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I.C.S Chapter 143: The Dragons

“Master Koshi, did something happen?” Kakashi asked in a low voice.

Uesugi Koshi sighed “Seeing this old man makes me not in the mood to think about what happens after retirement.”

An old man?

After saying that, Kakashi realized that the man in the black suit was indeed an old man with grey hair, and if you looked closely you could see the wrinkles on his face, each furrow seemed to be etched with time.

Unlike all the old men Kakashi had seen, the one in front of him defied old age, he walked up to Kakashi’s side and sat on the seat of a person who had just left, he didn’t look like he was targeting Uesugi Koshi.

“I am here for a bowl of ramen. I hurried over when I heard your news. I didn’t even eat lunch.”

Uesugi Koshi looked at him as he sat down, raised his eyebrows and said unpleasantly, “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear that I’m closing? That means no business now!”

“Then if I don’t pay, it’s not a purchase, and you’re not in business.”

“Anjou you’ve been a bastard all your life!”

Shisui and Kakashi were dumbfounded, they had envisioned many scenarios in their minds, such as vendettas, arch-enemies, and so on, but at the moment, the two were quarreling like old friends, which they did not expect.

“The meeting of old friends in a foreign land shouldn’t be like this.”

Uesugi Koshi seemed to have no intention of closing now, and after he said that he went over to the kitchen and asked “What kind of ramen do you want?”

” Do whatever you are good at.” The old man said casually

“You make it sound like I’m your own ramen master.” Uesugi Koshi scolded, but his hands worked diligently to make the ramen.

“Master Koshi said that you are old friends?” Seeing that Uesugi Koshi was busy with the ramen, Shisui asked tentatively.

Anjou picks up a cup of tea from the window “What a wonderful reunion in another country.”

“But the person you meet again may not be a good friend.” At that moment, Uesugi Koshi came out from inside, carrying a bowl of ramen and placing it in front of Anjou, sighing “But whether they are good friends or not, who can tell if this is a good day to remember?”

He also picked up a cup of tea and drank it.

“Respect to this reunion in a foreign country!”

The five nodded in unison, whether they understood it or not, but the picture was easy to make up.

“Kakashi, this atmosphere is not right, should we leave?” Looking at what didn’t seem to be the imaginary revenge drama, Might Guy said close to Kakashi’s ear.

” Mr. Koshi is a guest from the Shichibukai who came to Konoha, if anything happens to him here, it would be bad.” Kakashi whispered back “As long as Master Koshi didn’t mind, we’ll continue eating ramen here.”

“Why are you here? Don’t tell me you just want to taste my ramen.” Master Koshi filled the glass with tea again and looked at Anjou angrily.

“The ramen made by the Shadow Emperor’s own hands are just different.” Without answering the question, Anjou judged the taste of the ramen.

“It’s not even close to the professional ones.”

“Nonsense! I said I’m not your own chef! If you want high-end dishes made by top chefs, go to high-end restaurants!”

“Never mind, I didn’t come to correct my image in your eyes.” Anjou continues, “I’m here to ask you something.”

“I knew it.” Uesugi Koshi lifted his head and leaned back in his chair “Tell me, what is it that has bothered an old man like you to make a special trip to find me?”

“I thought you already know,” Anjou said.

“Yeah, no one knows better than me. But aren’t those damned guys already dead?”

“If they were already dead ……” Anjou paused and then said in an impassioned tone “then how could it have happened in the first place?!”

“It was an accident!”

“That’s inevitable!”

The two men suddenly quarreled, their old bodies unable to stop the anger in their hearts, and Anjou looked at Koshi like a tyrannical dragon “Tell me what happened?

“But I’m retired!”

“If you really retired, why did you join the Shichibukai? Huh?!”


Silence, then a wry smile, Uesugi Koshi sighed, “I can never argue with you, because you’re a bastard!”

“I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“Is it okay to say it in front of them?” Uesugi Koshi looked at Konoha’s ninja

“Of course it’s okay, they don’t know what we’re talking about anyway.”

Anjou said lightly, “And of course, you can use the dragon language to speak to me.”

“That would be better avoided.” Uesugi Koshi waved his hand “I still remember the last time I used the Draconic, three streets were razed to the ground.”

Looking at Konoha’s ninjas who have no idea about what they talking about, Uesugi Koshi spoke of a mystery that had been deposited in history “I found the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers. “

“I knew it.” Anjou’s expression remained unchanged “Go on.”

“You know, the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers is just a servant of the dragon, and they should have disappeared with the dragons.” Uesugi suddenly raised his head, a little puzzled, “You don’t look surprised, and how did you know this??”

“You were once an emperor, don’t be so unruly.” Anjou kicked the cupboard “I’m the one asking you now.”

“I suspect that the Demons want to use the power of the dragons in order to resurrect the Holy Lord. As you know, the four Elemental Kings of the dragon are almost immortal, even if you stab them in the heart with a sharp blade and cut off their heads, these four Elemental Kings can bring themselves back to life again through the cocooning of their souls.”

“The Demons? How could they be involved?”

“Everything in this world stems from one source. There is nothing incredible about the involvement of demons and dragons. It seems that although you have received higher education, your mind is not as open as mine.” Uesugi Koshi suddenly stood up.

“It’s good you’re here, even though you’re an asshole, you’re a pro when it comes to slaying dragons.” He said with a flourish “I was still hesitating, but your arrival has made up my mind. I’ll resign from the Shichibukai now, the demons are no longer my concern, and you will definitely deal with them beautifully, right?”

“Reputation from Uchiha Shisui +621.”

“Reputation from Hatake Kakashi +345.”

“Reputation from Might Guy +169.”

“Reputation from Uchiha Itachi +32.”