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I.C.S Chapter 147: Prologue

Among the members of the Shichibukai, Toichiro Suzuki is considered the most aloof one. This is the conclusion that Konoha has come to after contacting the Shichibukai several times.

And there are ninjas from the Five Great Countries here, so the team of more than 20 people was divided into six small groups along the way, and very quietly made their way to the island in the Land of Water.

Terumi Mei had led Kirigakure’s ninjas here for a long time. If she hadn’t experienced it herself, she would never have believed that there is such a terrifying power as the demons in this world, who were trying to challenge the entire Shinobi world.

But the facts were before her eyes, each of those two terrifying monsters was enough to kill her instantly, and with a message from the Mizukage, she had to accept the information, which was completely supernatural to her, and believe it all.

“Ma’am, They’re coming.”

A Chunin said in a low voice

“Yes, I’ve seen that.” Terumi Mei had long seen Toichiro Suzuki at the front, this strong man that even the Mizukage praised in his letter.

The next second after these ninjas appeared in sight, they were already in front of them. Looking at the new force of one Jōnin + five Chunin, Toichiro Suzuki nodded in satisfaction.

“So is that the artificial island right there?”

From time to time, gulls flew over the tranquil sea, and they disappeared the moment they entered the thick mist, as if the thick mist was actually a gaseous monster, devouring everything in it.

“Although it is no longer possible to see ……” Terumi Mei was a little embarrassed “but under that thick mist is indeed the artificial island, and the altar of water is on the lake above.”

After Terumi Mei was let go by Toguro, the dense mist began to expand rapidly, and it occupied the entire artificial island in just a quarter of an hour.

“Hmm…” Suzuki raised a hand, suddenly condensed a huge amount of energy, and in an instant his palm seemed to turn into a sun, emitting a blazing glare.

This strong light beam passed through the sea level and reached the dense mist area in the blink of an eye. The thick mist began to squirm and shrink.

Under Terumi Mei’s inconceivable gaze, the area of the thick mist kept shrinking, shrinking to more than half. Terumi Mei could even see the land of the artificial island!

But just when the ninjas thought they had succeeded in dispersing the mist, it was as if a muffled thunder came from the sky, and as if a huge monster of mist was roaring in anger, the thick mist moved, and the masses of mist combined together and transformed into a face of a malevolent ghost who looked hideously at Suzuki, his features all distorted.

The strong light suddenly disappeared, and the light of the whole sky and earth also disappeared together. Under the shocked eyes of the ninjas, the sky suddenly became extremely dark, and thick black clouds surrounded the sun layer by layer. It turned the world into darkness.

The crowd was astonished, but knew that this was a confrontation between two great bosses that was beyond their comprehension.

“Why did the sky suddenly go dark.”

Suzuki was about to tear the clouds apart again with his energy when he suddenly heard an old but confident voice from behind.

Looking at the thick black clouds in the sky, Anjou suddenly stretched out a folding sword from his sleeve, and then slashed at the sky…

The clouds in the sky suddenly split apart, as if torn apart by a sharp blade, and a gully of unknown length appeared, revealing the hidden sun…

“Reputation from Kakashi +181.”

“Reputation from Might Guy +271.”

“Reputation from Terumi Mei is +266.”

“Reputation from Kitsuchi +271.”

“Reputation from Baki +278.”



Of course, Anjou himself does not have this ability, but this Anjou transformed by Kars possesses the four Demonic Energy that Dio had at the beginning. Among them, the Demonic Energy of The Sky controls flight and celestial phenomena, which can be said to be the most powerful in changing the environment.

Whether it was the dark clouds before or the gullies now, they are all the result of the influence of the Demonic Energy of The Sky.

And the effect of such self-direction was excellent, and from the incessant prompting in Naoto’s ears, one could tell how shocked these shinobi really were.

“It seems that I came just in time.”

Anjou put his folding sword away and looked at the sun showing in the sky

“Old men can’t stand cloudy days, but this sunny weather suits me.”

(What kind of an old man are you?)

A glimmer of hope flared up in Mei’s heart.

(With these two ……We could win!)

Even if it was against that Toguro, this old grandfather would never lose!

The impression that Toguro had left on her mind was so deep that she could not help but compare him to the strongest person she saw now, yet she was dismayed to find that there was no one in the entire Mist Hidden Village that she could remember giving her the sense of oppression that Toguro did.

And Suzuki Toichiro and Hilbert Ron Anjou standing in front of her at this moment, can be said to be no less than the combination of Myotismont and Younger Toguro.

This made her confidence rise a lot again.

“Sure enough.” Anjou walked in front of Suzuki, and then said with a smile, “Even though it’s separated by the ocean, I can still smell the breath of those guys. There really are dragons here.”

“I hope things haven’t turned to the worst.” Suzuki nodded and then set his sights on the Artificial Island. “So, besides the vampire beast and Toguro, there is also a giant dragon inside?”.

“Not necessarily a dragon.” Anjou stared into the distance, thinking thoughtfully, “It is not easy to resurrect a dragon. Although some dragons have the ability to cocoon the soul, in order to ease the injury, they often have to sleep for an unknown period of time.”

“According to the prophecy, now is not the time for those exalted primordial species to recover.”

“Even if there are no first-generation species… the second-generation species are still remarkable.”

“That’s why I came here.” Anjou raised his head, as if missing something, “Just leave it to me.”

“I see ……”

Suzuki squatted down and then stuck one hand on the surface of the sea.

Snicker, snicker!

An ice surface extended along with the sea current, spreading towards the artificial island at a very fast speed, and in a very short time, it had frozen the sea surface between these two land masses to create an ice surface that could be the width of ten people walking side by side!

“Everyone…” Anjou stepped forward, his eyes were as sharp as lightning

“Let’s go!”