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I.C.S Chapter 159: Uesugi Koshi!

It was Uesugi Koshi who arrived. The dragon half-bloodline who was always called the Shadow Emperor by Anjou finally arrived at the end of the battle.

He held two long swords in his hand, waving them constantly. The ferocious Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers could not stop his steps at all.

Every time Uesugi Koshi moved his body, a lot of blood would be splashed out, as if when the Emperor arrives, the blood of the traitor is used to welcome him!

An invisible chakra slowly radiated from behind Uesugi Koshi, and the extreme heat boiled the seawater.

His sword blade drew a perfect circular arc, and the arc was bright red, looking more like the sun during a total solar eclipse, with the moon temporarily blocking the sunlight, but the bright crown still scattered around the moon shadow.

At this moment, the wind direction also changed, and the wind within a five kilometer radius of the artificial island suddenly converged towards Uesugi Koshi, no, not just the wind, but also the seawater, and the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers, almost everything!

But no matter what, when they stepped into the death domain created by Uesugi Koshi, their fate was already doomed!

Uesugi Koshi walked in the sword flames as if he were walking in his kingdom!

The black fire like flowing clouds swallowed all the things involved, as if it were a black hole, and all the people who saw this retreated two steps, because in the face of this forbidden power, retreating is a way of respecting death.

It is better to say that Uesugi Koshi is a so-called half-bloodline dragon, rather than a walking death god in the human world!

The Ultimate Black Sun!

Uesugi Koshi walked quickly, turning everything along the way into the kingdom of the dead, and in a few seconds, all the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers in his sight were emptied, and the swirling cloud of flames finally stopped rotating slowly.

“If you’re here to explain to me whether you’re abstinent or not, I think you might have picked the wrong time!”

Anjou said loudly in the noisy world.

“Hey, I’m not here to explain such boring things.” Uesugi Koshi waved nine sword techniques in an instant, Single Strike, Consecutive Strike, Debana Waza, Harai Waza, Katsugi Waza, Hiki Waza, Nuki Waza, Suriage Waza, Kaeshi Waza, these are the nine sword techniques in Japanese Kendo techniques, but at this moment, Uesugi Koshi used them all in less than a second, and the sword light filled all the space within reach in an instant.

“Come to me…”

He stepped on the water with every step, and in front of him was the huge death bone dragon. The huge size was enough to make anyone look away, but Uesugi Koshi’s footsteps did not slow down at all, as if he were a majestic emperor. Even if there was a high-ranking general in front of him, the emperor would not lower his head to him!

“This’s for my son!!!!!”

Two days of first-class – two days of sunshine!

This is a battlefield sword technique that requires the user to have extremely strong strength and is also the purest form of power. At this moment, no one is more suitable for it than Uesugi Koshi. The frenzied sword blade crushed all the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers that were not killed by the previous Black Sun, and his charge finally caught the attention of the enemy’s main Boss.

The bone dragon that was originally going to attack Anjou was attracted by Angre, but the strong gravity of Uesugi Koshi’s Black Sun prevented it from advancing, so it changed its target. It attacked with only one black iron-like wing bones, and the rugged bone wings tore the surface of the sea like the sharpest blade.

Uesugi Koshi can freely kill the Vipers, but he cannot ignore the impact of this dragon. He stepped on the water with force and used it to jump into the air.

This is unimaginable for ordinary people, because in the air without support, it will be very difficult to avoid the attacks to come

But Uesugi still jumped up. His golden eyes shining with gold light, faced the skeleton dragon head-on, conveying a message to everyone –

That this old man would not retreat!

Even if there was a dragon in front of him!

His windbreaker fluttered like a battle flag waving in the wind, and with the sword he held, he was both an emperor and a general!

Before the bone wings were about to cut him in half,

He actually stood in the air! Using the air as a stepping stone, Uesugi rose to mid-air, a height of hundreds of meters in the sky that exceeded the height of the giant dragon. In the sky, he turned and used his momentum, and the long sword in his right hand stabbed into the bone of the giant dragon with a sound!


This old man, who had recently been selling ramen and had recently said he would retire from the Shichibukai and leave this war, now let out a shocking roar. My goodness, he was actually running on the body of the giant dragon with a long sword in hand!

“Reputation from Hatake Kakashi +312.”

“Reputation from Might Guy +289.”

“Reputation from Terumi Mei +309.”

“Reputation from Kitsuchi +318.”

“From …………………… “

“From …………………… “

Regardless of what others may be thinking, returning to the original scene, the long sword that had been pierced into the bones of the dragon was causing sparks to fly due to the intense friction, and when combined with the running figure of Uesugi Koshi, there was an almost meteor-like radiance at this moment!

But the so-called meteor was, in the end, only brief.

The long sword broke…

No matter how renowned a weapon it may have once been, it had likely reached its limit by being able to pierce the bones of the giant dragon, let alone being carried and run with by Koshi for half a day. But even though its blade was broken, the tip would remain wedged in the gap between the bones of the dragon, ending its life for good!

However, Koshi still had the long sword in his left hand, but at this moment, it was not an opportune time to attack, as the dragon had already begun counterattacking!

It sang silently, releasing a freezing cold air from its body that was so cold it almost froze even the nerves. The freezing air made Koshi dizzy and he was forced to jump down from above.

The height was over fifty meters, and below was the cold seawater, the ferocious Vipers, and the swinging tail of the dragon. But he did not hesitate in the slightest, because at this moment, Anjou was still at the battlefield!

This seriously wounded warrior, with a folding sword in his hand, twisted his body among the continuously surging Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers and each strike of his sword was able to kill the Vipers closest to him. Toguro, who had been carried in his arms, had also been handed over to Terumi Mei. At this moment, he had finally broken free from his restraints!

“Didn’t you already make the decision to sever the imperial bloodline? Shouldn’t you be regretful or disappointed that you have a son?”