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I.C.S Chapter 150: The Blind Man’s Secret

His eyes were grey and without a trace of brightness, but Guy was so used to being nervous that he hadn’t noticed it at first.

No wonder he said he was listening to voices, knowing that this thick mist was a kind of boundary with sealing properties, neither sight nor sound could travel much farther.

And after losing his eyesight, the man’s hearing was improved, giving him the ability to hear distant sounds.

At this time the information he had seen earlier kept flowing through guy’s mind and remembered the phrase that Toguro had said to Mei.

‘The name I once had when I was human, I have long forgotten. I am now an S-class combatant of the Black Watch ……’

‘You can call me by the new name that the Doctor has given me…’


According to Konoha’s information, the Black Watch is a scientific research organization among the demons, and it has produced a large number of strong men comparable to Kage-level, so where did the body in the experiment come from?

“Did you feel that your brother has changed?!” Guy grabbed the man’s shoulders with both hands, his expression a little excited, “Such as height, weight, and even voice?”

“Don’t get excited…” The man coughed twice, and Guy realized that the man in front of him was not only a thin and blind man but also a patient who had been injured.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…” Guy quickly explained.

“Ahem…it’s okay.” The man coughed a few more times, and then he seemed to be thinking about something, “Since you said that, my brother’s voice seems to have become rougher. He just found a job, and he came back to announce the good news to me, but the voice was a little weird… Later I asked him and he just said he had a cold…”

“After that, he seldom even spoke, especially recently.”

“Sure enough!”

Guy clapped his hands together and thought to himself that this was the real deal!

The brother of the man in front of him was none other than the previous Toguro!

It was unbelievable, but not unacceptable, it was not unheard of in the Shinobi world to turn an ordinary man into a powerful ninja, and hadn’t Banner and Mercer, who had escaped from the Black Watch, been just ordinary men before the experiment?

It is not impossible to say that Toguro was a similar experiment and gained super strength after the successful experiment ……

“What’s wrong? Did my brother get into trouble? Or did …… something happen to him?” The man’s heart clenched”He’s a good boy, he couldn’t have done anything bad!”

“Something must have happened to him, he’s been frail since he was a boy and was wounded during the war, I shouldn’t have believed he’d found a job!”

Guy thought to himself, “Now what your brother has done is more than bad, It’s like he’s trying to destroy the world and exterminate the human race.

But when he looked at the anxious man, he couldn’t say anything, so he rubbed his head and said with a forced smile, “No, I just remembered something.”

He hastily changed the subject and said, “By the way, you said you heard a noise earlier, can you tell me which direction it was? I have something very important to do!”

He just guessed that something happened to his younger brother, so he pointed in a direction absent-mindedly and said, “It’s probably in the east, about two kilometers.”

“East…” Guy gave the man a thumbs up and said with a smile, “Thank you for your help! Now I’m leaving, I hope you and your brother can live a better life sooner!”

“Thank you for your blessing …… may I know your name?”


Konoha’s Noble Green Beast, Might Guy!”


“Damn it!”

Kakashi ran in the thick mist, looking annoyed

Now he can be sure that the team from back then has completely disbanded, and everyone lost their way in the mist.

This damn forest is like a maze, the problem is that all of their means of communication have lost function.

“Pakkun, didn’t you find anything?!”

His Ninken dog is extremely good at tracking. Although the dense mist cuts off sight and sound, it doesn’t seem to completely cut off the smell. At least from the information from Pakkun, they can smell Guy’s position Where, but the smell is too thin, so the Ninja Dog can’t be sure whether Guy is in that exact direction.

Suddenly, the Ninja Dogs became restless

“Is the tide high?” Kakashi looked at the land ahead and said in disbelief.

Although he didn’t know the direction, he could be sure that he hadn’t reached the place where the sea was.

But the land not far in front of him was already wet, and he could still feel the wet soil when he touched it with his hands.

Could it be a tsunami?!

Kakashi was shocked. This is not a real island in the ocean, but an artificial island very close to the mainland of the Land of Water. If there is a large-scale tsunami, it may cause tens of thousands of people casualties.

He walked forward for a while, only to find in astonishment that he had reached the edge of the forest. If he walked forward, he would be considered to have returned the same way…

“Guy is around here?”

Kakashi frowned, because if he remembered correctly, the place where Anjou and Toguro fought was at the edge of the forest.

(Guy won’t get involved in the battle between the two, would he?)

A bad thought came to his mind, and if it was true …… Guy would be in trouble!

“You should be quicker, Pakkun!”

Sensing the master’s anxious mood, the Ninja Dogs speeded up. Perhaps because of the close distance, Guy’s location has become more and more clear, and that direction is… the West!


Just as Kakashi took a step with Pakkun, he suddenly heard a loud roar. The mist could have been able to isolate the sound, but perhaps the sound was so loud that the mist could not stop the transmission.

Kakashi turned his head to look, and…


A turbulent sea current nearly one meter high rushed over from a distance, it rushed all the way, even washing away the mist!

The mist covering the vision suddenly dissipated, and before Kakashi could heave a sigh of relief, he got stunned again!

Because he clearly saw…

In that turbulent ocean current, there are countless and densely packed strange fish!

It was a fish that Kakashi had never seen before. They had reptile skin all over their bodies. They opened their mouths, revealing those sharp teeth that seemed to be able to crush even steel…

Tens of thousands of them.

It almost occupies the entire field of vision, to the point that if someone with dense phobia takes a look at it, he will go crazy on the spot!

“This is……”

Kakashi muttered.

“What kind of monster…”

“Reputation from Kakashi Hatake + 217.”