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I.C.S Chapter 141: Younger Toguro

When Mei woke up, she found herself leaning against a thick tree. It’s just strange that the thick mist is still there, but the visibility was better unlike before.

The current mist is similar to the one in Mist Village, which is enough for people to have a sort of normal visibility.

And from where she is currently, it should be on the island in the middle of the lake, and from here, she can see the rippling lake water.

She still remembers the last scene when she was awake, the muscular man came behind her at a speed that exceeded the reaction limit of most ninjas and knocked her unconscious with just a small knife…

It was …… unbelievable ……

Although Mei was still young, she wasn’t weak, and she was one of the top geniuses in the Mist Village, but still, she was actually knocked in one move? Although there was the reason of been controlled by that vampire demon, which caused her mental instability, but she was not the one who made excuses for herself.

What’s more, ninjas are supposed to have the ability to deal with various scenarios.

She rubbed her eyebrows, hoping to restore her state as soon as possible. At this moment, she is likely to be in the enemy’s lair, and even a little recovery of combat power is enough for her to have more chances to escape in the next few moments.

(Those two bastards hadn’t tied me up with ropes, that’s a mistake!)

But the next scene froze her. The muscular man with the sunglasses from before came into view.

As long as either of those two men were there, there was almost no chance for her to escape from this prison ……

However, when he walked in, Terumi Mei discovered that the man with sunglasses was carrying a blue jacket, and threw it on her body after walking towards her.

“Put it on.”

? ? ?

It did seem quite cold there…..No, it wasn’t so much cold as it was damp ……

“Who are you guys? Do you know that your actions can already be considered a declaration of war against Mist Village?!” Looking at the other party who didn’t seem he cares, Mei said.

“Eh, well, that’s our purpose in the first place.”

The man with sunglasses put his hands in his trouser pockets, and said with a cold look, “Even if we don’t take action, your Mizukage will soon notice the change here, and he will definitely send ninjas for us.”

“You’re crazy!” Terumi Mei was a little bit incredulous, “You guys actually want to stand against the Mist Village?!”

“No, not the Mist ……” the man in sunglasses paused, then said “Our goal is the entire Shinobi world, not just the Mist Village. “

Terumi Mei was stunned, she didn’t know what to say…

Is the ignorant fearless?

But that’s not right, whether the person in front of her or the vamdemon who wanted to control her before, they are definitely one of the best.

If you want to say that such an expert does not know that the sky is high, then he would not be an expert in the first place!

Although she was a top ninja, she was after all newly promoted and still too young, so she didn’t know much about the demons, so naturally, she couldn’t imagine that there was a power in this world that could stand up against the five great ninja villages.

“Then why you stopped the vamdemon beast? It would be good for your next plan if I was controlled, right?”

It would be beneficial to them if they passed on the wrong information while she under control, or if she assisted them in keeping the news under wraps for the time being…

“Then …… it wouldn’t be a confrontation.” The sunglasses man stepped in front of Terumi Mei and looked down at her “We are going to declare war on your five great countries, and we will build an altar of water right here, you just need to send the words back, I think your Mizukage will understand.”

“Altar of Water ……,” murmured Mei.

Immediately, she looked at him with a shocked look, and couldn’t believe it, “You said that I should pass the words back? Are you going to let me go?!”

“That’s right, because only if you do your best to describe how terrible this place is, the more powerful people will come, and only by fighting with the powerful people can I concretely measure how far my power …… has reached today.”

Although his words were plain, they contained endless self-confidence, as if a Jonin like Terumi Mei was not worth mentioning in front of him.

Standing up with difficulty, Terumi Mei swallowed and asked before leaving, “Can you tell me… your name?”

“…” Terumi Mei seemed a little surprised, and the man in sunglasses paused for a moment, then said in a low tone, “I had long forgotten my name when I was a human. Now I am an S-class combatant of the Black Watch… …”

He turned his head and looked at Terumi Mei, who was looking at him, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“You can call me by the new name the Doctor has given me ……”

“Younger Toguro. “

“Reputation points from Terumi Mei +217.”


“This guy, Genus, has some wicked ideas.”

At the Uchiha residence, having seen the scene in the Land of Water through the clone of Myotismon, he was amazed by the power that Younger Toguro had shown.

As he had said, Toguro was not Naoto’s clone, but an experimental body by Dr. Genus.

After many experiments, he finally completed a genetic potion that could strengthen the human body.

The subject was the most perfect one among the dozens of experiments conducted by the doctor and was named Toguro by Genus.

After the experiments were completed, he taught him how to use the Chakra-stimulating cells of the Lightning Chakra Mode. After Kars was able to control the five Kage earlier, he discovered some of their secret techniques and pass them on to Genus.

Although he hadn’t succeeded in developing the Lightning Chakra Mode yet, he had become stronger than he had been at first by stimulating his cells with the lightning chakra.

Although Naoto was not really sure about the exact strength of his strength, the actual combat this time can be said to be extremely satisfying to Naoto!

“One move to finish Mei Terumī in seconds! This kind of power is incredibly powerful …… Makes me want to take a sip of this so-called genetic potion too.”

Naoto stood up and picked up a glass with an emerald green liquid from the table, looking at the mysterious magnificent color, Naoto opened the cap and shook it for a moment before drinking it down ……