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I.C.S Chapter 144: The Dragons (2)

Kakashi and Shisui looked at each other in disbelief.

What did they hear just now?

Uesugi Koshi was quitting from the Shichibukai? And no longer be involved in this war?!

Even Anjou frowned at his words “You are the Shadow Emperor!”

“Is the emperor obliged to die?” Uesugi Koshi shouted, “Not to mention that I have already fulfilled my obligation seventy years ago!”

He suddenly turned around and walked into the room, then quickly walked out again, pulling out a stack of papers and putting it in front of Anjou “This is my medical report, I’m dying!”

Anjou picked it up and flipped through page after page, while at some point, Shisui stealthily opened his Sharingan to glance at the contents, although he couldn’t see everything, he could see from the pictures that the organs in Uesugi Koshi’s body had deteriorated and there was even a strange parasitic creature growing, it looked disgusting.

“I thought I was going to die in this war, but I’m glad that you’re here, now I can leave in peace”.

“Leave? Where are you going?”

“I can’t go back home, but at least I have the option of going to another continent.”

He pulled out a badge from his trouser pocket, which featured a large tree, only it looked as if half of it had decayed.

Uesugi Koshi tossed the badge to Ange and stuck out his thumb “From now on you are a member of the Shichibukai and will surely be an excellent member beyond me countless times over.”

“So easy to join, is there really nothing wrong with this organization, you’re not pulling me into a pyramid scheme.” Anjou took the badge “You’re really acting like a jerk right now.”

“Because I’ve learned.” Uesugi Koshi smiled “If you want to deal with bastards, you can only use bastards to defeat bastards.”

Anjou sighed, “The time has made you shameless.”

“I’ve always been shameless because I’m not a hero, just an ordinary guy.” Uesugi Koshi opened the door “I’m leaving before the war breaks out, I’m going to see all the sights of the world that are still worth seeing, and then leave in style.”

“Oh yes, there’s a side item to that badge, but I don’t have it with me, so if war does break out, you can use it to let me know, and maybe I can come back to collect your corpse for you.”

“Oh, by the way, thank your Hokage for me. At least I have learned a craft. In this way, I will have a craft to make a living in a country that does not involve problems.”

Uesugi Koshi walked away, like an ordinary ramen chef, dressed in white, his body hunched like a common old man, and without looking back, without a moment’s hesitation, he crossed the crowd, leaving only the already stunned Konoha’s ninja and Anjou whose face was covered in sorrow.

“Would you like to hear the story between us?”

The sadness on Anjou’s face was swept away, and he soon returned to the image of the strong old man before. He picked up the glass of water that Uesugi Koshi had poured before, and there was less than half left in it, he picked it up with one hand, and shook it like a fine wine before finally pouring it into his mouth in one gulp.

“It was seventy years ago, I don’t think your village was even established then.” Anjou reminisced “At that time, two forces started a war because of each other’s interests. I and Uesugi Koshi were the main generals of each of them, and the war went on for years, with our side eventually winning.”

At this time, he really looks like an ordinary grandfather who tells stories to his offspring, but his black dress and chilling breath made him look like he was on the battlefield not long ago, perhaps it was the departure of Uesugi Koshi that made him remember his long-buried past.

“As the victorious party, I went to his country myself, where the citizens were not well off because of the war and were in even greater disorder after the defeat. At that time, in order to save that country, he made a decision.”

“A decision?” Kakashi muttered

“Koshi Uesugi approached me and engaged me in a duel, like a traditional samurai duel, but sadly, he lost.”

“But I didn’t expect that now, after decades have passed, he will pull away like this.”

Anjou sighed, then stood up, “Although I won’t join the Shichibukai, at this moment the demons are very likely to be involved with the dragons. I will help you, and at least get some information from them.”

“Sir!” Seeing that Anjou was about to leave, Shisui couldn’t help but say, “I don’t know what you mean by the Dragons?”

God forbid, the demons alone are already enough for the Five Great Shinobi Countries to deal with, if another mysterious force joins them, who knows the magnitude of the catastrophe that will happen!

“Creatures that have already been buried in history.” Anjou waved his hand in a dashing manner before striding away “And by the way, my name is Hilbert Ron Anjou!”


Naturally, he was not happy to get such an answer, so he tried to catch up with him by using his Body Flicker technique, as he was called, speed was his strong point, but he was shocked to find that no matter how much he chased him, the distance between him and Anjou was still so big.

Shisui looked around in bewilderment, and found an even more shocking scene——

The pedestrians around seemed to have been suspended with their previous movements. He could see that Kakashi was about to use ninjutsu to chase after him, but he seemed to be stuck in that scene forever. The white clouds floated in the sky, the birds spread their wings and stayed in the sky almost suspended, and everything seemed to stand still.

“It’s not a pause, it’s a delay.”

Walking down the street, Anjou came beside him at one moment, and from such a close distance, Shisui could even smell the ramen that Anjou had just finished eating.

“Stop following me, I will come for help when the time is right.”

Anjou winked, and instantly the world resumed its usual routine.

The walkers walked on, as usual, Kakashi’s instantaneous jutsu finished coming next to him, and the birds in the sky spread their wings and flew.

Everything was back on track, but they were completely unaware of how terrible a thing had just happened.

It was only a moment, but if Anjou had had the intention to kill, how many of the people here would survive?

“Reputation from Uchiha Shisui +598.”

“What’s wrong?” Kakashi, who rushed to his side, asked.

Looking at the already distant figure of Anjou, Shisui sighed softly “Don’t chase after him, go and report what happened here to Hokage-sama.”



Although he didn’t know exactly what had happened, Kakashi understood that Shisui had his reasons for saying that there was no need to chase.

Compared to him, the senses of Shisui’s Sharingan were even sharper, he must have found something that he hadn’t been able to notice.

“Naoto, Itachi, let’s go back too.” Looking at Naoto and Itachi who were still sitting, Shisui said in a deep voice