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I.C.S Chapter 149: The Blind

Looking at the corroded piece of flesh, which was like being splashed with strong acid on the body, Toguro’s face did not show a hint of emotional fluctuation.

“Well… old man…”

He looked at Anjou, and suddenly brought out a bloodthirsty smile

“Let the second round begin.”

He twisted his neck, and then endless might erupted.

His muscles became denser, and finally formed a muscular monster over two meters high with high tissue density and high energy aggregation.


Taking a step forward, he made the air barrier burst instantly, and the air explosion like a fighter plane took off destroying his side. Before Anjou could react, his fist had already hit the right side of Anjou’s head, and although it didn’t quite hit, the howling gale still sent the old man flying with it.

“You missed…”

Toguro cocked his head and clenched his fist “I still don’t seem to be able to fully grasp the 100 percent of full power.”

“But ……”

He laughed, a laugh with killing intent.

“Luck won’t stay with you forever.”

Step two!

Huge air flow converged around his body, and the high temperature generated by high-speed friction ignited sparks, and together with the expanding airflow, a red steam dragon was formed!

“100% Dragon Killing Fist!”

The red dragon opened its mouth, revealing the true face of Toguro. At this moment, he is no longer as calm as before, his black sunglasses were broken under the pressure of the wind, and his eyes are terrifying. It’s like a ghost from hell, which makes people shudder.

“Spirit of Words – Immortality!”

Hilbert Ron Anjou stared, took a deep breath, and as the fiery red dragon took shape, he used his Spirit of Words, instantly physically strengthening his body, before adding:

“A hundred times!”

Hundred times of time zero!

This is his current limit!

Delaying his own time a hundred times was a power that was close enough to time standing still, and with his current strength, he could only delay it for less than ten seconds at most.

But ten seconds was enough!

The folding sword that attacked Toguro easily cut through the air under Anjou’s control, followed by a sonic boom of the same level, no, faster than Toguro!

There has never been such a fast sword in the history of the ninja world, so fast that it seems to be able to cut time!



In the mist, Might Guy shouted loudly

They had followed Suzuki Toichiro to the lake center island to destroy the water altar, but they didn’t expect that when they stepped into the forest, the mist suddenly intensified a lot, and countless bats flew from the depths, covering their sight as they were caught off guard.

When Guy came back to his senses, he found that the people around him had already disappeared…

Although he knew that shouting loudly at this time was equivalent to exposing himself to the enemy’s sight, Might Guy had no better way to get rid of this damn mist as soon as possible.

“Kakashi has Pakkun, so he shouldn’t be lost. Maybe I should stop where I am and wait for them to come.”

Guy thought carefully

But rather than resigning himself to waiting, he prefers to take the initiative!

Striding forward, Guy stared at the ground below trying to find a large footprint, but he didn’t find any footprints, but he found a pair of feet.

Guy bumped into the owner of those feet, and both of them fell to the ground with a bang. Guy stood up holding his forehead and found that the other party belonged to a pale and short man, so immediately he bent over with his hands folded and said “Sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going!”

Although the man is not a member of the ninja team, he looks harmless, and there is no chakra fluctuation on his body, so he doesn’t look like a demon.

“It’s my fault!” The person on the other side replied in a soft voice, “Just now I have been paying attention to the sound in the distance and couldn’t see anyone coming. “

“Ahaha…” Guy touched his head in embarrassment, then came back to his senses, and said in a daze, “Speaking of which, why is there someone here?”

He saw a small wooden house not far away. Although it was not big, it was enough for one person to live in.

For some reason, the mist here was much lighter than elsewhere, no different from any usual mist, as if it had been deliberately left as a habitable area for people.

“Because it’s safe here.”

The words that came out of the man’s mouth were completely unexpected to Guy.

Safe? Safe here?

Although he didn’t know why the Vamdemon and Toguro didn’t kill or expel him, since they chose to spare his life, this was indeed the safest place for him as an ordinary person.

And what about the outside world?


The Five Great Countries have been fighting each other all year round, and three Shinobi world wars have been launched in the past few decades. Even the ninjas have died, let alone civilians like him.

War, famine, plague…

Man-made disasters and natural calamities have destroyed almost everything they have.

Although the Third Shinobi War had ended, peace in the grand scheme, parts of the world were still in turmoil and chaos, and although Guy was only an ordinary ninja, he was aware of these things.

So from this point of view, this is indeed a good place to live.

“So… are you living here alone…?”

“I have a younger brother.” The man seemed very happy to have someone who could communicate with him, and he was also proud of his younger brother. He said with a smile, “We have been dependent on each other since we were young. From the Land of Lightning to this place, we will always be by our side.

“Uh, looking at the size of the house, it doesn’t look like it’s capable of housing two people.”

Guy said curiously, he always felt that there was something strange about the man in front of him, but he couldn’t say what was strange.

And it was because of this feeling that he was in no hurry to leave.

“He… He found a job.” I haven’t had dinner with him for a long time.”

“Work?” Guy stuttered, what was there to work for in a hellhole like this?

Could it be building an altar?

But the man’s next words cut Guy off from that thought

“But how can he find work at a time like this when he’s so skinny and weak?” He sighed “The boy was injured as a child and has trouble breathing, I’m worried his bosses will give him a hard time.”


Would the Demons look for someone skinny and physically weak to do something that sounded like hard labor like building an altar?

Obviously not!

Guy’s mind wandered and tried to ask “Speaking of which I haven’t asked for your name, oh and your brother’s.”

“Name ……?”

The man’s smile faltered, and then he was silent for a while before replying melancholy

“I forgot.”

He leaned on a big tree as if he was groping for something, “We have been calling each other brother and brother for a long time, and now we have even forgotten our names… I didn’t think I’d even forget what I was called since my eyes had darkened……”

“…” Guy was taken aback, he realized now that the man in front of him was actually…blind person!