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I.C.S Chapter 146: The Threat of the Dragons

Naoto naturally didn’t have the card of Anjou in his hand. He just used Kars’s ability to make a similar character as Dio and JoJo before.

The reason why he can do the effect of Time Zero is mainly because of the Demonic Energy of the Moon. Like DIO’s Time Stop, Time Zero can also affect time and space through gravity, thereby imitating the effect of Time Zero.

As time passed, information on the altars in his territory was reported. Among them, Naoto didn’t even think about hiding it. Instead, he gained more reputation points by exposing it openly.

The five villages decided on the line-up, with the altar of water being led by Toichiro Suzuki + Anjou, and the other Shinobi villages sending their own top ninjas and some mid-ranking ninjas to support them, including Kakashi, Guy, Baki, Kitsuchi, and Terumi Mei.

The Altar of Fire is mainly Konoha’s mission. Apart from Ace, Uchiha Fugaku, Uchiha Shisui, and Jiraiya, there are also Jonin and Chunin from other countries to help out.

Since some ninjas discovered the news of the Fourth Raikage at the Altar of the Wood, Therefore, the two, Cloud and Mist, villages sent out three Jinchūriki, the one tail, two tails, and eight tails, to the united front, which has never been seen in the decades of fighting history in the ninja world.

The One-Tail Jinchūriki was an elderly man, and he had not wanted to fight, he was too old and if he did, it would probably be his last battle. But when the old man heard the news about the demons, he insisted that instead of dying peacefully, he should use his last power to help Sasori before he died, so Rasa had no choice but to agree.

The Altar of Earth in the Land of Earth is dispatched by Iwagakure’s Four-tails Jinchuriki Rōshi, and Kirigakure’s Six-tails Jinchuriki Utakata and Hiei.

There is also a mobile squad composed of many elites, and Minato Namikaze is in charge. If the situation is critical, they can be temporarily transferred to support through the Flying Thunder God Technique.

“There is still the last Altar of Gold left, so let’s leave it to us the Five old Kage.” Looking at the other four Kage, the Third Hokage laughed and said, “It’s not a good thing not to exercise for too long. Exercise is good for your health.”

“If the Five Kages are dispatched, there won’t be any problems. But we don’t know much about the information from the Land of Iron.”

Although the Land of Iron has also joined the Ninja Alliance, as a neutral country, their control over the territory is far inferior to that of the Five Great Countries. Therefore, although they have probably found the location of the Altar of Gold, it is a mystery who is inside.

“Well ……” Ace coughed lightly “According to our boss, the Altar of Gold will be given to us, the Shichibukai.”


Looking at the Five Kage’s furrowed brows, Ace said with a solemn look “Although the Altar of Five Elements is the most likely plan to be implemented by the Demons at the moment, it is not without the possibility of distracting us.”

“According to Mr. Koshi, it is very likely that the demons have explored the mysteries of the ancient dragons. If they use the power of the dragons, it is very possible to reproduce the immortal power of the dragon king.”

“And if they use this ability to resurrect the Holy Lord, it will be a disaster.”

The third Tsuchikage glanced at Ace, and then said, “This brings us back to the Dragons, but except for Uesugi Koshi and Hilbert Ron Anjou, no one knows the information about the Dragons.”

“I’m sorry too, but that’s the rule for the half-breeds, no matter what, no one will give information about the Dragons to uninvolved people.”

“We are not uninvolved people!” Ônoki said forcefully, “The power of the Dragons is now a threat to the Shinobi world, and this is our home! How can we be irrelevant?!”

“That’s why Mr. Anjou is here.” Ace continued, “The affairs of the Dragon are handled by professionals, which has always been the case in the long history.”

“Ahem, let’s talk about what we should do first.” Dodai interrupted, “Your side would not want us to garrison our villages, would they?”

Naturally, the village has to be garrisoned. For example, Konoha left Tsunade, one of the three Sannin, and Iwagakure left the Five-Tails Jinchuriki. The Village is their foundation. If they were attacked when the masters go out together, that is what the five Kages do not want to see.

But that man stationed there should never be the Five Kages!

They were the Kages of their villages, the elite of the elite of their respective villages, so how could they be indecent in the rear at such a time?

“Of course not.” Ace suggested, “In fact, no matter what method the demons use to resurrect the Holy Lord, there is one place they must go.”

“Could it be that temple?!” Hiruzen Sarutobi frowned tightly “That is the closest place to hell in the yang world, and if there is a place where the Holy Lord’s soul would be best suited to break through the prison of hell, I can only think of it.”

“Exactly!” Ace snapped his fingers “So the demons will definitely go there, and then it will be the Five Kages’ turn to show their skills.”

Ace’s words made Sarutobi silent for a while. If it is true as he said, then the temple of Lietuo is very likely to be the place of the final decisive battle, and the demons will definitely use their strongest powers to occupy it, while they would not let the demons win easily.

It is conceivable that when the fighting forces of the two sides collide, the fighting will be unprecedentedly fierce.

But this is the battlefield where the Five Kages should go!

How many battles have they experienced since they were young? How many times had their lives been put at risk?


If the Five Kages are afraid to go, then who should fight?

“We understand!”

Their eyes are extremely firm. Although they had conflicts with each other in the past, and were even sworn enemies, in this period, they are comrades-in-arms!

This state is not for themselves, but for all human beings in the ninja world!

If the demons restored their dominance, how many people will suffer?

“Then ……” Ace said as he stood up and joined the Five Kages “Let’s go!”