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I.C.S Chapter 156: God Slayer Fist!

“Damn it!”

Anjou tossed the crest into the sea with all his might. The small device, which was originally used to communicate with Uesugi Koshi, had been made by Genus out of boredom. However, he hadn’t expected the communication quality to be so poor, as it completely broke off the call after being disrupted by electromagnetism.

Anjou watched as the giant dragon approached him, and resolutely told Kakashi, “Konoha’s ninja, the two of you should leave from here first! I’ll hold them back!” The giant dragon was over 100 meters long and several tens of meters tall, resembling a moving mountain peak. It was surrounded by a dense group of Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers, which were lined up like guards for the giant dragon.

They were flying quickly through the ocean currents, constantly closing the distance with the other party. But at this moment, Anjou wanted to use his body to block them. He was just one person, and an old man with poor physical strength!

Yet when he spoke, there was not a trace of fear, as if he was back in his youth, drinking in a bar and fighting with someone.

“Let’s go, Kakashi!” Kakashi nodded resolutely at Anjou. “In front of a man who has already made up his mind, any attempt to persuade or show sympathy is the greatest insult to him!”

Kakashi was about to nod when he suddenly saw the water in front of Anjou churning, and Toguro’s figure appeared. He held his brother’s body in his arms, his head lowered so that his expression couldn’t be seen. In their vigilant gaze, he slowly approached Anjou.

“I’ve always yearned for the other side of the sea, the other end of the sky…”

Toguro extended his hands and handed the man’s body to Anjou, continuing, “That sun, which is so very far away, must be very bright and dazzling. Being bathed in its light must be very warm…”

“Now… I’m going to chase that fiery sun. So, in my absence, please bury my brother in the place closest to the sunrise.”

“Toguro… you…”

Anjou was shocked when he realized what Toguro was planning. “You’re out of your mind?!”

“That Konoha ninja was right… don’t try to hold back a man’s resolve.”

Toguro handed his brother over to Anjou and then turned his back on the three of them, laughing. “You’ve been fighting me for half the day now, but you still haven’t seen my strongest move.”

Lightning arcs flickered around Toguro’s body as he activated his Lightning mode, which had been previously canceled. Combined with the high-density chakra that vaporized the air into red gas, the two forces twisted together, making Toguro look like a demon wielding blood-colored lightning.

“One hundred percent of one hundred percent…” Toguro took a deep breath and looked at the approaching dragon. He suddenly condensed all his power into a single point and then released it with a burst of energy. “God·Slayer·Fist!”


Without Anjou reminding them, at this moment anyone could sense that if that terrifying energy were to burst out, it would be a disaster that would be difficult to describe in words!

But even as the exaggerated sum of energy continued to be compressed under Toguro’s control, the crimson flow of air and lightning spiraled and twisted, eventually forming a phantom image of a demon god that, bizarrely, looked somewhat similar to the Susanoo.

In an instant, the hurricane split the sea in two, no, not just the sea – even the ground of the artificial island was split by the punch, the two pieces of land separated by more than a dozen meters under the force of the punch, and the seawater below was also dragged along, revealing a deep and bottomless dark abyss!

The terrifying punch struck the scales of the dragon in an instant, not even leaving any strength to resist. The dragon and an unknown number of goryō dragonflies were turned to ashes by the heat and lightning…


The second attack was terrifying, hitting the back of the dragon, the sky above, the thick clouds were torn in half by Toguro’s fist wind, the sea was constantly bursting with waves, and countless Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers were blasted out, but they had already died in the shock wave at that moment.

Unimaginable power…

Although they were behind the punch, the three still felt a strong wind that seemed to scratch their cheeks, causing their running speed to suddenly increase several times, as if they were flying under the urging of the wind!

Guy turned back and looked at Toguro, who was still standing with his fist, his body had burst out with bright red blood, and he fell to the ground powerlessly.

Just now, the attack was after all a killing move, a force that exceeded the limits of the human body. In addition, he was already seriously injured and had already expended a lot of physical strength before, causing this attack to be released at the cost of all his life.

But the effect was indeed perfect, the power of this attack has absolutely surpassed the so-called Kage-level, I’m afraid that even the Susano, which was famous for its defensive power, the third Raikage, and the Tailed Beasts are not capable of resisting this punch.

The man who was transformed into a half-demon finally had to go, maybe before he still had a grudge against the ninja world, but in the final moment, he ultimately chose to chase the sun in the sky.

Their lives are like a fate-led gamble, no matter what the result is, they can only blame their own misfortune.

Originally, he not only numbly accepted his own misfortune, but even wanted to spread this misfortune to the entire ninja world, but at the critical moment, he chose to fight back, and this punch beyond human limits was the strongest voice against fate!

He finally could not suppress the poison inside his body, the gene virus that was specially studied for him corroded his flesh, and the blood was dyed purple-black and constantly flowed out, melting his body within seconds.

Because of his punch just now, that side of the sky and earth carbonized, the extremely high temperature dyed the earth and sky red, and the remnants of Toguro’s burnt in the high temperature and whirlwind, completely disappearing in this world.

“Reputation from Might Guy +333.”

“Reputation from Kakashi +369.”