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I.C.S Chapter 161: The Last Black Sun

Although he held only a folded sword in his hand, Anjou swung it in an Iai slashing stance, like a traditional samurai.

Due to his incredible speed, the sword disappeared during the slash, leaving behind only a hazy golden glow. He used this sword with the utmost dignity, as if he were not swinging a sword, but a mountain!

Iai, also known as the art of drawing the sword, is a rapid slash that cuts everything in one strike.

This means that after this attack, his combat power would probably only be about 10% and his physical strength would also be greatly reduced, which would be almost fatal in the face of being surrounded.

But he still did it because in front of him was Koshi, whom he trusted and could entrust himself too!

At this moment, his entire body was bulging with muscles. Anjou was the ultimate strength at this moment!

Anjou’s visual effects were even more ferocious. The airflow around him was constantly torn apart by his sword, and the blade also shone with radiant majestic light.

After Anjou’s ultra-fast attack, it was natural that he could not confront the dragon head-on. As the dragon’s claws were about to touch him, Anjou leaped up with a flexible body.

But suddenly, a huge wave rose up! Before Anjou could slash his folded sword onto the dragon’s bones, the wave passed through the gaps between the bones and rushed toward Anjou.

The wave was surging!

So he slashed!

Anjou let out a roar and slashed his folded sword toward the wave!

With a thunderous roar, the wave that was over ten meters tall was actually slashed open, leaving a white gap! Anjou did not stop, he twisted his body and perfectly slashed the dragon’s neck with the attack he had just cut out with his folded sword!

The dragon retreated!

What an exaggerated size contrast, and what a shocking retreat?!

The shock wave spread in a circular shape centered on the dragon, with a loud bang, it lifted a sea pillar over ten meters high, and it was still spreading outward…

But it’s not over yet!

Koshi has finally arrived in time to take the second attack. He holds his long sword with both hands and stamps on the water surface with one foot.

Although it is not as sturdy as the ground, it has the softness of water, but at this moment, the soft water was blown up by this foot, as if a volcano had erupted from the bottom of the sea.

Koshi raised the long sword high and swung it with all his might towards the lower right, he did not deliberately aim for any part of the dragon, because…

There was no need!

The target of this sword is not limited to the parts being hacked, its real range of impact includes the dragon’s sea area!


The surging sea, as if this area has become a swaying boat in the waves, may be swallowed by the deep sea at any time.

Of course, the dragon cannot resist this kind of power. It was already retreating, but it received this terrifying attack and fell directly into the sea!

The huge dragon’s body splashed with huge waves, it looks really hard to imagine…

“Reputation from Hatake Kakashi +311.”

“Reputation from Might Guy +266.”

“Reputation from Terumi Mei +326.”



The ninja were all stunned, it was not as they had imagined!

In their imagination, these two old men would probably fight to the death to block their path, giving them a chance to live. The story always says that the old people calmly said to the young people to go ahead and leave them behind to break the line, but in their hearts, they had already decided to sacrifice themselves to win time for their escape.

But the deeds in the story do not apply to these two old men! They stayed to face the dragon, and the line they spoke of breaking was really to kill the dragon! They really wanted to clear all threats!

And yes.

They are old people who have lived for over a hundred years, time has not taken away their lives, let alone these monsters in front of them.

They can escape!

Everyone genuinely thinks so!

No matter how much the dragon can endure, it must have lost its combat power after suffering heavy damage. Then, the only enemies left on the breakout path for Anjou and Koshi are the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers.

With the strength of these two people in front of them, they should be able to easily deal with such troublesome monsters, but the reality is not what they thought…

Anjou was held in the arms of Koshi, and this iron-blooded old man finally reached his limit after such a long battle. He panted heavily, and his muscles rapidly withered, like a punctured balloon.

His rosy cheeks also quickly turned pale, but he still did not forget to grip the folding sword in his hand, as if it was more important than his own life.

‘Old buddy, I… I need to rest for a bit.’

He said weakly.

”Do you want me to carry you out, old man? It’s just the last dance. Look at these Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers, they are nothing but insignificant things.”

”At this point, you can’t give up? Even if your strength is exhausted, you have to squeeze it out of your bones!”

Koshi waved his sword and swung away the blood from it. At this moment, he was like a young man in his prime, with a red face and no sign of weakness, as if the previous battle had not consumed much energy from that old man.

“What are you saying?” Koshi replied with a smile. “I came specifically to save you. If you die, then what’s the point of me coming here?”

“I don’t quite understand your logic,” Anjou growled. “Leave quickly, can you use the Black Sun again?”

In the previous conversation, they never seemed to take the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers seriously, but everyone present knew that these monsters were not weaklings. Each of them possessed incredible strength, and in terms of numbers, they reached an exaggerated level.

If they were in their prime, they would naturally not pay attention to these monsters, but now they have all experienced a shocking big war. The blood path they could kill in the past now requires a lot more effort to achieve!

Previously, Koshi was able to rush in because he released the ultimate Black Sun, and that terrifying power is unlikely to be used continuously.

“Of course!” Koshi carried Anjou on his back. He proudly replied, “You haven’t seen the strongest Black Sun yet!”

Anjou became solemn and raised his final spirit. He knew that Koshi’s weakness was him right now.

“The death has already knocked on the door of the dragon clan. Their world will turn upside down.” Koshi whispered.

“I am about to die, and I can only ask you to guard this world with my son in it for me.”

He suddenly moved, but it was not to wield his sword!

He suddenly grabbed Anjou and then used all his strength to throw Anjou out like a ball!

Then he raised his head and faced the countless Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers, shouting loudly, “Come on, ugly beasts! Let you see the strongest Black Sun!”