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I.C.S Chapter 140: Genji

After realizing the power of the thick mist, Mei Terumi calmed down and then ordered:

“Takada, go back to the village immediately and inform up what happened here, now that Lord Mizukage is not there, then inform the Elder Genji, and make sure they pay attention to it!”

To be able to nullify the offensive under the joint efforts of her and the two Chunin, the level of what may be behind this mist is high danger, and such a level is enough to make a shinobi village vigilant.

“Yes!” A Chunin nodded and shouted, and then he immediately turned around and ran in the direction of Kirigakure without looking back.

“The others inform all shinobi across the island to gather here and seal off this forest. No one is allowed to enter without my orders!”

“Yes!” Looking at her men in action, Terumi Mei took a deep breath, then looked towards the mysterious unknown mist, her eyes became determined, then she flew towards the depths of the forest with a bang…

The road was long, and Mei soon reached the edge of the mist, where she could more practical experience the creeping mist, and… the depths of the dense mist definitely harbored some terrifying existence.

Perhaps it was because of psychological reasons, but at this moment, when she looked at the surrounding trees it seems as if they had been distorted. They looked like monsters. A sense of fear arose in her heart.

“Let’s see if there are any man-eating monsters inside…”

She stepped in one step, and suddenly felt a coldness, which made her goosebumps all over her body. At the same time, there seemed to be some monster screaming in the thick mist. No, it was a group of monsters screaming!

She looked up and found that her vision limit was probably less than two meters. If she took two casual steps, she might lose her direction.

But she is a Jōnin, and there are many ways to locate herself!

The acidic liquid produced by her Boil Release was not only highly corrosive, but also quickly condenses into a solid, and with each step Mei took, a footprint was made on the ground beneath her feet, and the footprint quickly solidified at the corrosive slime, leaving a signpost for her.

After walking for hundreds of meters, Mei finally spotted the screaming creatures, a swarm of bats.

The thick mist seemed unable to conceal the red glow in the eyes of the bats, which were everywhere in Mei’s line of sight, as if she had come to a bat’s lair.

Disgusting ……

This was Mei’s first thought, she had heard that there were people in the Shinobi world who dared to eat bats alive, and she wonder what they were thinking when they do it……

Obviously just by looking at it made you want to vomit ……

She advanced carefully, the bats were also very cooperative, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there was a human being moving slowly below them.

After crossing the forest, Mei could not help but exhale a long breath, the mist was dense in front of her, and the mist above the lake seemed to be reflected in a dark grey color, like a devil’s lair.

“Just ahead should be the area where Kutani died.”

Mei knelt down and tapped the soil with her finger, finding nothing unusual except for some moisture.

“Is it the lake ……?”

Lava Release- Melting Apparition Technique.

She stretched one finger into the lake water, then secreted a constant stream of strong acidic mud flow from her mouth until the patch of lake water in front of her was filled with this acidic mud, and with a single seal of her hands, and another Water Release was released.

She opened a two-meter-wide road into the lake.

“Strange …… there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual ……,” Mei Terumī rubbed her chin.

There was almost nothing in the lake except for a few corroded remains that turned into fish bones.

Just when she wanted to increase the force, a hand suddenly covered her mouth, and then she only heard the words.

“Shh, if you do this, you’ll attract them all.”

! ! ! !

Terumi Mei looked back and found that the other party was an extremely handsome man with a somber look, but with otherworldly elegance.

How handsome!

This was the first thought that crossed Mei’s mind, but soon she raised her guard, in a place like this, at a time like this, with his words, he didn’t look like an ordinary person in any way.

“You can just call me Myotismon.”

The man let go of his hand, then gazed at Mei with his eyes, those eyes seemed to have some kind of magic power, causing Mei’s mind to sink and her eyes to fade away……

“I won’t be fooled by this old boring trick.”

But at that moment a coarse word came and rang in Mei’s ears, a sound that sounded like thunder that exploded in her heart, making her come to her senses in an instant.

With a shudder in her heart, she immediately broke away from the Vamdemon’s grasp and reached a distance of more than a hundred meters before she stopped.

Damn it! I actually fell into his illusion so easily, no, is it an illusion or something else…

Terumi Mei frowned, she realized that the man in front of her was most likely connected to the mist in some way ……

And at this moment, the mist spreads out as if being pulled by something.

But this scene made Terumi Mei feel happy!

Because the cover of the mist has faded, she finally saw what was in front of her…

A man wearing a dark green vest and black sunglasses stood with the Vamdemon.

The exploding muscles on his body and the blue veins that seem to hover like a dragon made the appearance of a powerful aura come over him.

“You revealed our location and that’s not good at all, I’m really sad for you.” The corner of the vamdemon’s mouth rose slightly, although he said that it was a bad thing that she spot their location, from the tone, he didn’t sound angry at all.

“Save it Myotismon, the Doctor’s orders were for us to guard the altar, but you manipulated the mist to spread out and lured the Mist Ninja to come to you, what are your intentions?”

The muscular man didn’t even look at the Vamdemon, he just put his hands around his chest and asked indifferently.

“Oh, I naturally have my own considerations.” The Vamdemon narrowed his eyes.

“All you have to do is obey, don’t forget you’re just a lowly Vamdemon created by the Doctor.”

The words seemed to be deliberately directed and did not seem to anger the man, but Mei could still feel a faint killing in the air, a powerful sense of oppression pouring out of his strong body ……

“I heard that you have been sealed for almost 10,000 years? It’s really sad… 10,000 years, wow…”


Terumi Mei was shocked, because she clearly heard the voice coming from behind her! She only had time to look back at the knife that the muscular man had aimed at her, then she was knocked unconscious without even having a chance to resist…

“She’s useless…”