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I.C.S Chapter 160: Decisive Battle

“I’ve been in the Land of Water the whole time, I just haven’t contacted you, just so that I can be the first one to collect your corpse when you die!” Uesugi Koshi yelled.

“But look around you, Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers are everywhere. If you die here, you won’t even leave a corpse behind!”

“That’s why we’re rushing out! But you’re rushing in!” Anjou yelled.

“Yeah, sometimes it’s like that. The people inside want to rush out and the people outside want to rush in.”

“How could I not rush in?!!” Koshi coordinated with Anjou, continually beating back the attacking Dragon Vipers.

“If I don’t come in, you’ll die and then no one will be able to tell me any news about my son!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll talk when we get out. I’m a little tired right now,” Anjou finally shed his disguise in front of his own kind. As the leader of the ninja alliance, he had never admitted to being tired in front of Kakashi and Guy, but not in front of Koshi because he was also a leader.

“Hey!” Koshi suddenly yelled, his voice clear and loud, temporarily drowning out the noise of the surroundings. It was as if the war had stopped because of his shout.

“You all hurry and escape! Leave this to us!” Koshu said something unbelievable. Although his words had extreme power, they could not be sustained for a long time.

And in the boundless sea, this was a world full of Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers. Even if he could kill a thousand, what would it matter? To the nearly endless Vipers, a thousand was just a number.

But since he said it, he had to do it. He walked forward with confidence, his target the enormous bone dragon. The Vipers on his way were all cut in half by his long sword.

“He actually managed to single-handedly attract the attention of most of the enemies!”

Under the roar of the bone dragon, the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers on the entire surface of the sea all began to attack Koshi, instantly reducing the pressure on others!

“Let’s go!”

Terumi Mei shouted, “We’ll just hold them up and slow them down if we stay here!”

“What are you joking about!” Guy shouted down on Kakashi’s shoulder. “If we leave? Who will cover them as they retreat?”

“Calm down!” Kakashi dodged a Viper rushing towards him. “As Mei said, most of us are nearly out of chakra. If we keep this up, we’ll all end up dying here!”

His words revealed a hint of weakness. The Shichibukai chakra mode had long been canceled, and it was already quite rare for him to be able to continue using ninja techniques with his current physical strength.

“Damn it, put me down!” Guy struggled. He had once sworn that he wouldn’t let anyone else die in front of him while protecting him, because that feeling of powerlessness was more than enough for him to experience in lifetime ones!

“Let’s go!” Mei hit Guy with the back of a hand knife which made him lose consciousness, and she carried Toguro on her back, which was entrusted to her by Anjou.

This is just a summary of the battlefield. Almost all of the ninjas who can still have the strength to break through have started to move. Most of the enemies who surrounded them have been attracted by Koshi, allowing them to break through.

Koshi and Anjou, who were surrounded were in a miserable situation. There was already a giant bone dragon as their opponent, and at that moment there were also a lot of ninjas trying to escape. Even Koshi was a little worried, not to mention Anjou, who had already consumed most of his physical strength.

“Old buddy, you won’t blame me, will you?!” Koshi swung another sword, cutting the dragon’s claw bones. The strong rebound made him retreat two steps, and at the same time, he killed all the jumping Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers with a turn.

“Hey, even if I die, I’ll die on this path of killing dragons. As for you, if you stay here and break your back, how will you see your son in the future?” Anjou gasped for breath.

“That’s a pity.” Koshi and Anjou stood back to back, protecting their respective directions. “But isn’t there you? You’ll definitely see them for me, right? And you’ll definitely protect the world they’ll live in in the future and let them grow up safely! Am I right, old buddy?!”

“What are you joking about? We’re about to die here!”

“No no no, you won’t die.” Koshi suddenly turned around. His bright golden pupils revealed an unprecedented seriousness. “I came to save you especially. How could you die?”

“Save me…????”

Koshi’s words not only confused Anjou, but even Kakashi, who was fleeing, was stunned. Anyone would think that the warrior had come back to learn about his son’s news, but now the old man said he had come back for another old man?

“You might have gotten the wrong person, old buddy!” Anjou exclaimed. “I’m not your son!”

“Of course, I know you’re not my son! If you were my son, I’d have to have my head in alcohol to come and save you!” Koshi replied unpleasantly. “You’ve made me angry for so many years, and I will be mad at you to death.”

But he immediately regained his seriousness. “But only you can protect the world where my son exists!”

He threw the stack of physical examination reports in his arms into the sky and let the papers fall freely. Finally, they sank into the sea. “My physical examination report is true. I was originally not going to live much longer, but thanks to the dragon blood, I can go crazy at the end.”

“You…!” Anjou was shocked as if he had guessed what Koshi was going to do.

“Shh… don’t talk…” Koshi stared at the dragon intently. “The result… isn’t predetermined yet!”

He flexed his muscles, clenched his long sword in both hands, and charged forward like a warrior who regarded death as home. Was there an army in front of him? A mountain? A dragon?

None of it mattered!

As long as he could chop through it, it would be enough!

“Old man, let’s fight this last battle together!” Anjou laughed. In this situation, and at this time, he laughed as if no one was around.

“It’s a pity, O Toguro…… you’ve shown me your greatest powers, but you haven’t seen the fastest Laido in the world!”

At this moment, he also flexed his muscles like Koshi, and these two giants, who should have been too old to even walk, turned into violent Titans!

Seeing the two ants attacking him like this, the dragon seemed to be angrily moving. He spread his wings and the body that could crush a small mountain with a collision also moved. The two sides seemed to be about to have their final showdown!

The ninjas who were withdrawing also stopped their retreat and turned their gaze to the battlefield.

They also felt the sharp atmosphere, as if a meteorite was about to hit the ground, constantly releasing an extremely strong pressure!

The saying goes that one may die in the morning while learning the Way, and this is exactly the true reflection of their inner hearts. If they could see such a high-level final battle, then even if they die, it would be worth it!