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I.C.S Chapter 158: Destroying the Altar

Anjou dug out the Ghost-toothed Dragon Viper from his back with great force, along with gobs of flesh. The bloodied muscles on Anjou’s back were intertwined with the Viper, and Anjou just crushed it into a pile of minced meat with a single stomp.

This decisive action and bravery shocked the three ninjas who had experienced war. They couldn’t help but wonder what kind of environment could forge such a ruthless old man.

But now was not the time for shock. The place they were in was home to the most monsters, and the reason Mei didn’t dare to come here before was because she was afraid of getting trapped.

Although they are now four people, Kakashi had used up too much chakra, Gay had recently opened the Eight Gates, Anjou had forcibly used Time Zero and suffered backlash and physical exhaustion, and Mei, while still in good shape, had also used up a lot of chakra during the previous siege.

In short, the four of them were currently less than one-tenth as strong as they were at their peak. And yet, they faced turbulent seas and countless Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers.

Regardless, their top priority was to destroy the altar in front of them!

The altar was about the size of a large building. The space around it seemed to be twisted, giving off a dizzying sensation, but in reality, it was covered by a layer of strange energy.

“Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!”

Mei first used the Boil Release to escape the monsters around her, then reached the lake island that was not yet submerged. She immediately spat out a strong acid.

This acid, which at a later stage was even able to dissolve the Uchiha’s Susanoo, although it had not yet reached its peak, was enough to dissolve the stone altar.

The large ball of acid quickly enveloped the entire altar, then made a corrosive hissing sound.

However, the altar underwent a mutation at this time. A blue water halo gathered from the inside of the altar and then released a deep blue light straight into the sky.

This light seemed to be a signal, and for a time, even the monsters tainted with dragon blood stopped attacking.

The light quickly vanished, like a phantom, and at the same time as the light disappeared, the altar collapsed with a loud noise, and was quickly corroded into a liquid under Mei’s Melting Apparition Technique, and finally condensed into small grains.

Suddenly, the seawater began to rise, as if the sea was angry and raised a wave of more than twenty meters. The tidal waves roared like thunder, and the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers mixed in them were like thousands of troops and horses launching a charge on the battlefield.

With their fierce teeth bared and sharp, ferocious cries, they were determined to devour all the flesh and blood in front of them.

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

Kakashi performed hand seals. In this environment full of water flow, using Earth Release or Fire Release would be greatly weakened, while using Water Release, although it can borrow the power of the environment, must be wary of the Vipers rushing out of the water flow at any time.

Fortunately, he still has the support of Guy on his back. Guy’s dynamic nerves have been honed through rigorous training, and although they couldn’t compare to the likes of Toguro’s training, they were much stronger than Kakashi’s.

With his dynamic vision and reflexes, Guy was more than capable of killing any Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers that tried to sneak attack Kakashi.

Although Kakashi of the Sharingan and Konoha’s Blue Beast Guy were cooperating for the first time, their rapport was clearly extraordinary.


The wave of more than twenty meters crashed onto the lake island that had not been submerged before, turning the already ruined land into its own territory. The entire island was completely captured.

“Let’s rush out together!” Guy shouted loudly.


Anjou calmly scanned the surroundings and then shook his head. “There are monsters about to appear!”

Without him saying, they could feel a vibration coming from afar, and the blue sea was constantly spreading ripples, as if announcing the existence of something that was about to appear.

The monster soon appeared, making Kakashi and Guy in shock! It was the previous dragon!

‘Oh my god, he didn’t die!’

After suffering from Toguro’s beyond-extreme blow, even its body melted, leaving only a dense white bones. But now it was like a ghost returning from hell, as if the bones of the dead had risen from death!

Its body was slowly breeding flesh and blood from the white bones. On the open, huge bone wings, withered cells grew out!

Is this the vitality of the dragon clan?!

Kakashi almost couldn’t believe it. He had heard that the first generation of the dragon clan had the ability to be immortal, but he had thought it was just an exaggeration. But now it seems that this is not the case!

“It’s the corpse guard!”

Anjou was shocked, “This is a creature made by using the alchemy field, how is it possible? Judging from this specification, it is clear that only the first-generation species of the prince level could have made it!”

Of course, Naoto has not yet been able to research the so-called alchemy field, but he has the expert Dr. Genus in the field of biological genetics, and when he made this giant dragon, he invested more than he did with Toguro.

Not only did he infinitely purify the blood of the white king Uesugi, but he also transplanted the self-healing factor in the vampire’s genes into it through the study of vampire genes, and combined with the dragon’s own vitality, almost making the giant dragon’s survival ability reach an unimaginable level.

Perhaps his defense is not particularly strong, but in terms of immortality, no one can match it. As long as one cell still exists, it can slowly recover based on it.

However, even he didn’t expect the vitality of the dragon to be so high. Although his killer punch didn’t completely kill the dragon, it also took away most of his life.

The terrifying heat and thunder destroyed the dragon’s body, evaporating the cells, but Toguro neglected the dragon’s tail, which was protected by the dragon and retained some flesh and blood, allowing the dragon to be reborn!

But to completely recover, it will probably take at least ten years!

But even if the dragon is weak, it is still a dragon that can soar through the sky!

Its golden eyes radiate infinite majesty, almost freezing the seawater, it still roars to the sky, as if declaring to the people who own this place!

“Stop barking! Big lizard!”

Under this momentum, almost everyone feels an inexplicable palpitation, which is a fear derived from biological instinct.

However, one man was oblivious, stepping into the water and cutting several Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers in half with each step. He rushed towards – with an anxious look – the place where the original lake island was surrounded by countless Vipers, and the dragon’s corpse!

“I haven’t asked about my son’s information yet, but I can’t just let you swallow this old guy Anjou!”