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I.C.S Chapter 139: Dense Mist

Kutani is his partner and also a Chunin, and as far as Meï Terumî remember the two of them were in charge of watching over the inner lake in the center of the island.

It is supposed to be the safest place on the island, so why is there a problem?

“Relax and tell me what’s going on.”

“It’s like this, the two of us were patrolling the forest as usual, but Kutani suddenly said something about hearing a commotion in the lake and had to go over to check it out.”

This inner lake is about two kilometers in diameter. There is also a piece of land on the lake built for people to rest on it and swim in.

And it is not so much an inner lake, it is better to say that the lake was originally seawater, but it become an inner lake by the ninja who built a small island around it with Earth Release.

After all, the lake was connected to the sea, and what existed in the sea was beyond Terumi’s control.

“When we were less than 100 meters away from the lake, we found out that the front was covered with thick mist. Even in the Mist Village, I have never seen such a level of mist, as if you walk one step away, you will lose the comrade who is with you.”

I told Kutani to come back and report to you first, but that guy used the phrase, “A ‘Chunin’ will never be scared from such a fog” and then he disappeared under the mist. Under his insistence, I went with him to the mist …… and the result ……”

“What’s the result… Tell me now?” Seeing his hesitant look, Terumi immediately shouted. She hates the most when someone only talks halfway!

“I…I didn’t see it clearly.”

The ninja seemed to have tears in his eyes and choked out. “Not long after I entered, I lost Kutani’s whereabouts under the thick mist, and just when I wanted to go back, I heard Kutani’s mourning. , I will never forget that voice for the rest of my life, it’s like being dragged into hell… full of despair and death.”

Meï Terumî frowned and asked, “Where is Kutani’s corpse?”

“If only the skull remains is considered a corpse……” the ninja mumbled “I put it outside the center of the forest.”

“There’s only the skull left !?…” Meï Terumî squinted, thought for a moment, and then ordered, “Take me there to see.”

Although the ninja seemed reluctant, he didn’t dare to resist Terumi’s order, so he had to bite the bullet and walked toward where the inspection location was.

“hurry up!”

Meï Terumî raised her brows, “If anything happens here, it will make the Daimyo angry. And if the Daimyo is angry, the Mizukage will also be angry, and I don’t like the sound of that…”

“I understand! Let’s go!”

The ninja quickened his pace and soon led Terumî to where he said he was, a place where the trees were artificially transplanted but looked very leafy, the scene was breathtaking and unusual.

The birds that had been perched on the branches were spreading their wings and leaving the area, and the squirrels, rabbits, and other animals on the ground were also racing in.

“Something is really odd ……” Meï Terumî muttered.

Feeling the almost majesty aura, she looked down at the ninja who had already collapsed on the ground, “Hey, don’t tell me you entered the forest with this aura.”

“No…!” The ninja seemed to have collapsed and said, “It wasn’t like this before… There was only that thick mist…”

“No, actually the thick mist was even more terrifying than this aura!”

(What a useless …… I don’t know how this guy became a Chunin…)

“You go and inform the squad to keep them on alert for any suspicious people outside.” She said disgustedly.


After he left, Meï Terumî took out a signal flare. And after notifying the patrol team to come, she touched her chin and looked at the various figures swaying in the forest, observing the thick mist slowly creeping from the depths.

The mist seemed to be creeping slowly, but it took only a quarter of an hour to erode about half of the forest, and the distance from Meï Terumî was less than 500 meters away.

“My lord!”

At this time, the patrol team finally came over. They were a group of five, consisting of two Chunin and three Genin.

“The Wind Release ninja users, use it to see if we can blow this mist away. “

One Chunin and two Genin nodded, then looked at the mist that spread over, with a little surprise.

This level of mist, even at the Mist Hidden Village they have never seen.

But they didn’t ask, after all, as a ninja, it’s enough to concentrate on completing their mission.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

“Wind Release: Breakthrough!”

“Wind Release: Wind Slash!”

The three ninjas each took out their specialty ninjutsu, and the three Wind Release Ninjutsu with varying power blasted into the thick mist, but it was like a mud cow entering the sea, it had no effect at all…


Although she knew that it was almost impossible to blow such a thick mist like this, Meï Terumî was still a little disappointed when the result appeared.

“If the Wind Release can’t do it, there will be Fire Release, so let’s dry this whole thing!”

The Kekkei Genkai of Mei, Boil Release, allows her to simultaneously use water and fire natures to release a corrosive mist that can melt almost anything it touches. She also has the ability to alter the potency and acidity of the mist created by her Boil Release techniques.

Following her order, two chunin stood side by side with her, formed seals together, and shouted.

“Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique!”

“Fire Release: Fired Pottery Technique!”

“Fire Release Bullet: “Blaze”!”

The high-temperature gas exhaled by Meï Terumî was matched with the flames on both sides, and it was incomparably powerful for a while, and with a snort, it sank into the thick mist.

Yet …… remained useless!

Looking at the thick mist that was still creeping slowly like a monster, Meï Terumî opened her mouth, not knowing what to say…