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I.C.S Chapter 145: The Search for the Missing Altar

“I can’t believe there is such a thing.”

At this moment in the Hokage’s office, besides the Hokage himself, there was the Kage of the other four Great Shinobi Villages and Ace from the Shichibukai as well, they were discussing things but were interrupted by the sudden arrival of Kakashi and Might Guy with the excuse that they had something to report.

the five Kage were a little surprised when Kakashi finished talking about what happened at the ramen restaurant. They didn’t expect Uesugi Koshi to abandon the overall situation and run away at such a time.

So they all set their sights on Ace, who is also a member of Shichibukai, but they didn’t expect Ace to look indifferent, as if he wasn’t his companion who just left, “So Koshi really left, it’s a pity that I couldn’t say goodbye to him before he left.”

Ace had a look of regret on his face

“Although the matter of the demons is more important at the moment, the dragons that Mr. Uesugi Koshi spoke of are something that we have to pay attention to them.”

The Third Hokage, who was in the main room, coughed lightly and added “Now that we are allies with each other at this delicate time, we are still hoping that your side will be able to clear up the confusion for us.”

“I really don’t know much about the Dragons they were talking about.”

Leaning on the chair, Ace waved his hand, “The old man rarely told us about his past, but according to our guests, Mr. Koshi is at least a hundred years old.”

One hundred years old ? ! ! !

That was an almost unimaginable lifespan for a shinobi with a short life expectancy per capita.

Even the older Third Hokage is only in his fifties, but his strength has already begun to decline.

“The so-called hybrid species, humans with dragon blood in their bodies, have a very different power system from the ninja, but it is still an extremely rare thing to have such a long life span.”

” However, the purpose of our meeting this time is to discuss how to deal with the demons, we’ll take up the matter of the dragons later.”

“Ace has a point.” Acting Raikage Dodai coughed “Right now our priority is still to destroy the plan of the resurrection of the so-called Holy Lord.”

He doesn’t want to delay the rescue of the Fourth Raikage because of other matters.

After he said that, everyone shifted their aim back to the next battle plan, after all, according to Kakashi, the Demons were just hoping to resurrect the Dragons and then use their power.

“This is the news I just got, please take a look at it.”

The Third Mizukage took out five documents and handed them to the other four Kage and Ace respectively.

It recorded the report submitted by Terumi Mei, which mainly described the strength of Myotismon and Younger Toguro.

“The Vamdemon beast appeared in the temple of Lietuo land before, I think everyone knows that.” Mizukage knocked on the table “But from the description, the strength of this Toguro who suddenly appeared should be similar in strength to him. If it is true, then I am afraid that he is another difficult person we have to deal with.”

The Vamdemon beast suppressed Uchiha Fugaku + Hiei + Tachibana Raizo with another person in the temple of Lietuo land, and his strength has long been positioned as an extremely dangerous power.

“However, the location of the Altar of Water has been exposed in this way, and we, Konoha, have also discovered a suspected location of the Altar of Fire. And I think we will be able to confirm it soon.”

“So do we in Iwagakure.” The Third Tsuchikage said

“We’ve searched the entire territory of the Land of Lightning and found nothing suspicious.” Dodai shook his head. The ninjas of Kumogakure who practices ninjutsu, have excellent physical fitness, so They quickly explored all the land in the territory, but it seems that the altar of wood is not in their Land of Lightning.

the Fourth Kazekage showed little embarrassment. “The Land of Wind is too big, and most of it is deserts with no human habitation. Although we are out in full force, it may take some time to check all the suspicious places.”

“There is no hurry. If we want to reverse the yin and yang, we need more timing, and the five-element formation will be launched in about a week, so before that, we can accumulate strength as much as possible.”

“I have a question.” Rasa frowned “Why do we have to divide our forces into five? Wouldn’t it be better if we unite the forces and destroy the altars one by one?”

“That’s a good question!” Ace clapped his hands and said, “The five elements grow together, wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal, metal generates water, and water generates wood. Once the formation is unfolded, even if one of the altars is missing, then the remaining energy of the five elements will be transformed into the missing one, but this will prolong the time for the formation to be completed.”

“That means if the Demons hold on to one altar, the formation can still be completed, except that they will most likely miss the time when the forces of Yin and Yang are at their most chaotic. But even if that were the case, they would only need to collect this force of the five elements and save it for later to be turned into reserve energy. They are demons after all, with a lifespan far beyond that of humans, the only thing that they are not worried about is time.”

“So according to your opinion, they are the ones who don’t want to stick with one specific altar?” Third Hokage was taken aback for a moment, then came to his senses, and said coldly, “Those demons are really arrogant!”

“Taking the Shinobi world so lightly will be their biggest failure.” Dodai grunted, “I think it’s time we discussed how we should divide our forces.”

“First of all, the altar of water…”

The five Kage began to argue for a moment, but Ace suddenly froze, then nodded to the void and said to the five Kage, “Everyone, our boss has a plan.”

Hearing Ace’s words, the Five Kage gradually fell silent, after all, the opinions of the Shichibukai members were still very important, as the same organization that had been lurking in the Shinobi world for an unknown period of time, they had an extremely amazing amount of information.

“The Shichibukai will send two people to the altar of water, that guy Suzuki and Hilbert Ron Anjou who replaced Mr. Koshi.” Ace said seriously.

The Five Kage frowned for a moment, mainly because they heard the name, Toichiro Suzuki. According to their information, Toichiro Suzuki should be the strongest member of the Shichibukai except for the mysterious leader.

When he was in the remote town of the Land of Fire, his performance was extremely impressive, and they were relieved that he would be the one to deal with the Vamdemon Beast or Toguro.

The newcomer, Hilbert Ron Anjou, was not well known, but his speed, which made Kakashi unable to react, and his ability to slow down time, which even Shisui’s Sharingan found it extremely difficult to match, were enough to make no one dare underestimate their strength.

Only that Anjou doesn’t seem to have any intention of joining the Shichibukai, and they wonder if he will follow the unified orders ……