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I.C.S Chapter 155: Rush (Part 3)

Toguro, who looked like he had lost his mind, didn’t even try to maintain his chakra to block the seawater. The surging seawater came back with even more force after being repelled, completely submerging Toguro in the midst of a dragon’s roar.

Countless Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers jumped up from the surface of the sea, rushing towards Toguro.

However, Toguro did not resist and allowed the seawater and ghost tooth dragons to swallow him up. He used his own body to embrace his brother’s body and drowned step by step in the seawater.

“Reputation from Hatake Kakashi +112.”

“Reputation from Might Guy +197.”

These two people were stunned, and even Naoto did not expect Toguro’s brother to choose suicide in this way.

Is there anyone in this world who despises their own life this much?

Perhaps this is… the ninja world after all.

The people here have completely different thinking paths and ways of life than Naoto.

Human thoughts and emotions are beyond the control of Naoto.

“We have to leave!”

At this moment, no one had the mood to inquire about Toguro’s life and death, because at this moment the seawater had completely spread over and the hole punched by Toguro merged with the incoming seawater on the other side, quickly turning this place into a paradise for Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers.

Anjou killed dozens of Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers around him with his folding sword and shouted loudly,

“You don’t have to say this!” Kakashi formed a lightning release seal and conducted a large amount of lightning on the surface of the sea.

“But we have to retreat to the center of the lake and destroy the water altar!”

But it was not so easy to retreat. At this moment, the seawater had already reached his thighs, and the whole artificial island seemed to be submerged.

“Now everyone is trapped on the surface of the sea, and sooner or later we will become this monster’s lunch!”

Might Guy, who was carried by Kakashi on his back, kicking away the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers that wanted to bite over, and looked at Anjou, who was also making great progress, and said loudly,

“Old man, you’re talking too much!”

“I consumed too much physical strength in the previous battle and can’t use time zero now.” Anjou shook his head and then said, “

“I consumed too much physical strength in the previous battle and can’t use Time Zero now.” Anjou shook his head and then said, “Maybe before we escape, there is something I must do…”

Suddenly, Anjou took out a badge from his pocket, which was the Shichibukai credentials that Koshi Uesugi had given him before he left

“Old man, are you still considering whether or not to join the Shichibukai at this point?” Kakashi couldn’t help but mock.

However, Anjou ignored him and only said to the badge softly, “Is this Uesugi Koshi?”

“Of course.” On the other side of the badge came a very frivolous voice.

“It sounds like you’re enjoying a sunbath on the beach now, with several beautiful ladies giving you a full-body massage. You must take me to such a comfortable place next time!” Anjou raised his eyebrows and said.

Uesugi Koshi suddenly fell silent and it took him a long time before he replied, “Sorry, Anjou. I know I disappointed you. But you are Hilbert Ron Anjou, the man destined to bury the entire dragon race. You will definitely make this action shiny and bright, right?”

“Old man, we are running for our lives now! There is no time to listen to you discuss this kind of thing!”

Guy’s head was full of black lines. “Don’t you know that there are deadly ghost tooth dragons behind us!”

However, Anjou didn’t listen to him and only took a deep breath. “Listen, old buddy. I don’t care what kind of life you are enjoying. I have never disappointed you, but now I have something I may have to tell you.”

“Old buddy, are you… running for your life?” Koshi was stunned. “I think you should find a safe place to say these things, or I’ll think you’re saying your last words.”

“It’s almost like that. I may be about to die.” This old man had lived for hundreds of years, but when it came to death, he didn’t hesitate at all, as if he was talking about what to eat today. “But before I die, there is something I must inform you of.”

“Joking… you are Anjou… besides, what could you possibly have to tell me?” Koshi’s speech was a bit incoherent, but Anjou didn’t interrupt him until he finally regained his calm. “Are you serious?”

“I wanted to tell you after this is all over, but it looks like we might not make it. According to my intelligence, you may have two sons.”

Anjou cut through the sea with his sword, creating a path for him and Kakashi to pass through. They walked side by side, killing or knocking away all the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers they encountered.

Koshi was stunned, and the communication fell silent for a while, leading some to believe that he had disconnected.

“Sons…? Are you kidding me, old man? Did you find two sons for me in a rock?”

Both Kakashi and Guy were confused, but they didn’t ask at this time.

“It’s just a guess, but it’s highly likely. I wanted to talk with you because they caused some trouble, but fortunately it hasn’t reached an irreparable level yet, so I came to get some information from you.”

“Damn it!” Uesugi Koshi suddenly cursed and then frantically said, “Old buddy, you know I’m not cursing at you. You have to tell me their information right away, what are they called? Where do they live? How have they been these past years? Are they handsome? Do they have girlfriends? Goodness, they couldn’t have been deceived by a bad woman, right?!”

His words revealed a great deal of anxiety. Although Uesugi Koshi was a fleeing scumbag, he was undoubtedly a qualified father.

Kakashi couldn’t help but look grim. How had his father been able to heartlessly leave him alone to survive in the Ninja World all those years ago?

The conversation between the two old men a hundred years old came to his ears again and Kakashi gritted his teeth, quickening his pace.

“Aren’t you even a little curious about your child’s mother?” Anjou dodged the water column spewed out by the giant dragon behind him and then casually killed the two ghost tooth dragons that had jumped up. He shouted,

On the other side, there was silence for a second before Uesugi Koshi tentatively asked,

“Is she Yui…?”

Anjou was taken aback. Perhaps this answer was unexpected to him.

“Is she Chiyoko?”

“Chiyoko.. what?!” Anjou’s words contained a hint of anger.

“Tatsuru ……? Tomie? It can’t be Yoshiko, right?!”

“You old bastard!” Anjou cursed, “Didn’t you say you wanted to sever the royal bloodline within you? I thought you were going to live a celibate life!”

Just as Anjou was about to curse further, he saw that the giant dragon had suddenly begun to sing again. A massive chakra spread out, instantly filling the space between him and Kakashi with arcs of lightning.

Those arcs seemed to be filled with disturbing power, causing a constant buzzing sound to come from the crest.

Anjou only had time to dodge to the side before seeing a laser-like thunderbolt pass through, its intense arcs of lightning vaporizing the air and leaving behind a scorched mark.