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I.C.S Chapter 152: The Daytime Tiger

“So, you choose to transform into a demon by the Demons? To help them resurrect the Holy Lord? When the time comes, they will kill all the humans!”

Anjou was standing behind him. The previous injury was just a wound, and he could recover soon with his self-healing power.

“I am grateful!” Toguro didn’t even look back, as if he didn’t care about his opponent. “What’s wrong if transforming into a demon gives you control over your own destiny? Look at the power I have now, even strong ninjas are no match for me now!”

“How can you people

who only know how to speak sarcastic words understand? How can you understand our pain?”

“My father…” Guy’s eyes slowly became firm, “My father also died to protect me… At that time, the enemy was the famous Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and no one expected him to do anything. But that’s how he protected us!”

“If he didn’t use the Gate of Death…he would have a chance to escape!” Guy shouted excitedly, “But he can’t go! His companions! His son, all are there! Everything he protects is there! How can he go?!”

“The Gate of Death! The highest mystery of the Eight Gates, I never thought in my life that my father would be that strong! The red steam emanating from his body is still etched in my mind, and I will never forget it!”

Guy stood firm, and a powerful chakra burst out, his power far surpassing the Sixth Gate of View!

“I never imagined in my life that the ninja who has always been a wimp in the eyes of others will have such a memorable day. When he stood in front of me and said to me ‘I’ll buy you time’, he seemed like an indomitable giant.”

The seventh gate, The Gate of Wonder! open!

“And I…how can I let you destroy everything that he wants to protect…everything he loves!”

The Daytime Tiger!

At present, it’s the strongest move that Guy can release, after using it, the whole body will reach the limit. He put all his belief and strength into this blow. If he can’t hit Toguro seriously, then what awaits him…

Only death!

He never expected that Guy would have such a powerful blow. Toguro didn’t even have time to enter the 100% form. He could only let his body swell, and his muscles became horrifying. But this high-density high-pressure air bomb hit his chest before he could dodge it.

This is the difference in combat experience. Although Guy is not a jōnin who has fought countless battles, he has experienced the third ninja world war, so he has extremely rich combat experience.

Before Toguro was transformed by the doctor, he was just an ordinary person who had a very difficult time surviving, he had rarely experienced a serious battle, and he was so easily attacked by Guy!


Toguro, who had been sent flying as a cannonball, rubbed his legs against the ground, sinking deeper and deeper into it, and when he had passed a few hundred meters, he finally stopped.

At this moment, he was hit into the ground deeper and deeper until he reached a depth of more than ten meters. Toguro’s legs were even soaked in seawater!


Jumping out of the deep pit at once, Toguro’s whole body bulged out except for the small wounds. The toxins that had been infected by Anjou had finally come to a head, infecting him along the wounds, causing him to feel a sense of weakness for a moment.

He spat out two mouthfuls of blood, the blood was black, and a sense of suffocation came, making him kneel on the ground again.

“I… can’t die now…”

Toguro pressed his fist to the ground.

He knew that if he died, so would his brother.

His existence is the reason why the demons tolerate an ordinary person living in the area of the demons because he is the only individual who survived after taking an unknown number of doses!

In the midst of extreme pain, he went into 100% mode once again and began to heal all over his body, and the deadly toxin was forced outwards by his manipulation, but there was still a portion of the most core toxin remaining in his body, which he could not force out no matter how much he controlled it.

“You…” He looked at Anjou, who was holding the folding sword, and Might Guy, who was lying on the ground and panting heavily, his eyes glowed bloodthirsty red with extreme anger.

“Everyone is going to die!”

His face suddenly changed as he noticed the presence of a strange creature in the current that had just emerged from the deep pit, a fish with scales opened its sharp teeth and bit Toguro’s leg!

Fortunately, the hardness of his muscles surpassed that of steel. The strange fish just left a white mark on his calf, but there was still a gnawing pain that came up.

“Everyone ……!!!”

Kakashi’s voice came from a distance, and there was a torrent of sea current coming from behind him, and thousands of Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers were constantly churning in it.

“Get out of here!”

That astonishing number made Toguro feel a little uneasy. If he was in his heyday, he would naturally not be afraid of these creatures with huge bite force, but now he has been seriously injured—although it seems that there is no injury on the surface. However, Guy’s punch from the Daytime Tiger attack caused huge damage. His body was already in a mess by the terrifying massive hit, and the viscera in his body was vibrating and violently shaking. Under the dual effects of poison, he is almost approaching failure.

If he can’t return to the Research Institute to repair himself as soon as possible, then no matter how strong he is in a 100% state, he will be powerless.

In this state, if he is constantly bitten by this strange fish, even if his whole body is as strong as a diamond, he will be swallowed up by these tens of thousands of strange fish sooner or later!

“It’s the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers!” Anjou’s eyes widened. “From the very beginning, the demons didn’t want anyone other than that Vamdemon Myotismon to live!”

“What the hell is that?” Guy Chang exhaled and asked with difficulty.

“Viperfish stained with dragon blood, they were used as a weapon by the dragon clan in ancient times. They are monsters that can swallow bronze and steel!”

Anjou’s face was very pale, he looked at Toguro who was beside him, “It seems that you have been abandoned.”

“Abandoned?” Toguro bent down and took one of the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers that had bitten his leg in his hand, then laughed lightly “You will be the ones who will die! You bastards who are stained with dragon blood, you will not take me down!”

If the number of ghost-toothed dragon vipers is large enough, it will indeed pose a threat to his life, but how could he be stupid enough to be surrounded by such monsters?!

“As long as you are dragged here, these ghost-toothed dragon vipers will devour you!”

He twisted his body and in a flash, he was behind Anjou, he stretched out his hands as if to make the strongest wall!