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I.C.S Chapter 157: Finally Arrived

“Go, go!”

Pushed forward by the waves, the three of them made their way through the layers of the sea, only to realize that the entire island was now engulfed in war.

One of the threats was the constantly emerging Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers. The vipers have been present in dragon history since ancient times when they served as executioners. Those who were sentenced to death were tied up to a bronze pillar and submerged, offered as food for them.


If there was only one of these creatures, it would not pose a threat to a ninja, and two would be manageable, but when three, four, or even more vipers surrounded a ninja, it would be a desperate fight.

This was especially true in the water, where the three, Kakashi, Guy, and Anjou had no ground to stand on and had to be wary of the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers that could swallow them at any moment. As a result, they had difficulty cultivating their powers while under attack by the Vipers.

The folding sword in Anjou’s hand cut through a round of semicircles, killing all the Vipers who tried to stop them, and soon advanced to the edge of the forest.

In front of them was a lake, but the seawater had now flooded beyond its boundaries, inundating the artificial island. The lake at the center of the island, where the altar was located, had also been swallowed up by the water, but they could still see the mysterious altar that was emanating a strange light.

“There should be a defensive barrier on the island, so we’ll have to break through at close range,” Anjou said.

Kakashi had seen the battle between Toichiro Suzuki and the vampire beast Myotismon before. The energy that was spilling between them had struck the lake at the center of the island, causing just a ripple on the defense barrier. It was obviously impossible for the three of them, in their current state, to destroy the altar from this distance.

“Then let’s charge in!” Anjou said determinedly. The distance between them and the altar was one kilometer, and there were countless Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers along the way, but they had no choice but to move forward.

“Kakashi, put me down,” Guy coughed from behind Kakashi. “I can open the Eight Gates now.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Kakashi rejected Guy’s request, his voice grave. “Forcing the opening of the Eight Gates has already damaged your body. Even if you opened the Eight Gates again, how much fighting power will you have left?”

Guy had no response to Kakashi’s words, but he could not accept this reality.

They were all working hard to destroy the altar, but Guy was hiding on Kakashi’s back, barely surviving. This made him feel ashamed.

“You’ve done a great service to us by severely wounding Toguro. That’s all you can do,” Anjou said as he carried Toguro’s brother on his back. “You’ve done your part.”

Looking at the dense monsters in front of them, Anjou took a deep breath. “I’ll use Time Zero again, and then we’ll rush through at once!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an inexplicable power spread from his body. Suddenly, the ripples on the water’s surface seemed to freeze in place, and the wind behind them slowed down. The Vipers that were jumping through the air with its teeth bared also froze in midair under the influence of this power. The splashing water droplets and floating blood became the best decorations in this place.

“Reputation from Hatake Kakashi +221,” the system announced.

“Reputation from Might Guy +119.”

Although they had heard that Anjou had the power to slow down time, and they had also been affected by this power during their time in Konoha Village, they were still shocked when they saw this almost-still world.

In this time flow rate, human life was so fragile. At this moment, they were comrades-in-arms with Anjou, friends in the same camp, so it was natural for them to feel surprised.

But what if the person with this power became an enemy one day? Except for Toguro, who had an unimaginable level of nerve and muscle development, or people with the same type of ability, no one else could deal with this power!

Regardless, they were currently the beneficiaries of this power. In this world, they could recklessly break through the line of defense formed by the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers. However, everyone knows that even someone as powerful as Anjou could not use this power for too long, let alone with two exhausted Kakashi and Guy.

The more powerful the ability, the more the user’s own strength is needed. For example, Kakashi’s Sharingan was the most precious treasure left to him by his dear friend.

Although the Sharingan brought him the powerful abilities of the Uchiha clan, it also put a strain on his body, making it impossible for him to sustain long battles.

Anjou’s Time Zero should be the same. This power is even more terrifying than the Sharingan, and it affects both Kakashi and Guy at the same time. How much pressure must Anjou be under, and how long can he withstand it?

Kakashi naturally couldn’t let the effort of Anjou be wasted. He used his fastest speed in his life, using his Body Flicker Technique, to almost keep pace with Anjou.

He saw the sweat on Anjou’s head, and even heard the muffled sounds coming from his body. Finally, when he was about to reach the center of the lake, he saw the old man unable to support himself and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Anjou gasped for breath, and blood flowed out of his nose, ears, and eyes, in addition to his mouth.

This old man had already approached the limit in his battle with Toguro. This was a forced use of time zero.

And this backlash also came quickly, but the amount of bleeding that would cause a normal person to lose too much blood and die was not fatal to him because of the dragon’s blood in his body.

“This boundary is specifically targeted at energy strikes and does not have strong defensive effects on the human body. It seems to be specifically targeted at Mr. Suzuki’s large-scale attack type.”

Kakashi, as a genius ninja, quickly distinguished the type of barrier that was in front of them.

Just like what was happening now, Myotismon and Suzuki were fighting high up in the air, but occasionally a beam of energy would descend.

If this residual wave were to destroy the altar, then the demons would be in despair.

“Then let’s rush in!”

Anjou felt a dizziness in front of his eyes, but he forced himself to endure the discomfort and swung his folded sword repeatedly, forming a tight line of defense that crushed all incoming enemies.

Taking advantage of a gap, Anjou poked the barrier structure with the tip of his sword, causing a chain reaction. The massive barrier gradually crumbled and eventually completely dissipated under the expectant gaze of everyone.

However, at this moment, several Vipers suddenly spurted out of the sea surface. They also targeted Anjou’s efforts to destroy the barrier and opened their sharp teeth at the same time, and one of them bit Anjou’s back ……

And the others were about to arrive soon. When a few Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers bite together, they can consume a person in a short time!

“Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique!”

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Terumi Mei finally arrived as well. She was originally on the other side, fighting with the Vipers, but when she noticed Anjou and the others approaching, she forcibly broke through.

At this moment, she was also covered in blood, but the injury did not affect her ninjutsu. The corrosive acid mist condenses into a straight line under her control, and then quickly envelops those Vipers.

The Vipers immediately howled and rolled on the ground, trying to get rid of the acid mist, but it was too late. The acid had already eroded their skin, causing their bodies to melt and dissipate in an instant.

Anjou, who had been bitten, was also saved.