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I.C.S Chapter 142: The Ramen Master

“Well, I was on a mission outside.”

“I suddenly felt a blur of consciousness, and then I didn’t know anything… When I woke up again, I was in a valley about 30 kilometers away from the village.”

“That’s basically what happened.”

Walking out of the Hokage Building, Kakashi still had a trace of confusion on his face.

In his consciousness, he had probably just dozed off, but in the real world he had experienced an amazing battle, but although he was not conscious, his own body …… seemed to have been affected by the chakra.

Although he couldn’t say it, Kakashi felt that he did become a little stronger, the chakra that was running through his body was so huge that although most of it had been used, the little that was left was subtly affecting his body, making him much stronger than before, both in terms of physical quality and the amount of chakra.

“Kakashi! Let’s bet on our youth for a hot duel!”

Kakashi, who was thinking, instinctively tilted his head when he heard the sound, and Guy, who was wearing green tights, flew out, forcibly twisted his body in the air, and then stood on the ground.

“Aren’t you going to take the Chunin exam…” Kakashi looked at Guy with indifferent eyes. If he remembered correctly, today should be the second Chunin exam.

“Even Kakashi is already a Jonin ninja, so how could Konoha’s Sublime Green Beast, Might Guy, be stuck with a mere Chunin exam?!”

Guy showed his flashed big white teeth and said proudly, “I’m the fastest of the five Shinobi villages who passed the second stage!”

“What do you mean even Kakashi ……” Kakashi waved his hand speechlessly and was about to ask Guy about the details of the Chunin exam when he suddenly stopped, “Isn’t that Naoto and Shisui, and that is … Uchiha Itachi? How did they come out together?”

On the other side of the street, Naoto and Shisui, together with Itachi, seemed to be waiting in line at the door of a shop, and Kakashi’s previous impression was that there should be no shops there.

“Huh? Don’t you know? There’s a new ramen shop there, and it tastes great!”

Kakashi replied, “After I woke up, I rushed back all the way. When I arrived at the village, I was called by Hokage-sama. Where can I have the time to eat ramen?”

“Good then! Today we’ll compete to see who can finish a bowl of noodles the fastest!” Guy said enthusiastically


Kakashi walked while talking and soon came to the other side of the street.

At this time, Naoto also noticed Kakashi’s arrival, greeted him, and joked, “Isn’t this the Kakashi who was so powerful not long ago, why is he here to train the people?”

Although the place where [Kakashi] fought Madara was remote, it was in the territory of Konoha. Naturally, the ordinary villagers did not understand what happened, but for ninjas, especially Uchiha ninjas who had the Sharingan, they could see the battle clearly.

Naoto, Shizuku, Kakashi, and Guy had all been on missions together and had sort of interacted with each other, which is why Naoto can make jokes.

“……” Kakashi was speechless and simply ignored Naoto and looked at Shisui “Did you all come here to eat ramen?”

“You didn’t know?” Shisui whispered, a little surprised “This ramen shop is owned by the members of the Shichibukai.”


The Shichibukai own it?

Kakashi was a little curious “How could the Shichibukai open a ramen shop here?”

“Hmph, now that the Shichibukai and the Five Big Forces are in a strategic alliance, three members have already come to Konoha.” Naoto patted his chest “As far as I know, the Shichibukai member inside is named Uesugi Koshi, one of the Shichibukai members who fought the Six-Tailed Jinchūriki back in the Land of Water.”

“No wonder you guys are here.” Kakashi instantly understood and said thoughtfully “Looks like I’ll have to try this Master Koshi’s ramen too.”

“Hmph, you’ll have to queue up then.”

It seems like fate. Although it was not long after returning to Konoha, Shisui and Itachi got acquainted and soon became close partners.

The three of them came here at the moment, but it didn’t mean anything as he said, they were really just here to eat noodles.

Although this is a ramen shop, it is actually very simply decorated. After all, Uesugi Koshi is just looking for recreation before the official war.

The five of them quickly sat on the wooden bench. At this time, Kakashi saw the legendary Shichibukai member for the first time.

He looks about the same age as The Third Hokage. He wears the unique white hemp uniform of a ramen master and wears a black towel on his forehead. He looks like a professional ramen master, not a member of the Shichibukai fighting on the front lines.

“Master Koshi, what made you think of coming here as a ramen master?” Shisui asked politely while waiting.

“Um…this.” Uesugi Koshi said without looking back while making ramen, “Maybe I want to lay a foundation for my retirement life. After all, people… always should have a skill.”

“Are a powerful ninja like you also worried about unemployment in the future?” asked the young Itachi

“Haha, when you are old, you will find out. It is often harder to retreat than to attack. Before retreating, you have to think about where to retreat for peace of mind and to be safe at the same time.

Itachi nodded. Although he was young, he knew a lot of things, especially when he was brought to the battlefield by Fugake, which made him understand the cruelty of the ninja world. So he wanted to change the ninja world, and After Uesugi Koshi’s words, he strengthened his ideals even more.

A ninja world that cannot be tolerated even by an old man who just wants to live a peaceful life in the future is wrong!

“Here’s your noodles.”

Uesugi Koshi brought up the ramen bowl by bowl and was about to greet the customers behind him when his face suddenly changed!

The change in his expression instantly attracts the attention of Kakashi and Shisui.

Although he was still wearing the clothes of a ramen master, his temperament is completely different from that of the peaceful old man before.

Following his gaze, Kakashi found a man dressed in a black suit, whose aura was incompatible with the surrounding Konoha villagers, so Kakashi quickly recognized him.

Is he an old friend…?

Looking at this reaction from Uesugi Koshi …… rather than an old friend, it was more like an enemy coming to his door ……

“I’m afraid I’m going to close up.”

Uesugi Koshi stood in front of the window

“Consider these bowls of noodles as a gift to you.”