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I.C.S Chapter 154: Rush (Part 2)

“The Shichibukai Chakra Mode is a technique that amplifies the power of chakra in the body, similar to the Lightning Release Chakra Mode.

When he first employed this technique to fight the mysterious person who could use the Complete Body Susanoo Form, he used almost exclusively physical techniques. The massive energy released through punches and kicks was sufficient to withstand the Complete Body Susanoo Form.

Kakashi couldn’t achieve that level, but by using body memory to employ the Chakra Mode, he was able to imitate the way Shin used energy, meaning that in this mode, Kakashi’s physical techniques even surpassed those of someone not using the Eight Gates.

As Kakashi, whose speed suddenly increased, approached Toguro, Toguro’s eyes showed a momentary look of surprise, but it was just a surprise no more than that.

Even if Kakashi’s strength increased, the gap between them would not narrow significantly!

However, just when Toguro thought Kakashi would rush straight at him, Kakashi, who was carrying Guy, suddenly stopped and struck the ground with a palm.

“Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm!'”

“The heavy blow caused the ground beneath Toguro to suddenly fluctuate. The ground suddenly began to collapse, and he plunged into the sea. Dozens of Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers flew out of the cracks and sank rapidly after discovering Toguro, opening their sharp teeth that could devour iron and fiercely biting him.


Kakashi clenched his palm, and the split earth restored to flat ground as if nothing had happened before, only Toguro’s disappearance could prove what had happened just now.

When everyone thought Kakashi would break through Toguro with speed and strength, he secretly formed an Earth Release Ninjutsu, causing the inexperienced Toguro to sink into the sea by surprise.

”Old man, let’s go!”

“You’re not going anywhere!”

The entire island seemed to vibrate as Toguro punched through several dozen square meters of ground, raising stones and sea currents. Toguro’s red pupils, which seemed to be dripping with blood, glared fiercely at the three of them.

At this moment, he was covered with Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers biting his skin, drenched and wet, looking like a demon returning from hell. He roared and the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers covering his body flew… No, they were melted by the extremely powerful chakra!

”Hundred percent of hundred percent…”

His body suddenly sparkled with lightning, and the terrifying thunderbolts wrapped around his body, adding to his majesty. ”Even the power I have not mastered yet, forcibly using lightning attribute chakra to stimulate the body, will greatly consume my lifespan, but it doesn’t matter…”

”You… all have to die!”

Lightning Release Chakra Mode was a technique he had not yet learned. If used forcibly, the wild lightning would destroy the self before destroying the enemy.

But Toguro’s body was too tough, even if he forcibly endured the backlash of the lightning, he could still use the Lightning Release Chakra Mode for dozens of seconds!


A black, thorny, scaly creature emerged from the sea in the constantly surging pit. It was enormous and exuded an unconscious sense of powerful energy. Its golden eyes were like two burning suns, emanating infinite majesty.

It had sharp teeth and claws, but the strongest was the spirit constantly emanating from within it!

With Kars as a perfect being that could freely change genes, Genus could be said to have no shortage of experimental materials for any experiment. After purifying the bloodline of Uesugi Koshi and adjusting it with various gene fragments, he finally created a dragon!

At this moment, the dragon looked at the flashing Toguro in front of it, Anjou with his sword in his hand and Kakashi carrying Guy on his back, and opened its big mouth.

The sea currents around it were instantly controlled into vortexes and constantly burst out!

‘Did you see that?! The doctor never intended to fulfill the promise from the beginning. Think about it, how could the demons accept humans?’

Anjou narrowly avoided countless water columns shooting toward him. He shouted, “Impossible!” Toguro let the water columns hit him, his expression crazed. He took a step forward and broke through the air with a fist, but the residual explosion still sent Anjou flying far away.

“The doctor promised me that as long as I…,” Toguro began.

“As long as you kill them all, you’ll be allowed to live as a magical being in a safe place?” the man who had previously exchanged words with Guy interrupted as he stepped onto the battlefield. Although he couldn’t see what was happening, he could imagine the scale of the battle from the explosions and thunderous noises.

“Brother?!” Toguro hesitated, then rushed forward to block him, “What are you doing here?”

“Go back! The fight is about to end here, and when it does…”

“Are you going to return with the bodies of these people in order to take credit and use this merit to turn me into a monster like you?”

The man suddenly increased his tone. “If the sky is dark, then we’ll survive in the darkness. I can accept being a lowly ant-like existence, but I refuse to twist and turn myself into a snake-like existence without principles and values!”

“Brother…” Toguro was stunned, not knowing what to say at the moment. He canceled the chakra mode, and the lightning disappeared. Suddenly, two water pillars shot out again. He used his massive body to block in front of the man.

“If you became like this in order to let me survive…” The man suddenly moved to the side, where a flying water pillar was headed. It was originally going to miss everyone, but he just happened to move there.

“Then I’ll use my death to wash away your sins!”

The water pillar, with its power comparable to a bomb, couldn’t possibly be stopped by a mortal body. All that was heard was a squelching sound as the water pillar pierced through the man’s chest…

As the man lay dying, Toguro could not believe that his brother was going to die just like this. He was filled with sadness as he held his brother’s body and felt the rapidly fading warmth. He remembered a time when he had a happy family. His father was a teacher and would always impart great wisdom to them whenever he came home. Despite being an ordinary person, he had the ambition to change the Shinobi world through education. Toguro couldn’t believe that he really thought that a group of civilian students taught by an ordinary person like him could change anything.

This world has always been one where the powerful ninja holds all the power. If they want war, war will come; if they want peace, peace will come. They hold the power. In this world, only strength is real. Empty words of righteousness and morality are meaningless. What can empty promises and ambitions accomplish?

That’s why the man had to die. Even before he died, he was still telling his sons to “change this wrong world.” But what could they possibly change? The two brothers, who didn’t even have the power of a ninja, struggled just to survive. How could they possibly change the world?

But his foolish brother actually believed that people could understand and help each other and that they could change the world through mutual understanding and cooperation. Toguro couldn’t understand how his brother could believe in such naive ideals.

As he held his dying brother, Toguro made a decision. He would become strong, and he would use that strength to change the world. He would prove that his brother’s ideals were not naive and that they could bring about real change. He would become the strongest ninja and bring about a world where people could understand and help each other, where strength was not the only thing that mattered. He would bring about a world where his brother’s ideals could become reality.