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I.C.S Chapter 153: Rush (Part 1)

“Begone!” Anjou’s words held a hint of pity. “With the abilities of the demons, we might still be able to salvage your current state. But if we tarry any longer, the blood of Constantine will dissolve every single cell in your body, and no matter how skilled that doctor may be, he will be powerless to save you!”

However, Toguro remained resolute, his gaze unwavering. “The doctor promised that if I can slay all of you, my brother will be granted citizenship in the holy city as a member of the demon race. Then we can live in peace and security, never again having to worry about the dangers of everyday life.”

“In that case…” Anjou stepped forward, his voice taking on a hard edge. “I shall be forced to slay you where you stand!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Toguro let out a loud laugh. “You ninjas only know how to talk big. If you’re capable of anything, come at me, you worthless minions!”

His words were filled with contempt, but deep down he was on high alert.

Anjou’s abilities were too strange, and even he could only rely on a hundred percent pattern-breaking to deal with them. But now, his strength had greatly declined, and he might not even be able to maintain half of his peak strength. In this situation, if he were going to use Time Zero, he would likely suffer a heavy defeat.

As expected, when Anjou’s words finished, his ghostly figure had already moved to Toguro’s side, and the folding sword in his hand was skillfully spun into a circle.

Toguro desperately tried to dodge, but Anjou caught him by the shoulder with one hand. The force was naturally incomparable to him, but with this support, Anjou was able to turn his body. He flipped over Toguro’s shoulder, and a streak of blood immediately appeared – Toguro’s skin was now unable to defend against the attack of the folding sword.

“I said, get out of the way, or you’ll die.”

Anjou spun the folding sword in his right hand and passed it around Toguro. “And you can’t stop me either.”

Breathless, Toguro replied, “That’s right, I can’t stop you from leaving. But the kid lying on the ground and the guy coming this way are doomed. What do you think? Are you going to abandon your comrades?”

“Old man, go destroy the altar. Don’t worry about me and Kakashi. We’ll find a way!” Upon hearing Toguro’s words, Guy quickly raised his head and spoke.

“Don’t worry about me? Do you know how many times I’ve heard that in the past hundred years?!” Anjou retorted. “Cut the crap. There’s never been an option in my dictionary to abandon comrades.”

Although they were only short-term comrades, if it weren’t for Guy’s daytime tiger, it would have been impossible for Anjou to go up against Toguro on his own. In a sense, Guy had saved Anjou’s life.

“Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!”

Kakashi stopped in his tracks and formed seals with his hands before clapping them onto the ground. A tall wall rose from the earth, but no matter how wide or tall it was, it couldn’t block all of the tides.

But it was enough to buy some time!

Kakashi used the Body Flicker Technique to appear by Guy’s side and then picked him up, carrying him on his back. “How did you end up in such a state?”

“Hehe, when the Blue Beast of Konoha roars, he never retreats!” Guy forced a smile.

“We have to break through this guy’s defenses. We don’t have time, we have to go through him!” Kakashi glared at Toguro, determination in his voice. “This guy’s a monster, he took a hit from my daytime tiger and is still alive and kicking. It’s unbelievable!”

“Forget about whether he’s a monster or not, can you use the Eight Gates Formation one more time?”

“I don’t think so…” Guy said dejectedly. “I might be able to activate the Gate of Life at most.”

“Well then…” Kakashi pushed up the forehead protector, revealing the bright red Sharingan. “Lightning Release: Lightning Cutter!”

He held in his hands a dazzling lightning, a ninjutsu that could even cut through lightning. But Kakashi wasn’t satisfied with this power, because he knew that the enemy in front of him was an unprecedentedly strong opponent. Even if he was severely injured, he still couldn’t be defeated by Kakashi’s Lightning Cutter.

‘Think quickly!’

Kakashi frantically remembered the feeling of when the leader of the Shichibukai, Shin, had possessed his body.

Although he himself was unconscious, his body remembered the powerful chakra! This is also one of the benefits of chakra, in the ninja world, chakra can inherit many things, including power.

Otsutsuki Asura and Otsutsuki Indra have been dead for many years, but chakra continues to reincarnate in the Shinobi world, giving their chosen reincarnations unimaginable power.

When shin first possessed Kakashi’s body, it unconsciously affected Kakashi’s own chakra, even if the possession later ended, most of the chakra was taken back, but some still remained.

After waking up, Kakashi always felt that his body was strange, and under the suggestion of the Third Hokage, he continued to dig out this buried power within his body, but due to the short time, although he drew it out a few times, it was not enough to fully master it.

Kakashi shouted desperately, but time and space would not wait for Kakashi’s request, looking at the blazing thunderbolt, Toguro swung out a fist and fought against the thunderbolt head-on, and at once the thunderbolt became unstable, as if it was squeezed by a powerful force and became flattened a bit.

The two collided in the center, the lightning flashed, but could not break through Toguro’s defense. However, Anjou, who was behind Guy, rushed over, and the deadly sword aimed at Toguro’s heart position, fiercely stabbed over.

Seeing this, Toguro erupted with a powerful burst of chakra, instantly squeezing the thunderbolt, then with another force, he sent Kakashi flying over ten meters away.

“But at this moment, he no longer had time to dodge Anjou’s attack. His speed was too fast, and even during his prime, Toguro would only be able to barely cope with it, let alone now.

However, Toguro found a way to deal with Anjou in the short battle. He stomped down hard, and the powerful force directly trampled the ground, forming a large pit. The wind here was squeezed out under this power.

Under Toguro’s intentional manipulation, these wind pressures were all turned into terrifying air bombs, forming an air barrier in the center between him and Anjou.

Anjou’s speed was indeed unbelievable, but compared to this terrifying speed, his strength was somewhat lacking. In front of Toguro’s carefully built defensive wall, he was unable to break through for a moment.

And at this moment, the earth flow wall blocking the sea flow finally collapsed, and the surging sea flow converged with the one flowing in from both sides of the earth flow wall. In an instant, the water level rose to a depth of one and a half meters, which was already close to Guy’s neck. And combined with the unknown number of Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers in it…

“I remembered!” Guy shouted, and his Chakra underwent a violent change in nature, with powerful Chakra acting on his body, constantly amplifying his strength and speed!

“Guy! Hold on tight, I’m going to rush through with all my might!”