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I.C.S Chapter 148: Anjou and Toguro’s Clash of Strength

There was no option to sneak up on them, as numbers were not an advantage in the mist with indistinguishable directions.

Anjou took the lead, his aged body unable to stop his advance, at this time he truly looked like a general leading a charge of a thousand men, like a white horse.

The icy mist expanded suddenly as if it had opened its mouth, covering more than 30 ninjas in its own domain, and the surrounding turned into a vast expanse of whiteness almost instantly.

“Everyone be careful! Don’t disperse!”

Terumi Mei warned

She really wanted to complain in her heart now. She thought that these two people were reliable, but she hadn’t expected to rush in so recklessly.

At the very least, they should have discussed their countermeasures!

What if they were ambushed?

“No matter what the plan is, it’s still inevitable that there will be blood in the end.”

Seeming to see through what Terumi Mei was thinking, Anjou sighed, “If that’s the case, let’s go in a straight line, this will save time.”

Terumi Mei was stunned for a while, and said after some time, “Are we going to destroy the altar directly?”

“That’s our goal, and before we can do that we need to get rid of the people who are in the way.”

“Is the person in the way you talking about, me?”

Before Terumi Mei could reply, a rough voice suddenly came from the front. Toguro stood alone in front of more than thirty people with his arms folded.

Seeing him again, Terumi Mei seemed to be suffocating, a powerful majesty was released from his body, and his terrifying aura filled the air, as if the person standing in front of them was not a human being but a monster!

He didn’t seem to have any regard for the squad, but looked at Suzuki and Anjou and suddenly laughed

“Do you really think that you are strong enough to beat me?”

“You bastard!”

Feeling ignored, the ninjas couldn’t help cursing, but they had to admit that the half-devil in front of them was indeed much stronger than them.

“This guy may be a mixed race.” Anjou said to Suzuki, ” leave him to me.”

“Don’t be a hero, old man.” Suzuki’s eyes were fixed on Anjou “He’s strong.”

This is the first time he has warned of someone’s power. Whether his previous opponents as Minato Namikaze or the S-rank fighters of The Blackwatch, he always treated them with contempt.

But the enemy in front of him is worthy of his evaluation of ‘very strong’!

“Ha ha……”

But Anjou just stretched his muscles, and then said with a faint smile

“But I am stronger!”

With one sentence, he reveals strong self-confidence. This is a kind of self-confidence that can only be possessed by stepping on countless battlefields and experiencing countless death battles. No matter what kind of opponent the enemy is, he has the confidence to defeat him!

“I see.”

Suzuki nodded slowly before taking a step out and rushing deeper into the mist, the shinobi in the back followed suit, and the mist soon engulfed their figures, only Anjou remained of the squad of over thirty men, while Younger Toguro just wrapped his arms around his chest without making any movements.

“Are you just going to watch them pass?”

“You are all going to die, the only difference is in whose hands you will die.” Toguro said seriously, “My hands are thirsty for the blood of the strong only.”

“It seems that you are very confident in your own strength.” Anjou replied lightly, “But excessive self-confidence is just stupid.”

He moved suddenly, between the mist squirming, the wind blowing, and the seawater rising and falling, his figure was as swift as lightning, and he approached in less than 0.0001 seconds. Anjou’s figure was so fast that even the half-demon Toguro with extremely terrifying physical fitness was surprised.

Although he was wearing sunglasses, the subtlety of his facial expressions showed that his mind was dumbfounded.

If Anjou’s speed is ten times that of an ordinary person, and Time Zero slows down his time by one-fiftieth of the original time, then his speed is five hundred times that of an ordinary person.

His body suddenly bulged with blue veins, and then his whole body swelled nearly double, his huge demon aura mixed with dragon power, his eyes under his sunglasses fixed deadly on Anjou’s advancing steps, and then at the most opportune moment, he stretched out his right arm, broke the air with a boom, and punched out a fierce punch.

This strong punch was enough to eliminate anyone without giving him a chance to react, but under the influence of Time Zero, Anjou still has the chance to react.

The pocket knife in his sleeve was held in his hand at some point, and then his body twisted in an extremely unscientific way, so that the fist aimed at his chest just brushed Anjou’s shoulder, and his folding sword sliced through Toguro’s right arm in a curve.

The sword seemed to be scratched on the steel and made a screeching sound. Anjou could even see a white line appearing on Toguro’s right arm, but the folding sword that could easily pierce steel was caught in the body of Toguro. It’s almost impossible to pierce the skin.

And by the powerful force that had been transmitted to his body by Toguro, Anjou’s entire body took dozens of violent steps back, frantically using the ground to stop the force.

Although this punch only scratched the edge, it still contained terrifying power enough to punch a hole in steel.

However, it was not Anjou who suffered the loss in this confrontation. Toguro looked at his right arm. Although the previous sword was sharp, it was not enough to penetrate his skin, but Toguro had no choice but to pay attention to the bursts of stinging pain.

Sure enough, as if being poisoned, the skin around the white line began to turn a faint purple color, as if a deadly toxin was spreading out from the white line.

He turned his head lightly and looked at Anjou.

“This is the sword that was once stained with the blood of the Dragon King Constantine. It is an extremely dangerous weapon for anyone with dragon blood.” Anjou replied.

“Reputation point from Toguro +821.”

In fact, the folding sword was certainly not stained with Constantine’s blood, but Toguro is originally a modified person carefully researched by the doctor, so how could there be no way to restrain him?

The folding sword in Anjou’s hand was coated with a drug that specifically restrained the genetic sequences in Toguro’s body, and if it was actually stabbed into his body, then step by step the genes in his body would break apart and he would die.

Naoto is a man with a strong desire to control, and he will never allow anything to get out of his control!

Toguro is not his clone, nor is he a being resurrected by Naoto’s system, his every move is not influenced by Naoto, and although Dr. Genus is equipped with insurance in his body, his human mind was out of control of anyone.

But this has the advantage that, as an independent individual, Toguro also has the ability to contribute reputation points to Naoto…I.C.S