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I.C.S Chapter 151: Toguro’s Past

The sea washed away the mists.

In the area closest to the island in the middle of the lake, Toichiro Suzuki is confronting Myotismon. The area around these two powerful monsters is filled with powerful energy. The blasts between the two spread through the sky and the ocean, only to be blocked by an invisible air shield, and then rippled like water on it.

Compared to the uncomplicated battle between Anjou and Toguro, their battlefield was a dizzying mess of ice, fire, and lightning, and even from such a distance, Kakashi had to be careful not to get caught up in the powerful energy.


Before he could get very far, however, a violent wind blew in his face, blowing Kakashi several meters away with strong energy.

Kakashi was dumbfounded——

The forest in front was directly destroyed by the sudden strong wind, and the powerful air cannon uprooted the trees. In just an instant, the forest in front turned into flat ground, and a long conical crater stretched for hundreds of meters before finally stopping in front of Kakashi.

Suddenly the ground rolled over, and there was another muffled explosion on the ground on the left and right sides of the tip of the long conical pit, and finally returned to dead silence after a loud bang. The two huge gullies stretching all the way to the sea to announce what a terrible disaster had happened.

“Reputation from Hatake Kakashi +262 .”

“What is this ……” Kakashi opened his mouth wide, looking incredulously at the wrecked ground and muttered

“What the hell!”


Anjou got up from the ground with difficulty, he had dodged that punch with his Time Zero ability in the previous spar, but he had still miscalculated.

He hadn’t expected that Toguro will be so strong to the point that he can change the terrain of half the island with just one punch, and although he had dodged the frontal punch, the harsh wind of the punch still blasted him into the ground and sank him.

“Cough ……”

He spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Toguro who was covered in heat, and deep down he couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that the Doctor had managed to create such a monster.

(If this guy had mastered the Eight Gates Technique……)

Even Anjou couldn’t imagine how strong Toguro would be with the Eight Gates Tenketsu!

“This is the end ……”

Toguro said in a jarring voice

He took one step at a time, each step making a sound like an exploding firework.

The right side of his chest was cut with a bloody edge from Anjou’s folding sword, and the skin around it was eroding, but he swept it away as if he were patting the dust from his clothes, and then looked down at Anjou from above.

“Your blade does restrain me, but the difference in strength between us is too big.” Toguro’s body slowly returned to its normal form, and in an instant, a great deal of heat was evaporated, creating a large cloud of mist around him.

“It’s over!”

Toguro strangled Anjou’s neck with one hand, as long as he exerted a little force, the old man would die.

But just at that moment, when he inclined his head –

“Eight Gates – The Gate of View!”

Guy came hurtling along at super speed, a huge chaotic flow of chakra bucking Toguro’s steam, and in a flash threw countless punches!

——Morning Peacock!

With Guy’s current strength, he had already gained strength far beyond that of a Jonin ninja with the opening of the sixth gate, but that was as far as he could go at the moment; after all, his father had only really opened the eight gates (The Gate of Death) after immersing himself in the Technique for twenty years.

It’s just that Guy’s normal strength has already surpassed his father’s who is known as the Eternal Genin, so under the boost of the Six Gates, he unexpectedly exploded with power no less than that of his father, and the air was rubbed into flames because of the countless punches he throws. It’s as bright as the sun, and it’s like a peacock showing its tail feathers, lighting up the world in an instant.

Although Toguro had returned to his normal state, his strength was still terrifying.

In such a short period of time, he directly threw Anjou aside and then threw countless punches at Guy in the same way.

Boom boom boom boom ……

Both sides are strong fighters of the physical techniques type, and the strength of each punch is enough to break mountains and crack rocks. At this moment, they collide together, and the blazing fire makes the world pale.

“Toguro! Do you want to kill your brother?!”

Guy shouted harshly in the midst of the constant punching

“Brother ……?”

Toguro was stunned, and then his face became fierce, “What did you do to him?!”

His strength suddenly increased to another level, causing more pressure on Guy, he had intended to use the words to swindle him to verify his suspicions, but his suspicions were now confirmed.

“He’s right behind!” Guy shouted under the pressure, “If your previous blow goes off track, he would have been dead!”

Toguro calmed down, “I’ll kill you all soon, then I can let my brother live in the holy city when no one can threaten his life.”

“Kill? Your brother is worried about you?! He thought you did something wrong! He kept telling me that you were a good person, but did you live up to your brother’s expectations by killing?!”

Toguro suddenly became agitated “Expectations?!”

“Do you know what we’ve been through in the past decades?!” With a heavy punch he sent Guy flying dozens of meters away, and then his feet sank, and the ground was blasted, at that moment he was like a demon god moving slowly forward, giving the impression that no matter how fast Guy was he could not escape!

“Fourteen years ago, your Konoha village was in a battle with the Rain village, and my parents were all killed to protect us!”

“In order to survive, we went from the Land of Fire to the Land of Lightning, and then from the Land of Lightning we bounced around the entire Shinobi realm ……,” Toguro’s tone became calmer, but his body became swollen, and a boundless killing intent spread out, enough to break one’s spirit.

“In order to survive, we begged; in order to survive, we sold our dignity; in order to survive, I even injured my lungs in the heat of over forty degrees and became an invalid who could hardly breathe!”

“My brother was also blinded shortly afterward by a rich bastard businessman in order to cure me ……”

“So, I’ve come to a conclusion ……”

Toguro said slowly “This Shinobi world ……”

“Already changed into Hell!”

He walked step by step, causing Guy, who was unable to maintain the Eight Gates state, to feel as if he was being crushed by a mountain, and it even became difficult to breathe.

But it was not just Toguro’s aura that overwhelmed him, it was his words that pierced Guy’s heart like a needle, and he was unable to refute Toguro’s words, because he was not good with the power of words and because he did not know how to refute Toguro claims.

Those who have not personally experienced that kind of pain will not be able to feel that kind of hatred anyway.

Perhaps because when he was young, he was not surrounded by the care and tenderness necessary for the upbringing of any child, and instead he only witnessed pain and tragedies.

Maybe he understood from the beginning the bloody fact of the ninja world, that is, it is ruled by the law of the jungle where the strong eat the weak!