded with a dark face and said “We will search the country and if there is any news, we will inform you all at the first opportunity.”

“What about the gold and wood attributes, besides water, fire, and earth, what is that?” The chakra of the Shinobi world was divided into wind, water, fire, earth, and lightning, and although there was wood chakra, it was a fusion of water attribute chakra and earth attribute chakra, rather than a single energy attribute.

As an organization that has lasted for thousands or even tens of thousands of years, Naoto naturally had to come up with something a little different, otherwise, it will inevitably give people a strange feeling by using the things of this era all the time.

“Shake is lightning, Xun is wind, and also Zhen, Xun belongs to wood, which means that the wood attribute altar is very likely to be in the Land of wind or the Land of lightning, and the last one, gold… I’m not too sure about it, but gold is metal, so I think it may be at the Land of Iron since iron is metal too.”

[Kakashi] raised his head and looked to the sky, then looked back to the Five Kage and said “I don’t have much time left, I will let others come to Konoha, and then you can discuss the altar.”

“Well, we will discuss it in Konoha until the end of the Chunin exam.” The Third Mizukage stretched out a hand and pointedly said, “I hope we will have good cooperation in the future.”

[Kakashi] was stunned for a moment, then similarly extended a hand and gave him a high five, saying “Please be sure that the Shichibukai will do their utmost to deal with the matter of demons.”

He was aware of the fact that Kirigakure had sent ninjas to the base that Naoto had been looking for. However, that base was just a temporary base that Naoto had found when he was immature, and now it was simply irrelevant.

It’s just a good deal with Kirigakure because if Obito’s strategy remains unchanged, it is very possible for him to control the fourth Mizukage Yagura Karatachi to rule Kirigakura.

Although all the ninjas in the ninja world now are the source of income for Naoto, and the more skilled they are, the more reputation he’ll gather, but he naturally has to pay more attention to enemies like Obito who may cause loss of high-quality resources.

In fact, in a way, Naoto is now a breeder, and all creatures in the Shinobi world are his pigs, and the fatter they are the more to Naoto’s liking, as long as the fatness doesn’t exceed Naoto’s control.

For example, the Sixth Path level, will appear sooner or later, after all, under normal circumstances, he usually earns many reputation points from ordinary people in the ninja world when they react to certain acts, but it doesn’t compare to a single emotion from old Uchiha Madara, but if he reaches the Sixth Path level, that will may give him thousands or even tens of thousands of reputation points.

It’s just that Madara wants to completely regain his youth, get back the eye of Rinnegan, and achieve the Six Paths, and whoever wants to become the Ten-Tailed jinchûriki will have to wait until Naoto got the A-level character card under his control.

After he finished speaking, he volleyed into the air and kept flying for dozens of miles before he stopped.

It was a valley, deserted in all directions, so [Kakashi] sat on his knees, and soon King Piccolo’s form emerged from Kakashi’s body, looking so scary that it was like watching a horror movie.

And without Piccolo’s possession, Kakashi’s eyes were closed tightly, and finally, his head drooped, and he passed out.

“Anyway, he’s a Jōnin ninja, so he should be able to go back by himself…” With a mutter, Piccolo broke through the air and left at a speed several times faster than Kakashi before.


Land of Water

Because it is an island country, it can be regarded as the smallest country among the Five Great Countries. In order to expand the territory, the Land of Water has been committed to developing the small islands next to it. In addition, the Land of Water also allows its ninjas to create artificial islands.

The Artificial Seagull Island is ten kilometers in diameter and has many artificially transplanted trees on it, so it looks like a natural island.

The island is not open to the public as it has not yet been built, and is now guarded only by a dozen shinobi under the Daimyō leade.

Meï Terumî was one of the guards, and she had by now become a Kirigakure Jonin.

“I don’t know how the Daimyo is thinking, it’s just an artificial island and he asking for Jonins to guard it !?.”

Terumî was displeased because she thought she was not weak, and she had applied to be the guard of the Third Mizukage in the previous Five Kage Summit, and after being rejected, she wanted at least to do some combat-type tasks, not come here to be a security guard!

What is this for? Allow yourself to experience your future retirement life?!

Although there was resentment in her heart, when she saw the serious expression on the daimyo’s face when he instructed her, she did not dare to tell the village about her impression.

After all, the economy of Kirigakure depends to a large extent on Daimyo. If Daimyo feels that Kirigakure’s ninjas are a bunch of unreliable people because of her, then the village will be ashamed because of her.

“Could it be that there’s something fishy about this island?”

She touched her chin and thought about possibilities.

After all, when artificial islands had been built elsewhere in the past, the daimyo hadn’t seen the need to assign Jonins in particular!

But she witnessed the construction of this island with her own eyes, and she remembers every structure clearly, so what’s the problem?

And no one has come in since it was built unless someone can enter the sea and run into the island without she could even noticing him…

But what if there is something fishy going on? then what…

She’s a ninja and all she has to do is follow orders ……

But still… so boring!

Just when she was thinking so, the turning point came.

A Chunin ran up to her in a panic with fear on his face. Terumî still remembered that he was a Chunin, but what could happen on an island that could make a Chunin so scared?

“Master! That guy Kutani… That guy Kutani is dead!”